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 Chinmoku, Ayumu

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Name: Ayumu
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PostSubject: Chinmoku, Ayumu   Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:41 am

Name: Ayumu Chinmoku

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthday: Feb. 5th

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius

Height: 5'10

Weight: 162 lbs.

Eye Color/Shape: Ayumu's eyes are a bright blue that have a glassy fog staining them. His eyes have a vacancy and dullness that shows his blindness.

Hair Color/Style: Ayumu has brown, matted hair that hangs almost down to his eyes, never taken care of besides washing and mild combing.

Skin Tone/Build: His skin is very mildly tan, little more than remaining pale, really. His build is much more defined than actually built, his muscles lean and sleek. The only muscle even slightly built are his legs, which are just slightly bigger than the average man's.

Unique Features: Ayumu wears a mask at all times, the mask having no eye holes, just plain gray with red streaks coming down from where the eyes should be. As earlier explained, his eyes are glossy and fogged over.

Written Description: Ayumu wears a large black cloak, almost similar to a trench coat. His flak jacket is just underneath the cloak, which is usually buttoned up, covering it. Out of the cloak, a hood comes over his head, stopping just over the beginning of his mask. On his legs are black leggings, just barely loose off the legs, for maximum mobility. He wears gloves that cover all but the fingertips on his hands, with the Otogakure symbol on a metal section on his wrists. Unlike most shinobi, Ayumu prefers boots that cover his whole foot.

Ayumu stands in a slouched manner, legs usually bent to some degree, as to feel closer to the ground. He can usually be seen leaning on a wall, or some other standing structure.

Ayumu's face is normally blank, even when not wearing his mask, his eyes hanging half open, and eyebrows furrowed just slightly, almost making him seem asleep in a way.


Faceclaim?: None

Personality; Ayumu is a rather happy, silly person, and tends to be almost bubbly when amongst friends, or those he cares about. He tends to be very trusting, despite being a compulsive liar himself. He's usually pretty social, but will sometimes avoid large groups of people. Unless he's disrespected continuously by someone, he's respectful and courteous to everyone.

In battle, he becomes quiet and serious, showing the assassin side of himself. He can be a bit overconfident, and likes to throw himself headfirst into challenges, preferring to test himself, rather than finding an easier way around it. However, he will reasonably think of things, and if he knows there's serious danger, or it would be needed to avoid conflict, he will.

Ayumu, despite being rather happy, and non-serious, has a cold-blooded side to him. Being raised in a clan of assassins, he's used to spilling blood, and isn't afraid to take lives. In most confrontations, he will wind up killing his opponents, even when most would see it as unnecessary. He only shows mercy when he feels it's deserved. He feels like a person has to earn being spared, by showing some form of innocence or something of that nature. Hates when people show what he considers "unnecessary mercy", and will become visibly upset by it.

  • Talking with friends and loved ones.
  • Testing himself and bettering himself
  • Helping others become stronger
  • Supporting his village
  • Laying in bed most of the day
  • Showing off

  • Being rude and disorderly
  • Being especially loud
  • Repeating himself
  • Those who are complacent with their abilities
  • Taking off his mask
  • Being touched

Nindo: Getting through adversity with strength and honor is the most important of all. And, innocence is earned and shown, not a right.

Catch Phrase: See through my eyes...

Place of Birth: Hi no Kuni, Konohagakure

Resident of: Oto no Kuni, Otogakure

Class: Shinobi

Rank: Chuunin

Job: None

Title: The Blinding Shadow

Element(s): Raiton

Combat Skills(s):
  • Ninjutsu-21
  • Taijutsu-23
  • Genjutsu-0
  • Fuuinjutsu-0
  • Iryojutsu-0
  • Bukijutsu-0
  • Sensory-21

  • Strength: 25
  • Agility: 42 (32+10 from SA)
  • Constitution: 23
  • Stamina: 25
  • Dexterity: 30
  • Wisdom: 15
  • Fate: 3

Clan/Bloodline: Chinmoku (Will make a custom bloodline soon)

Special Abilities:
  • KKG(Major)
  • Heightened Senses-Because of his blindness, all of his other sense are heightened far beyond normal(Major)
  • Super Speed +10 agility(Major)

  • Blind(Major)
  • Not very bright(Minor)
  • Frequent liar(Minor)
  • Often overestimates himself(Major)
  • Stubborn(Major)

Family Members: Sayuda (mother), Mikito (father)

Backstory: Birth: Ayumu was born into the Chinmoku clan, a group of individuals known for their shinobi roles as assassins, and for their odd behavior. His parents, prominent members of the clan, are Sayuda and Mikito. Like any other parents, upon Ayumu's birth, they used chakra and a secret technique of the clan to blind him. The connection of the eyes to the brain was severed, and all other neural signals were divided amongst his other senses, allowing him to use the other five senses at a much heightened ability.
Toddler years: As a very young child, Ayumu was already starting the training provided by his parents, as is clan tradition. They taught him to rely on his sense of touch, hearing and smell to find his way through mazes and obstacle courses. Even for members of his clan, he showed an affinity for gaining his bearings and had some of the fastest clear times.

Years 6-10: These years Ayumu spent most of his time training with his father, learning the correct forms for running and moving, training his speed even further. His father was his main role model, and as such, spent as much time training with him as possible. After their training, his parents explained that a new village had opened up, allowing them more freedoms, and a better place to live, so they packed their things, and journeyed to Otogakure.

Years 11-13:They arrived in their new home, welcomed by those that started it, and the clan helped form it into what it is now, bringing them great pride. Ayumubtook it upon himself to bring honor to the village, and help it flourish amongst the other villages. Having become what the clan considers the ripe age, he left on a trip with his father for two years, spending all of this time in intense training, learning the ways of assassination. His body and mind were honed immensely, and he was finally considered ready for the final test of the Chinmoku clan.

Year of blood (14): The final test of the clan is to spill blood. Being assassins, one must be able to kill when needed. A target is selected and the child must become a man, and kill the target. The target is always a criminal that would be either sentenced for life, or executed, as to stay within the guidelines of the law. The target is tracked for the first few months, then the child in question needs to make their move, and kill them. Ayumu did as he was asked, he wouldn't disappoint his family. He tracked a man for two months, until he found the right time to attack. His target had begun unlocking the door to his home, and that's when Ayumu struck. He waited until he heard the lock begin opening, then leaped in with all the speed he could muster. Pulling a kunai from its sheath, he struck the man's femoral artery, incapacitating him, and potentially killing, if left untreated. The target had fallen on the ground, grunting and gasping, and Ayumu had his kunai raised, ready to strike. He could hear the gasps of pain, and could feel the shudders of the man as he tried to staunch some of the bleeding. This caused Ayumu to pause, but not stop. The blade swung down, and ended the mans life. Ayumu made it home, crying. Blood wasn't spilled as easily as he had thought, but he had done it. He was now a man of the clan, and his father presented him with his mask, the true sign of manhood in the Chinmoku clan, Red tears were the markings over the eyeholes, as each mask has some kind of mark over the eyes, signifying Ayumu's decisions, and his emotion, which was something the clan held with honor.

Genin Years (14-17): He was a genin for three years, spending it training intensely, and completing missions for honor and payment. He had a relatively easy time as a genin, sticking out as a likely winner of the chuunin exams. When the time came, he put everything he had on the line, including his life, competing viciously to become a chuunin. In the end, he won the new rank, winning great honor and pride for his clan. He has only been a chuunin for a few days now, awaiting his next orders.

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Chinmoku, Ayumu   Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:00 am

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Chinmoku, Ayumu
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