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 Training Day (Self Only/FlashBack/Character Dev)

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Ren Hyuga

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PostSubject: Training Day (Self Only/FlashBack/Character Dev)   Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:01 pm

Ren and his father stood in an open field.

"Okay, Ren. Today is the day. I'm going to start teaching you the potential of your kekkei genkai."

Ren smirked. He had been waiting for this day for a long time. The games of hide and seek were becoming boring. Ren wanted to know how to make his natural situational awareness better.

"Things are going to be tough from here on out. We are no longer father and son. We are two shinobi fighting for our lives."
"I don't know if I'm ready-"
"You never know if you're ready until you are in the midst of combat. Now let me explain the exercise. With me is a blindfold. I'm going to cover your eyes and strike you from many different directions. Your goal, as is any other shinobi's, is to effectively block or dodge by attacks. Let's begin."

Ren's father wrapped the cloth around Ren's eyes. All he could see was darkness. He tried to clear his mind and listen to his surroundings. He heard the wind brush against the grass and the tree branches swaying gently. He began to hear something odd. It sounded like footsteps on grass. He couldn't tell what side of him it was coming from. Suddenly Ren felt a heavy impact against his chest. Before he could react the attacker had retreated. He fell to his knees and began coughing.

"Get up! Focus with your eyes. Every shinobi can listen and try to picture their surroundings. You can see your surroundings. Just focus."

Ren lifted himself back up and steadied his stance. He tried to see through the blindfold but all he could see was darkness. He heard the footsteps and began to panic. Focusing harder something started to visualize. He knew where this punch was coming from.
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Ren Hyuga

Posts : 64
Join date : 2013-06-20

PostSubject: Re: Training Day (Self Only/FlashBack/Character Dev)   Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:07 pm

Ren took another punch from his father. This time he had attacked him from the back. Ren saw his father throw the punch but was too late to react. He again fell over. The image of his father punching him was surprising. He wasn't surprised by the sight of his father attacking him but his ability to see an attack coming from behind so clearly. He liked it. Ren rose again and whispered to himself.


The veins around Ren's eyes strengthened and expanded. He was blind but now he saw clearly the land in front of him. The grass was still pressed against the wind and the branches were bouncing in the wind. His ability actually made him see more than what he saw without the blindfold. He saw a grasshopper fifteen meters in front of him towards the left. One of the trees he could see contained a birds nest. He could see three baby birds being fed by their father. He could also see his father rapidly approaching him from the right fifty meters away.

"Things are going to be tough from here on out."

His father was now twenty-five meters away and getting closer. Ren faced his father, extended his right arm toward him with an open palm, and brought his left hand up to his waist. His father smiled. He went to strike Ren with another open palm to the chest. Ren swung his arm clockwise and deflected his father's attack. His father planted his foot and launched himself over his son.


Ren could no longer see his father. He was blind to everything behind him. He could perfectly see everything within fifty meters in front of him and directly from his sides. Before he could turn he took a heavy strike to his shoulder blade and another to his right kidney. He quickly turned around and struck the wind 3 times. His father disappeared. Ren let out a slightly bloody cough and prepared himself for another attack. He focused his eyes and tried to visualize what was behind him. He felt someone approaching.

"Come on." He tensed and his veins pumped. "Byakugan!"

He began to see some cloudiness behind him. Fuzzy shades of blue, green, and white were all he saw at first. As Ren concentrated more on the clouded area it became more clear. He now saw what he felt. His father was charging at him yet again and was ready to punch his back left side.

"We are no longer father and son."

He ducked, extended his leg, and rotated his body to see his father coming head on. His father jumped over the sweep kick and landed behind him.

"We are two shinobi fighting for our lives!"

Ren sprung up backward and struck his father with two open palm strikes to his chest. He then used his upward momentum to back flip and bring his foot down to deliver a powerful strike to his father's shoulder. His father brought his arms together and raised them above his head and blocked the kick. Ren flipped away from his father and took his fighting stance.

"Do you see now?"
"Yes. I see everything."
"No. Not everything. Not yet. What you accomplished today was much better than expected. You'll be a great ninja soon. Maybe one day you'll bring the Hyuga clan back together and make them better than they were before. We're done for now. Let's go home. You can tell your mom what you learned. Maybe she'll make your favorite dish!"
"HOUSE SPECIAL RAMEN?! Oh uh dad. Sorry about the punches."
"Don't apologize. You were defending yourself. Your enemy won't apologize for hurting you." Ren's father smiled.

Holding their bruised areas they headed home excited for food and rest.

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Training Day (Self Only/FlashBack/Character Dev)
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