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 Discovering the tenketsu (Self Only/Flashback/Character Dev)

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Ren Hyuga

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Discovering the tenketsu (Self Only/Flashback/Character Dev) Empty
PostSubject: Discovering the tenketsu (Self Only/Flashback/Character Dev)   Discovering the tenketsu (Self Only/Flashback/Character Dev) EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 3:49 am

Ren and his father stood in the field where they had started training his byakugan.  Ren stood firm.  His face was expressionless but had a serious tone to it.  He remembered what happened last time and was ready for anything today.

"Ren, last time you learned how to activate your byakugan.  You used it in its most basic function; radial sight.  The byakugan has many uses but today we will focus on probably the most important aspect which is chakra flow.  Do you remember seeing my chakra last time?"
"What? Uh-maybe. I saw something like a blue blob whenever I looked at you."
"Yep. That's it.  The blue blob you saw was your untrained eye seeing the chakra in my body.  As you develop your byakugan you will be able to see the chakra flow inside a body.  Everybody has an intricate highway of chakra paths inside their body.  This is what allows us to transfer chakra to specific parts of our body like our feet to run up trees and run on water.  Along the many chakra pathways in a person's body are points called tenketsu."
"Tenketsu. Got it."
"Imagine the tenketsu are like checkpoints or gates for the chakra.  Normally the gates are always open and we just tell the chakra where to go but, if these gates are struck just the right way, they can be closed.  Today we will start with seeing the chakra paths in a body more clearly.  From there we'll focus in on the tenketsu and see where get. Ready?"
"Yes. Byakugan!"

Ren's veins tensed and he focused on his father.  He saw his father but inside he only saw a blue blob.

"Now I want you to specifically focus on that blue blob you see.  Visualize the pathways and soon the blob will define itself."

Ren stared at the blue blob and concentrated.  The blob glowed and jiggled.  He squinted his eyes and looked harder.  The blob began to spread out over the body.  His father's chakra now had the form of a human body.

"Getting closer."

Ren looked at the body of chakra and began to visualize in his mind the many pathways.  As he stared at the mass of chakra it began to become more defined.  He started to see the different lines form throughout his father's body.  Each arm and leg had three chakra paths that ran down them.  The chakra paths in his father's head were a group of peaks and valleys with a horizontal path cutting through them.  The torso was comprised of many vertical and arching pathways with one spiral pathway located in the abdomen.  This seemed to be the core of ones chakra was.

"Whoa.  It's so...so beautifully organized.  I see all the paths in your body.  Your arms, legs, everything."
"Fantastic. Now I want you to stop my jutsu by closing the paths in my arm."

His father clapped his hands together.  Ren saw chakra rapidly culminating in his hands.

"Fire Style: Scorching Touch!"

Ren had seen this jutsu.  His father gathered his chakra to his hands which he then converted to oil through his pores.  Upon touching someone or something he'd ignite the oil causing a burst of heat on the target.  He had used it one afternoon when they wanted tea.  This time he had a small fire steadily burning at his finger tips.

Ren's father dashed toward him and tried striking him in the chest.  Ren quickly jumped to the left and performed a sweep kick.  He saw the pathways in the arms pulsing.  The elbow was the only point Ren could see that wasn't fluctuating.

"It's my only chance.  I don't feel like being burned.  If I pull chakra away from my hands and hit one of his tenketsu it should pull chakra from it and possibly put it into shock."

Another kick came his way.  Ren spun around his father and started directing some chakra away from his hands.  He brought his index and middle fingers together.

"Time to cool off."

Ren struck his father twice behind his left elbow then spun around him again, striking him another two times from the front on his right elbow.  The flames flickered and his father jumped away.

"Good.  You naturally figured out where and how to disrupt my chakra flow.  You wouldn't believe how long that took me! We'll take a break for now and come back tomorrow to do some more training.  I have a diagram to help you study the tenketsu."

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Discovering the tenketsu (Self Only/Flashback/Character Dev)
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