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    PostSubject: Ryuji's rp sample   Ryuji's rp sample EmptyTue Jun 11, 2013 11:11 am

    (OOC: Well my app was to big for one post if I include the rp sample, so I'm posting here and will link this to my app.)
    Ryuji was feeling good today, he woke up fresh, and ready for whatever life would throw at him. He had a scheduled battle today with his new teammate, Jin. He grabbed a pizza topped with mushrooms and pepperoni for breakfast and took a few minutes to eat it, he drank some water and was ready to go. Ryuji was wondering why Jin wanted to fight him, he didn't say anything as to why he wanted to, Ryuji will have to find out then at the location of the fight. Maybe he just wanted to test himself against Ryuji, since they are both on the same level in the same styles, and both genin at the same age as well. This was strange indeed, Ryuji had two blind people on his team, AND he and the last person on his team were just about clones of each other! This team was strange indeed... Ryuji was walking through the forest, he knew the place pretty well, and knows exactly where they will be fighting. He was wondering what jutsu Jin had, he hadn't seen Jin use any jutsu at all, though he knows Jin has the air release element. He reached the location after a few minutes of walking through the forest, it was a clear opening, just as he remembered the place,though it seems to have rained here recently, as the ground was wet, luckily for Ryuji he could use his water jutsu here, he was ready for Jin, He walked through the small grass and splashes could be heard as he stepped in the water with his shoes hitting the water and his feet getting wet from wearing open toed shoes, and the sun shining on his black clothes, warming him up from the coldness of the area, though unfortunately not a lot of heat could be drawn to his black clothes as it was not that warm here. Jin stood there, and then he suddenly made a move at Ryuji. How rude, he didn't even greet Ryuji, he just attacked him, like an animal. Ryuji was ready for this, he would have no mercy on Jin, he would now be attacking without holding back, because Ryuji Dislikes people who are disrespectful like that. He sent a ball of air at Ryuji, it was fast, though not fast enough, the grass moving from the ball's speed and its affinity, air, it made a stripe on the grass that is the same size as the sphere, and it grew longer as the ball flew towardsRyuji, following it in some sense, though it was just created by the air from the sphere. Ryuji though quickly, he saw Jin remove his sword, and held it ready for the attacks of Ryuji, though Ryuji was not going to attack just yet, no, he had to dodge that sphere first. So he made a sign, and a puff of smoke appeared in Ryuji's place, as he body flickered to his right, just missing the sphere, and making the water splash as he body flickered. He then made the decision to summon Rako to his aid, this would surely help a lot, as Rako's speed here would proove to be useful, and his strength as well. Ryuji bit his thumb, and made three signs, he then put his hand on the ground, slamming it somewhat. A puff of smoke appeared and Rako was there. Rako, this is my team mate, we will be fighting him today, only hurting, no killing. Ryuji said to Rako, and he nodded back at Ryuji. Rako was stronger today than at the last battle he was summoned to Ryuji's aid, since it wasn't raining, his fire power, or the heat his body generates, was at its strongest today, though not in his feet, as they were wet, but they could still burn somewhat though, just not as hot as the rest of his body can. Ryuji was now ready, ready for the next move, he would attack after Jin made another move, he needed more information on his teammate, he did not know a lot about Jin, but yet again, Jin didn't know a lot about Ryuji, so they were on an even playing field their, other than Jin now knowing of his summon, and Ryuji using the same ninja arts as Jin and that Ryuji used the water release element. Ryuji stood there, 50 meters away from Jin, he waited for Jin to make his move.
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