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 Character Template

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Character Template  Empty
PostSubject: Character Template    Character Template  EmptyWed May 08, 2013 3:33 pm

This is the character template you can use after reading the rules and guidelines for creating your character.

Click HERE to read all the info you need to start creating your Character

Name: Name of your character. Must be Japanese unless you state your character comes from a far away land.

Age Age of your character. Self explanatory.

Gender: Male or Female?

Race: Human or Youmei? Remember if you want a Youmei (monster), you must create a special KKG clan for your monster.

Birthday: (month,day) ie. September 28th

Zodiac Signs: Chinese and Western (OPTIONAL. If you don't want to add this, you don't have to. However, it could give more depth to your character.) ie.- Libra. Fire Tiger.

Height: Ft,In (ie- 5 ft 4 in)

Weight: pounds (ie. 128 lbs)

Eye Color/Shape: ie- blue,normal

Hair Color/Style: ie blonde, spikey

Skin Tone/Build: ie light tan, athletic

Unique Features: (tattoos, scars, etc)

Written Description: (2-4 paragraphs minimum) You can write out how your character looks here. Besides what is listed above about his or her appearance, you can add more detail. You explain if he or she has rather thin or chubby fingers, if he or she has a pointy or rounded nose, thick or thin eyebrows, etc. You could also create a general wardrobe for your character, like what he or she normally wears, or wears on special occassion.


Faceclaim?: If your character looks like a character from the Naruto series or another series, please provide a link, and the name of that character and what they are from. This will help you so that someone doesn't "steal" your character's appearance.

Personality; (3-5 paragraphs minimum) How does your character act around others, when he is alone, or when a certain situation arises. Is he brave, is he a coward, is he helpful? Friendly? Mean? Angry? Sensitive? What are his goals, his motivation in life? What makes him happy? What makes him sad? What is he afraid of? Make sure to explain all of these things. You could even base his or her personality off of your own, or use the chinese zodiac as a GENERAL guideline (but no one is EXACTLY like their zodiac). Be creative and have fun with this. You could even add personality and mental disorders if you wish.

Likes/Dislikes: This is a list of specific things that your character likes or dislikes.

Nindo: This is your character's "Ninja Way!", like Naruto says, his Ninja Way is that he Never gives up, no matter what!! Believe it!!

Catch Phrase ie- "Believe It!"

Place of Birth: (Country/Village) ie- Hi no Kuni/Konohagakure no Sato

Resident of: (Country/Village)

Class: This is the class of your character. The two classes to choose from are Shinobi and Civilian

Rank: This is the rank of your character, such as Genin or Jounin

Job: This is a Special type of rank assigned to your character by the village leader and or other leaders. ie- ANBU. Why is ANBU a job you may ask? An example is Sai. Sai is a Chuunin level Ninja, and yet he is also an ANBU.

Title: Does your character have a special title he or she goes by? An example is Kakashi Hatake's Father, who was called "The White Fang of Konoha"

Element(s): What element does your character use? ie- Water (Suiton). Some clans get two elements to start if it can form into a third, such as Mokuton. Mokuton users (Senju) start with the elements Water and Earth Also clans proficient in one nature grant them automatically that one nature for free, so you could get a secondary nature wthout the need of a SA. ie- Fire/Wind or Fire/Lightning for an Uchiha.

Combat Skills(s): These are the types of skills your character uses to fight. ie- Ninjutsu.


Skill Points: (These are the numbers in the Combat Skills System that determine what level of Mastery one is in a Skill category. More information on this will be available soon. Sorry for the wait.)

Stats: (Starting Pools for your ranks/jobs are found in the Stat Guide)


Clan/Bloodline: What clan does your character come from? Leave blank if you are not part of a KKG clan.

Special Abilities: Information about this is found here

Flaws: Same as above

Family Members: (NPC or PC. PC only with permission from other players)

Backstory: (5-10 Paragraphs Minimum) This is the story of the life of your character up until the point where you will actually start roleplaying as him or her. it should start out with your character's birth into this world, and display all of the feats, acomplishments, setbacks, tragedies and such that have made your character who he or she is now.

RP Sample: Not required for Academy Students or Genin, but it is better if you do because you'll get a 10 EXP starting bonus. Make it 300 words or more, same as the basic posting requirements. Aim to awe.


Weapons and Equipment: You start with none unless your rank or job says you do.

Techniques: You start with none unless your rank or job says you do.

Yen: You start eith none unless your rank or job says you do.


First Post-






[b]Zodiac Signs[/b]:



[b]Eye Color/Shape[/b]:

[b]Hair Color/Style[/b]:

[b]Skin Tone/Build:[/b]

[b]Unique Features:[/b]

[b]Written Description:[/b]






[b]Catch Phrase[/b]

[b]Place of Birth:[/b]

[b]Resident of:[/b]






[b]Combat Skills(s):[/b]



[b]Special Abilities:[/b]


[b]Family Members:[/b]


[b]RP Sample[/b]:

Second Post-

[b]Weapons and Equipment:[/b]




Character Template  Junsiggy_zps36781b9f-1_zps1d13386e

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Character Template
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