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 Ayumu Jutsu Update

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Name: Ayumu
Elements: Raiton
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Ayumu Jutsu Update Empty
PostSubject: Ayumu Jutsu Update   Ayumu Jutsu Update EmptyWed Jun 12, 2013 3:54 pm

Type of Update: Jutsu
Unique Info: For my starting jutsu, I will be taking: 
Lightning Release: False Darkness B-Rank Ninjutsu, 
Lightning Release: Lightning Surge C-Rank Ninjutsu, 
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration C-Rank Ninjutsu, 
Lightning Release: Lightning Rod C-Rank Ninjutsu, 
Body Flicker D-Rank Ninjutsu, 
Peregrine Falcon Drop C-Rank Taijutsu, 
Dynamic Entry D-Rank Taijutsu, 
Crow Clone Jutsu C-Rank Ninjutsu, 
Leaf Great Whirlwind C-Rank Taijutsu, 
Lion Combo C-Rank Taijutsu, 
Painful Sky Leg C-Rank Taijutsu/Ninjutsu, 
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf C-Rank Taijutsu, 
Leaf Rising Wind C-Rank Taijutsu
Link to Completion: N/A; Joining 
Link to Character Profile:Profile
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Uchiha Shinji
Uchiha Shinji

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Ayumu Jutsu Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ayumu Jutsu Update   Ayumu Jutsu Update EmptyWed Jun 12, 2013 10:05 pm


You may be strong...

...but you don't stand a chance.
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Ayumu Jutsu Update
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