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 Ryuji Shinetsu

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Ryuji Shinetsu

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PostSubject: Ryuji Shinetsu   Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:08 pm

Name: Ryuji Shinetsu
Age 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthday: 22nd Of October
Zodiac Signs: Libra
Height: 1.7Meter(s) tall
Weight: 80Kg
Eye Color/Shape: Red
Hair Color/Style: Long black
Skin Tone/Build: Bit tanned with toned built, not big though.
Unique Features: ANBU Tattoo on left shoulder.
Written Description:
Ryuji Shinetsu is a twenty-four year old shinobi from Kumogakure.
Head: His facial structure is nothing special or out of the ordinary. He has long black hair, with two ends coming over his face, one on each side of his head. He wears his village headband proudly on his forehead, with the Kumogakure symbol in the center as most headbands have it. His eyebrows are thin, and black. He is wearing a long black scarf over his neck, with the ends shredded.
Arms and Torso: Ryuji has an ANBU tatoo that he had put on him for an infiltration mission into Konohagakure, on his left shoulder. He is wearing a sleeveless black shirt under a black training vest with straps over his shoulders. On his arms are two long black gloves, one for each arm, going from his shoulders down to the tip of his fingers. The gloves are covered with protecting plates on each arm, strapped to his arms with white material on each end, to insure good maneuverability and comfort, well as much as they can give. Over his right and left hand's middle fingers are bandages, a thin layer. On the end of each long black glove, is a white, thin layer of bandage, probably to keep the glove up, and tight.
Bottom Half: Ryuji is wearing long, black pants, tight around his legs, though loose enough for good maneuverability, with a black belt covered in white bandages with a red stripe down the middle. On his left side of his waist, he carries an Anbu mask, from the same mission as the one where he got his Anbu tattoo. On his left thigh are white bandages as well, also just a thin layer, about five centimeters apart from each other. On top of these bandages is his black item pouch, close enough for fast removal of items such as shuriken and kunai. He is wearing long, black boots with straps holding them tight to his legs, they stop a few centimeters below his knees, and are open toed.
Built: His built is not big and muscled, he is more toned with some muscle, though that should not fool you when thinking about his strength. This helps as well with quick hand to hand combat.
Faceclaim?: Your Character's Name: Ryuji Shinetsu
Your Character's Application:
Face-claimed Character Picture:
Face--claimed Character's Name: Itachi Uchiha
Face-claimed Character's Origin: Naruto
Ryuji is a hard trainer, he wants to protect his village and its people, as well as his friends and family, and that's what drives his training. He tries to help others where he can, and sometimes teaches the young students at the academy if there is a staff shortage.
He does his best in every fight, focusing on every mission task. He enjoys what he does as a shinobi and isn't one to give up, he would fight to the death to protect the ones he loves, including his village and its people.
He's a very serious shinobi and works hard on every mission, but he can have some fun if he wants to.
He doesn't like loosing in a match or failing at a mission, but he respects his fellow shinobi and wouldn't get angry at them if he looses, and neither would he get cocky if he wins, even though he does like winning.
He enjoys ninjutsu, and tries to invent more and more ninjutsu each day so he could protect the people he cares for. He also enjoys pizza and stories of mythical creatures like dragons and demons. He enjoys fuinjutsu as well, he tries to make the perfect seals for his village, even putting them on the gates to prevent attackers from entering.
He tries to help others where he can, and sometimes teaches the young students at the academy if there is a staff shortage.
He thinks things through, makes sure his plan will be a success before executing it, so nothing can go wrong, he is a strategist when it comes to the village's protection and growth, as well as in fights and even little spars with the village jounin. He is a calm person and that is an essential skill for strategists, though you don't have to be a calm person really to be a good strategist.
Ryuji likes animals of all kinds, even though he is allergic to cats, but he understands that animals like bears and deer have to be hunted for food for the village, you can't have a starving village, even if it means killing animals.
Though Ryuji seems like a carring person, he dislikes the Uchiha, mainly because of what they did to his clan all those years ago. He would try to give them a chance, but it won't be easy, killing Uchiha is no bother to him, as they killed his clan members. He seeks revenge for his people and takes pride in being the leader of his clan, and the Raikage, though sometimes he wishes his predecessor was still alive, as they had a good relation ship.
He hates loosing loved ones, he lost someone who was close to him, the previous Raikage, they were very close. After loosing his friend, he grew more into the person he is today, a caring, protective, thoughtful, strategic person. He tries to improve those quilities whenever he can, even just by playing a game of chess when he's not working as the Raikage. This lead to him over doing things, and caused him to have a little thirst for power, though he would abuse the power, he would use it to protect his village, some might say he is over protective, but he does however trust his people to make the right choices, and picks out only the best for his team of elite.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes:
His Village
His people
His friends
His brother
Loosing a loved ones
Not being able to protect his village, its people and his loved ones
Disrespectful people
People who are overly cocky
Enemies of the village
Catch Phrase:
Place of Birth:Kumogakure
Resident of:Kumogakure
Class: Shinobi
Rank: Jounin
Job: Raikage
Title: The Black Scorch
Combat Skills(s):
Ninjutsu: 41 (mastery)
Fuinjutsu: 41 (mastery)
Genjutsu: 41 (mastery)
(I have 37 left, but haven't decided on what to spend, so I'm saving them for later on)
Strength: 30
Constitution: 40
Stamina: 40 (+30)(+30, clan boost) (30 is for the mastery of ninjutsu, which allows all other levels of ninjutsu gains to be added, making it 15+10+5)
Agility: 50
Dexterity: 50 (+30, ninjutsu mastery)
Wisdom: 30
Fate: 5
Clan/Bloodline: Scorch Release
Special Abilities:
Fully Achieved Scorch Ability (Level3)
Major: Prodigy; Ryuji has worked hard on his scorch release, a result of that is, all his scorch release techniques are one (1) rank stronger, and costing 25% less chakra to use, this stacks with ninjutsu mastery.
Ryuji can perform one handed handsigns.
Speed Demon; Ryuji's a fast person, causing his speed to cost half the experience needed to buy agility.
All ice attacks get a boost of 1 rank when against scorch attacks. Scorch causes water to turn to steam, which messes with your sight.
Major: Prodigy; With Ryuji having spent so much time on increasing his scorch attacks, his earth element takes a hit. All earth techniques now cost double the experience to learn.
Major: Ryuji's earth attacks have no chakra discount at all from ninjutsu mastery. (This covers one handed signs).
Speed Demon; Ryuji likes speed, so training his strength is harder, costing double the experience needed to train strength.
Family Members:
Before birth: Ryuji's parents had moved from Konohagakure before he was born, they moved away with the rest of the clan, or what's left of them, after the attack from the Uchiha clan. They did not have much on them, and had to start over in Kumogakure. Once they arrived in the village, they settled into their new home quit easily, the people welcomed them, and helped them, after they told the villagers what had happened to their clan, the Shinetsu. They had a fresh start, but the memories of their loved ones still haunted them each day. They never forgave the Uchiha for what they had done to them, but as it stands, Uchiha are very scarce in Kumogakure. His parents had joined the military of Kumogakure, the Raigake was very intrigued with their ability to utilize Katon and Futon chakra and turn it into Shukaton, or Scorch release. He decided to let them run the Anbu of Kumogakure, after a few years of them fighting for his village, and theirs. They ran the Anbu group for a couple of years, then his mother had fallen pregnant, with him. She left the Anbu as his father continued running it as the main captain now, so she could take care of the baby she was carrying. After a few months a healthy baby boy was born in the Kumogakure hospital. The Raikage made sure that they were well taken care of in the hospital.
Birth-Age 5:Ryuji Shinetsu was born on the 22nd of October, in a Kumogakure hospital. The Raikage was even there for his birth, he was a perfectly healthy boy. The Raikage began to be even more involved in their lives, he knew this boy could be a great asset to the village, and if he was taught early on, by the greatest teacher in all of Kumogakure, the Raikage himself, he would definitely end up as a powerful shinobi, and his parents would be teaching him to utilize his scorch release very early on, as the Raikage wanted. When Ryuji was two years old, his parents had another baby, a boy, his name was Jin. He loved his new brother, they would be playing each day together and were close. Though the Raikage had more interest in the first born Shinetsu, known as Ryuji. By the age of three years old, he was already given books to read, no ordinary books though, they were handsign scrolls, just the basics so he could familiarize himself with them early on. This was expecting a lot from a three year old, but the Raikage wanted this boy to be his protege. He had studied the handsigns up until he was four, then he was given basic reading scrolls and the best academy teachers to help him. He had already acquired basic reading skills when he reached the age of five, then the raikage decided to take him as his own student, as he could not join the academy yet, but the Raikage was not worried about the academy, he wanted him to be his student. He would teach him basic shuriken and kunai skills, and hand to hand combat, though he focused more on chakra control and gave him scrolls to read on seals and how they work.
Age 6-Age 10: When he reached the age of six, the Raikage had gotten his parents to start teaching him how to utilize Katon and Futon chakra, and create their clans's Shukaton, or scorch release. He strugled a bit in the beginning, but after a while of training, he had learned how to create scorch. This was a great feat for a six year old, indeed. The Raikage was proud of the boy, he knew he made the right decision when he chose to train the boy. He would one day be the Raikage's successor, and would be a good asset to his village, as a whole. He was trained for the next two years of seals and how they work and how to use them. When his brother was five, he had learned scorch release already, this caused Ryuji to work even harder for the Raikage, he did not want to disappoint him, or anyone else. The Raikage had even used one of the Anbu to teach the boy fuinjutsu, it took a while, but he eventually got it right at the age of ten. He started to use fuinjutsu more often in training against the genin of the village, and using his scorch release as well. The Raikage grew even more proud of Ryuji Shinetsu, he was given the title Genin when he turned ten years old, by the Raigake. Ryuji had gone on missions with other genin, recruited by the Raikage, they usually included fighting, gathering information, and scouting. He focused on every mission at hand, he would do his best as the Raikage's student. This went on for a year, until he reached the rank chuunin, also given to him by the Raikage, his parents were proud of his achievements.
Age 11- Age 13: Now that Ryuji was a chuunin, at the age of eleven, the Raikage sent him on more dangerous missions, even missions requiring him to kill others, and he did. These missions went on for a year, and then the Raikage decided to have him practice and train his scorch release more. He had his parents teach him more advanced techniques, he even practiced against his brother, Jin. Eventually when he was thirteen, he started to create his own scorch release, and had mastered the scorch release element, making his scorch pitch black. After using this black scorch in dangerous missions, he became famous as The Black Scorch, a fitting title, yet simple. He shifted his focus again back to fuinjutsu, learning more advanced seals, even studying juinjutsu. The Raikage was surprised that he advanced so quickly, a normal boy achieving this much, so fast. Though he was not fully normal as he was a Shinetsu after all. He started to make his own seals, and even places seals on the gates of the village as a protection method for the village, impressing the Raikage even more. So much that he had given him the title of Special Jounin before he turned fourteen.
Age 14-Age 16: Now that Ryuji was a Special Jounin, he could go even more missions, and more dangerous ones as well. Including assassinations of traitors, having to hunt them down and kill them, he started to hate traitors through this. Ryuji and his brother stayed close even through all the work he had to deal with, he would never give his brother up for anything. The Raikage allowed Ryuji a year off of training, till he was fifteen years old. During that year he traveled the shinobi world, learning about the customs of other villages, even of kekkei genkei and hidden jutsu, but he never got the chance to be taught any hidden jutsu. He traveled to Konohagakure for his last village. His parents never told him off the attack on their clan by the Uchiha, but he found out there, he talked to the people and someone told him of the attack, he was surprised, and confused, why would they attack the Shinetsu? Ryuji went to investigate some more, but came up with nothing, this caused him to have some dislike for Uchiha, since he thinks they attacked for nothing. He went back to Kumogakure and started his training immediately, he missed out on too much already. He was fifteen years old now, he started coming up with ways to join his scorch with fuinjutsu, to make deadly traps for enemies, and worked his way to mastering fuinjutsu at the age of sixteen. The Raikage was amazed at the fact that he mastered fuinjutsu at such an early age, the Raikage himself did not even master an art at that age. Ryuji was promoted to Jounin level now, and was sent on a very important infiltration mission in Konohagakure. Ryuji took this mission as a chance to get more information of his clan, as it originated there. The mission would be a long one, it would take two years to complete. He needed to pose as an Anbu member for Konoha, after killing one of their members, he had infiltrated them.
Age 17-Age 19: Ryuji was in Konohagakure for a year now, having gained quit a bit of information. He. Would be on the mission for another year before its end, gathering information on Konohagakure. Ryuji was almost done with his mission for Kumogakure, and then one day, an Anbu member spoke about the Shinetsu, this caught his attention, he immediately asked what happened to them, and why they were attacked. The answer was not what he wanted to hear, they had no clue as well. Ryuji did however find out about a place called RedSky Temple, on top of Mt. Shi. He visited the place, after finding out its location, it was just the ruins left, with bones of human lying there, grass growing over the temple floors, and vines growing over the broken pieces of the temple. Ryuji was shocked at the devastation that had to have taken place there. He looked around and found scrolls in some places, he picked them up and took them with him. He returned home when he was eighteen, and reported his findings to the Raikage, and asked his parents about the place. They were saddened that he found out, and told him not to tell anyone, including his brother, Jin. He was shocked to hear of the importance of that temple, and angered at the Uchiha, though those Uchiha are most likely dead already. He never opened the scrolls, and never told anyone of them. They probably thought it was all burned away. For the next year he would be doing missions, mainly involving killing and destruction. The Raikage was concerned with him taking so many of these missions, that he told him to come on a scouting mission with him, a very important one. This was when he turned 20.
Age 20-Age 22: Ryuji and the Raikage were close, seeing as Ryuji knew the Raikage his whole life, he was like a father to him. They went on the mission, it was in the land of Iwagakure, they were to find out what the village's TsuchiKage was planning to do because they had received information about an attack on Kumogakure by him. Though it was a trap set by that Kage, they were ambushed, by the Kage himself and a few Anbu. The battle started, it was Kage versus Kage, and Ryuji versus the Anbu. Ryuji used one of his great scorch release attacks against the attackers, the Scorch River Technique, this killed most of the Anbu, but more arrived. The Raikage knew this was not going to end in his favor, so he ordered Ryuji to leave, return to the village, and serve as Raikage. Ryuji was surprised, he must be the new Raikage? The Raikage had killed himself and the attackers with one of his owerful techniques. Ryuji returned to the village, and reported what happened. One of the people in the offices of the Raikage said that the Raikage wanted Ryuji to take over if this mission failed, and showed everyone the signed paper. Ryuji was sad that the Raikage died, it was like loosing a father to him. Though he knew the Raikage would have wanted him to take over the village, and continue protecting it with his life. Ryuji is the youngest Raikage so far, he was twenty one when he took charge of the village, he swore to protect it with his life, as the previous Raikage did. Ryuji had formed the Anbu out of a select few members, including his brother, Jin. Ryuji had been doing his part as Raikage for the next year, while training each day to ensure he can protect the people of Kumogakure.
Age 23-Age 24: Ryuji was helping the village forces since he gained the Raikage title. He would send them on information gathering missions to Iwagakure, to see what they were planning next, with its Tsuchikage having died with the Raikage, Ryuji was unsure if they were still planning a war on Kumogakure. This war would mean a lot of casualties, Ryuji could not let that be on his hands if they were unprepared. After a few months of no word of a war, or anyone taking such action, Ryuji came to the conclusion that there would be no war. Ryuji had been working on his scorch release for the past year, trying to improve its power. After working hard on his Scorch Release, he had taken the position of clan leader for the Shinetsu, he was a fitting leader, being the Raikage as well had led to the people trusting him more. Taking control of Kumogakure and the Shinetsu clan was hard work indeed, but Ryuji did not mind, as he liked taking care of the people's needs, and insuring their safety. The village was in peace for a few years, Ryuji fears that one day the village will enter war again, with Konohagakure and Otogakure already at war, this was not impossible. Ryuji was also thinking about helping a side, but that would require him to send out forces away from the village, as well as becoming an enemy of the other side. Ryuji has been thinking about this now for the last few weeks, and is still uncertain.
RP Sample:
Click For RP Sample

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuji Shinetsu   Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:10 am

YOU GUYS ARE LIKE BURNING HOT PIZZA NINJA!!!! Well, that's what I thought of when you and Jin put Pizza in your list of likes. I though it was funny. X3

The rank of the Kage is actually Jounin.

For your elements you'd list Fire,Wind, and whatever two other you wanted, plus scorch since that's your bloodline release.

Other than that, great description, personality, and backstory! I look forward to your RP sample! Kawabunga dude!


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PostSubject: Re: Ryuji Shinetsu   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:06 pm

One last thing that was overlooked, and there are apologies, but you cannot start with a stat over 50. Just re-work that, thanks!

You may be strong...

...but you don't stand a chance.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuji Shinetsu   Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:26 am

He fixed it. Approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Ryuji Shinetsu   

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Ryuji Shinetsu
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