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 Kenshin Sanada

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Kenshin Sanada

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PostSubject: Kenshin Sanada   Sat Aug 03, 2013 7:13 pm

Name: Kenshin Sanada

Age 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthday: Jan 12th

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn

Height: 6’4

Weight: 195 lb.

Eye Color/Shape: Golden

Hair Color/Style: Long, flowing black hair. It’s kept off of his front by his Kirigakure headband, but encloses everything past the sides of his face. Length-wise, it reaches the midpoint of Kenshin’s shoulders.

Skin Tone/Build: Kenshin’s a dark-skinned man. He has a well-toned, semi-muscular body build.

Unique Features: In the middle of both of Kenshin’s upper arms rest a unique accessory. He wears two golden rings, one on each arm. Although golden, these rings weigh practically nothing, allowing Kenshin to wear them easily. Neither forms a complete ring, but instead leave a small opening at one spot. Each end twists to form the shape of a comma, leaving the spot open and one comma facing upwards and one facing downwards.

Written Description: Kenshin strikes a unique appearance. While walking through the streets of Kirigakure, a figure such as his definitely attracts attention. For starters, Kenshin is a tall figure, reaching the height up 6’4. Furthermore, he is a dark-skinned person, something rare for the streets of Kirigakure. Despite his height, Kenshin gives off a friendly aura, preventing most from seeing him as scary. Kenshin walks with pride, standing tall with his shoulders back.

Sitting atop a long neck is Kenshin’s head. He wears the Kirigakure headband proudly on his forehead, using it to hold his hair away from his front. Instead, his long black hair covers every other side of his head. His hair is straight, leading down the sides of his head. They meet up near the at the lining of his spine, length-wise getting down to the midpoint of the shoulders. Below his regular eyebrows are his unique, golden eyes. The eyes looks mysterious, as if they could peer into your soul with a sharp glance. When people meet Kenshin, the golden eyes are one of the main things they remember. He has a sharp jawline. His face is clean, void of any blemishes or markings. His teeth add to that, being a perfect white with no deformities.

The outermost layer of Kenshin’s outfit is a black kimono. This sleeveless piece of attire fits nicely on his chest, but gets loose around the waist. Here, it is tied together by a red sash. The tight sash restricts the lower half of the kimono, parting it in the front. While the front remains open, the kimono covers the sides and the rear fully. The kimono reaches the halfway point between the knees and the ankles.

Kenshin’s next layer sports an separate yet similar design in relation to the outer layer. On Kenshin’s chest, it is worn exactly like the outer layer. However, it reveals less skin than the black layer, causing the overall appearance to be black, an inch or so of white, followed by the dark skin. The bottom portion is where it makes its difference from the top layer. The white clothing covers the front and back area(although the back is hidden by the black kimono). The front piece covers a large portion of the front, covering the inner half of the legs. This leaves part of the legs and the inner part of the black kimono exposed. Both articles have similar length.

Kenshin’s top half has nothing underneath the previous layer. Should that be shed, it is simply his bare chest. On the lower half, Kenshin wears baggy pants. These pants are white, although more tan than the rest of the white on Kenshin’s body. The bottom of the pants are tucked into the netting around his leg, just above the ankles. For footwear, he wears a simple pair of black sandals, tightly strapped to his feet to keep them secure. Around his his arms are two different accessories. He wears bandages that cover the entirety of the space between the elbow and the wrists. Above that, in the middle of the upper arm, rest his two golden rings. Although golden, these rings weigh practically nothing, allowing Kenshin to wear them easily. Neither forms a complete ring, but instead leave a small opening at one spot. Each end twists to form the shape of a comma, leaving the spot open and one comma facing upwards and one facing downwards.


Faceclaim?: N/A

Personality; Calm and calculating, quick but efficient-- those are key aspects of the shinobi. These key aspects have been instilled within the spirit of Kenshin Sanada. Rage begets nothing but one’s own destruction. At least, that’s what was preached to Kenshin as a child. These teachings came to be the foundation of Kenshin’s eventual personality(although he no longer believes that rage necessarily brings about demise). As he grew, Kenshin payed close attention to the states of rage and tranquility that people express, and trained himself to remain calm in nearly all situations. It has been said that emotion is nothing more than a deterrent for a shinobi-- that feelings have no place in a life of “kill or be killed.” This is reflected in Kenshin’s personality to a lesser extent: To feel anger. Hatred. To possess that bloodthirsty lust for revenge, blind with rage. These are the emotions in Kenshin’s spotlight on the matter. While your blood boils from the pain and anguish caused by another, one’s mind is not at it’s peak. Rather, it’s irrational, bent solely towards the goal of payback. To be calm and calculating in a state such as that is a task hard to accomplish. For that, Kenshin seeks to purge those unwanted emotions from his system.

Other emotions, however, do not appear to be nearly as much of a hindrance. These emotions of joy, love, and sadness are all acceptable. Kenshin is no robot devoid of emotion, by any mean. Although anger is hardly visible, Kenshin shows every other regular emotion. Some, however, have certain limitations. He still holds the belief that emotion is a channel in which weakness can flow out. For that reason, Kenshin is hesitant to show sadness in public. It is much more preferable that he let out those tears from pain and sadness within the confines of his own home. For as long as Kenshin can remember, he has strived to be that perfect icon others can look to for a guide. As such, Kenshin feels it best if he keep his composure whenever possible. If he lets his state of mind plummet, what kind of example would he be setting for others?

That said, Kenshin enjoys the act of teaching. He believes that if he were able to be beneficial to others to help them survive and achieve their dreams, then his life would truly have had purpose. He looks at time on a grand scale, seeing the length of eternity. When Kenshin was a child, his father used to always tell him: Even eternity doesn’t last forever. Life is a fleeting memory-- carve your name into history before you depart. This saying stuck to him more than the feelings a hopeless romantic caught lovestruck feels for his woman. Because of this, he seeks to make the most of every day, and spread what he can to others before he is gone. Knowledge is a vital thing in this earth; the spreading of knowledge is an act that Kenshin would very much enjoy participating in.

The pursuit of knowledge is a never-ending quest. Whether you’re locked in battle with the fiercest creature imaginable, creating diplomatic ties, or taking a little stroll, knowledge crawls around. There is a continuous expansion of knowledge that stems from every aspect of life: we find new knowledge from our bodies, from other creatures, from trees and water(did you know there is now research supporting the theory that water retains a form of memory?). With this vast record of knowledge at our fingertips, Kenshin uses every possible moment he can to further his grasp of the world and its concepts. In his free time, Kenshin enjoys focusing on some sort of study. It may be his novels of ancient history from China or Japan, or the appreciation of wildlife. Whatever the task is that Kenshin finds himself a part of, he’d rather it be something from which he can learn, rather than get wasted and not remember anything the morning after.

This leads Kenshin to be a rather terrible “party-boy.” He’s a regularly social man, but wild partying just is not his forte. The closest thing to a part that this knowledge-seeker would find ideal would be a social gather in a classy home, filled with refreshments and intelligent people in which ideas could be shared. Of course, his friends don’t necessarily have to be intelligent. Kenshin understands that with the diversity in society and the hardships of poverty, not everyone will have received the same lessons and opportunities. He does not mind having less intelligent friends. Actually, he’d enjoy helping them attain a higher level of understanding. As long as one has the desire to learn, they earn a place of respect in Kenshin’s book. The only ones he truly despises are those who have no will to learn and those who are willing to let their life pass by without any strive for achievement.

In the shinobi world, strength is desired to achieve your ambitions. For this reason, Kenshin takes training very seriously: sometimes a little too seriously. Learning from experience is an effective method of learning, and as such, Kenshin treats practice sessions as if they were truly real. While in spars, he strikes without mercy, treating the opponent as if they were a legitimate enemy. This has caused observers to remark that Kenshin, “watches his sparring partner with a cold gaze and an intent to kill.” However, this is untrue. While Kenshin takes his matches very seriously, he avoids using his attacks to their full lethal potential. His use of dangerous techniques may look reckless, but Kenshin does take precautions: if it is an attack he has full control of, he’s prepared to cancel it at a moment’s notice. If he doesn’t have full control of it, he’ll purposely aim it slightly off to either make it easier to avoid or limit the damage should it connect. In truth, he has a great care for his fellow shinobi of Kirigakure.

Each and every shinobi of Kirigakure fights under the same banner. They fight in unison to protect their homeland and the ones they hold dear. For this reason, Kenshin thinks of them each as a valuable ally. In times of danger, you need someone to watch your back. These fellow shinobi are the people Kenshin has to rely on. He values the bonds they have formed greatly. Because of this, Kenshin is constantly keeping an eye on his allies during combat, hoping to rescue them with haste should they be close to suffering a large injury. Kenshin has a great amount of pride for his village and its people, and does not take kindly to insult or damage directed towards them.

In actual combat, Kenshin takes a cold approach. His interests lie with those of Kirigakure and its citizens. Any who oppose those interests do not deserve kindness. For that reason, he fights with all his strength to defeat his opponent. Although, he abhors fighting. Because of that, Kenshin hates playing the role of the Reaper of Death. If he has the option, Kenshin would rather leave his opponent breathing. If it is required, however, Kenshin has no hesitation to kill. To kill is the role of a shinobi, and what’s necessary is necessary. He prays death will be avoidable, but he accepts that outcome whenever it happens.


  • Training the younger shinobi
  • Spreading general knowledge
  • Chinese and Japanese ancient history
  • Intellectual conversation
  • The beauty of nature

  • People with no motivation to learn and better themselves
  • People with no desire to achieve anything great in life.
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • The hindrance of anger

Nindo: Even eternity doesn’t last forever. Life is a fleeting memory-- carve your name into history before you depart.

Catch Phrase For regular day-to-day activities: N/A
For combat: Let me show you true despair.

Place of Birth: Kirigakure no Sato

Resident of: Kirigakure no Sato

Class: Shinobi

Rank: Jounin

Job: Head of Kirigakure’s ANBU


Element(s): Water, Wind, Lightning, and Earth.

Combat Skills(s): Jounin ANBU - 145
*Ninjutsu - 41
*Taijutsu - 13
*Genjutsu - 41
*Sensory - 50

Stats: Jounin ANBU - 230
*Strength - 25
*Constitution - 25
*Stamina - 50
*Agility - 50
*Dexterity - 30
*Wisdom - 50

Clan/Bloodline: Cursed Ones

Special Abilities:

Major: Cursed One - Kenshin possesses the unique bloodline of the Cursed Ones.

Major: The Blood of a Cursed - Kenshin’s body holds a powerful connection to the bloodline of the Cursed Ones. Because of this bond, abilities of the Cursed Ones cost 50% less XP.

Major: The Strength of Teamwork - It is said that the ultimate bonding experience comes from battle, where teamwork defines life and death as you’re left no choice but to trust your allies to watch your back. Through Kenshin’s strong will and devotion to his allies, Kenshin will not lose perception of his allies during his the third stage of the Cursed Ones. Of course, he’ll still suffer other Cursed One flaws. If his ally is right next to the enemy, Chakra Cannon full-blast? Sure! It’ll be fine, the enemy will be blown to bit! However, he will not mistake his allies for enemies.

Major: The Terror of the Illusions - The mind is a valuable piece in the function of all shinobi. In Kenshin’s eyes, that only makes it more of a target. Kenshin has spent years developing his Genjutsu skills to allow for his Genjutsu to terrorize the five senses. All Genjutsu techniques are applied at one rank higher than their actual rank.

Major: Blessed Movement - Since birth, Kenshin has labeled agility as a key element in the success of a shinobi. Through constant training, his body has adapted to agile movements, decreasing the XP cost by 50% to train Agility.

Minor: Head of the ANBU - Kenshin was placed into the ANBU of Kirigakure, and has become the Head of the ANBU forces.


Major: Cursed One - Kenshin possesses all of the harmful negatives of the Cursed Ones.

Major: Lightning Misunderstandings - The concept of manipulating Lightning has always been tough for Kenshin to grasp. He just simply does not understand is as quickly as other techniques. Lightning Release techniques cost 50% more XP.

Major: Without the body, the mind is nothing! - While Kenshin still has the mental capability to distinguish friend from foe, that’s about the limit. Distinguishing that leaves little mental capacity for the likes of Genjutsu. While in the third stage of the Cursed Ones, the effects of “The Terror of the Illusions” is nullified, and all Genjutsu used by Kenshin drop in strength by one rank.

Major: Thrash! - Kenshin has never been to keen on the style of Taijutsu. Although against his calm, calculating nature, the heat of hand-to-hand combat has always left Kenshin the urge to fight wildly, with no elegance in his strikes. Taijutsu techniques require 50% more XP to learn.

Major: Butterfingers - Although Kenshin’s body is naturally swift, dexterity was one aspect to always be lacking. Swift yet accurate hand movements proved difficult for Kenshin, and his little practice with weaponry left his accuracy far from perfect. Dexterity costs 50% more XP to obtain.

Minor: Debt - Yeah … Kenshin accidentally destroyed some stuff, and had to pay for property damage. Kenshin starts at Negative 10,000 Yen.

Family Members:
Shingen Sanada:
Relationship: Father
Age: 38
Previous Occupations: N/A
Current Occupations: Jounin of Kirigakure

Aya Uesugi:
Relationship: Mother - Deceased
Age: Died at 21 - 15 years ago.
Previous Occupations: Special Jounin of Kirigakure
Current Occupation: N/A
Appearance: N/A

Kaihime Sanada
Relationship: Twin Sister
Age: 18
Previous Occupations: N/A
Current Occupation: Jounin of Kirigakure


In this war-torn world full of sin, all is yet to be lost. We still cling to our few sources of delight in hopes that they’ll shine brightly and eradicate the darkness. Be it through friends, family, or love, we all have that joy. In the village of Kirigakure, two lucky shinobi found their lives intertwined by the rope of destiny. Shingen Sanada and Aya Uesugi met for the first time in a flower shop. Aya always loved the smell. She spent her time occasionally going through the store and just enjoying the environment. Shingen had arrived to obtain flowers for his mother’s birthday. It started with Shingen’s spontaneous idea to purchase a lovely rose for the beautiful maiden before him. From there, things skyrocketed. The two fell in love more and more each day, the passion they shared for each other being something to be admired. Eventually, it happened. Shingen and Aya, at the ages of 20 and 18 respectively, had baby twins, one girl and one boy. She was named Kaihime, nicknamed “Kai.” He was named Kenshin-- Kenshin Sanada.

Chapter 1 - “In this war-torn world, I will make a difference!” ~ Kenshin Sanada to his teacher, Saiko Terumi

The first couple of years in Kenshin Sanada’s life were completely normal. He was your average baby in practically all regards. The family lived a regular life until Kenshin reached the age of three. After Aya gave birth to Kenshin and Kaihime, she began indulging more and more into drinking, and soon could be labeled an alcoholic. One night, at about 10 PM, Shingen noticed smoke rising into the air from a few streets over. Fufilling his duty as a shinobi, Shingen rushed over, soon realizing it to be Aya’s favorite bar. The building was immersed in a sea of flames. Shingen charged valiantly to douse the fire and evacuate anyone still inside. Unfortunately, he was too late. Aya, in her drunken condition, did not make it out of the building alive that night. Her lifeless corpse was found underneath debris from the fallen ceiling. The children were too young to understand what happened, exactly. On top of that, Aya hadn’t been too caring of a mother, so her image was not deeply engraved into their minds. However, Shingen was forced to take a long-term departure from the shinobi life to care for his children. Financial stability was kept secure due to connections. Shingen was a personal friend of the Mizukage, who felt bad for Shingen, and decided to grant Shingen a monthly stipend to support the children.

Kenshin and Kaihime continued to grow under constant support from their father. The two received a great foundation to work with; Shingen loved teaching and spreading knowledge. The siblings were regular children, although they seemed to have a firm grip on their teachings that placed them above the intelligence of other kids of similar age. Shingen valued family, a value passed down to his children. Kenshin and Kaihime were fond of each other, and developed a great relationship. Of course, children aren’t too picky when it comes to friendships, but the development of their relationship led them on to one that would continue to flourish in their later years. When they reached the age of eight, the two were placed in the ninja academy.

Chapter 2 - “Kaihime, I’m here for you, so no more crying. Let me be your light!” ~ Kenshin Sanada to Kaihime Sanada

Kenshin(as well as Kaihime) performed well in the Academy. His advanced intelligence began to shine, placing him near the top of his class. Being in the same class as Kaihime was also fortunate; whenever partners were required, the two would instantly pair up to make an unstoppable force. Plus, it saved Kaihime from loneliness. The two grew up knowing only each other, with rarely any other children in their life. As such, Kaihime had yet to develop adequate social skills. She was perfectly fine while speaking to Kenshin, but other people caused the nerves to get the best of her. She was also exceptionally pretty, marked as the prettiest of the class. Typical of boys that age, they showed their affection by teasing her, and girls joined in due to jealousy. However, Kenshin did not allow this to happen. Because of this, he stayed by her side as much as possible, and pushed back any who dared tease her. For the boys, he was perfectly content using violence. For the girls, he used his words to chase them off. Near the beginning, the harsh teasing of the other kids brought her sadness. Kenshin’s defense acted as a beacon, though, and penetrated the wall of tears. Soon enough, Kenshin set out to solve this problem. Unlike Kaihime, he had no issues with social situations. Kenshin found a set of individuals kind enough to call friends. Seeing as he stuck by Kaihime, these friends would also associate with her. They were already kind, but Kenshin needed to make sure they’d be a good influence. He talked to each friend individually, and asked them to be especially kind to Kaihime to help with her timid personality. They all happily agreed and befriended her. Eventually, Kaihime erupted from her shell with an explosive personality, soon earning the favor of the entire class. As she learned to leave Kenshin’s side, he couldn’t help but smile to see the improvement in his sister’s life.

The rest of the academy years went by smoothly. Kaihime was known as the class favorite, as well as an exceptional student. Kenshin was well-liked(although not as much as Kaihime) and regarded as #1. The years went on, and they continued to improve. Shingen continued to work with the both of them, furthering his skills. The siblings were his pride and joy; the way that they developed brought tears of joy to his eyes. Both of them had found their way into the hearts of their class. They both had great talent. Kaihime inherited the beauty of Aya that would develop more and more as time went on. Kenshin was everything Shingen wanted of his eldest son; talented, kind, caring, and protective. The boy was becoming quite reliable. At the age of 12, the twins took their qualifying exam that would allow them to graduate. As to be expected, they passed with flying colors. Kenshin, although proficient in many areas, excelled in Ninjutsu. His Genjutsu had progressed far beyond the level of others, and he had already developed sensory abilities. Kaihime found her strength in Taijutsu and brutally powerful fire ninjutsu. The two were finally shinobi.

Chapter 3 - “Even eternity doesn’t last forever. Life is a fleeting memory-- carve your name into history before you depart.” ~ Shingen Sanada to his children Kenshin and Kaihime on the day of their Academy Graduation.

It was finally time for Kenshin and Kaihime to begin forging their own paths. The two were assigned to different squads. Kenshin’s two teammates were named Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo. The two were kind children, both being some of Kenshin and Kaihime’s first friends. Although they weren’t anything special as far as shinobi-business go, they had the heart and the will to try. One of Kenshin’s most memorable days was the day he met Saiko Terumi. The towering figure was assigned to serve at the team’s teacher. The man had an aura of greatness about him. With crimson hair and fierce-looking black markings along his body, he overall gave off the appearance of a rough-looking figure. He spoke with authority in his voice, much more than those who taught at the academy. His aura of power was not just for show, though. The squad began the second test, in which the Jounin instructor was given permission to test his students in whatever way he deemed fit, to test if they are truly fit for the title of Genin. The three students were pitted against Saiko. Fortunately, the three Genin had already built a friendship, leading their teamwork to be far beyond that of most teams fresh from the academy. Their teamwork was good, but nowhere near good enough to even touch Saiko. The Jounin maneuvered through their assaults naturally, as if it were merely breathing. As time went on, he decided to slowly kick up an offensive, which eventually knocked Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo from the fight. This left Kenshin on his own. Although he kicked his skills up to the highest notch, and charged at Saiko with strong intent, he did not last much longer.

Although the team was defeated, they passed the test. In particular, Saiko acknowledged Kenshin’s strength, something that pleased the boy. The team was now fully functional, and began to deploy for missions. Of course, they were only fresh from the academy, so nothing more than chasing cats was given. It was rather boring, but the team continued to bond. During this time, Kenshin kept his strong bond with Kaihime, spending plenty of time with her when they were both free. Sure, they had plenty of other friends to see, but in the end, they spent more time with each other than with others. When they were both free, it was probable you’d find them together, either on their own or with a group of friends. Now that the two had developed into official shinobi, Shingen re-entered the Kirigakure military. He took on a teaching role, hoping to stay away from danger so he could continue living with the children. He knew soon enough, he’d have to move on, but he had not finished preparing them. Kenshin had become reliable, but he had not reached his potential.

Saiko Terumi proved to be an excellent teacher. Although he was only 17 years old, his skill as a shinobi surpassed the other Jounin Kenshin had witnessed. He had skill in a wide range of categories, leaving an endless amount of skills to be taught. While furthering the group in various basics such as ninjutsu and taijutsu, he also showed great skill in Genjutsu. Kenshin found interest in this,  seeing as Kenshin had found natural talent for it at the academy. Under Saiko’s tutelage, Kenshin’s ability is Ninjutsu and Genjutsu soared. Sensory happened to be one of the few things Saiko had no expertise in at the time, but even still, he managed to help Kenshin develop. Even though Saiko did not have the skill himself, his methods of training were effective, and Kenshin continued to grow more adept in the art with each passing day. The constant training, team-building, and completion of missions eventually earned the team the honor of C-ranked missions.

Chapter 4 - “Let me show you true despair … I’ll rip you to shreds!” ~ Kenshin Sanada to his Mysterious Attackers

One mission in particular went horribly wrong. It was during the time in which Keiri Okami, the Kage of Konohagakure, launched an invasion of Otogakure. War had been summoned forth, and various villages were finding themselves sucked into the conflict. Kenshin’s squad was assigned the duty of protecting a supply convoy on the way to a small village. Apparently, the village had suffered damage, and needed material and food to get back on its feet. Kenshin and co. were told to stay on the alert for any pirates that may try to loot the convoy. While not a single pirate came within sight, much worse followed. The group had made it onto the mainland smoothly. On their journey, a Kirigakure Jounin made an appearance in front of the group, requesting to speak with Saiko. While the Genin could not hear what they had been saying, it looked severe from the facial expressions. After some time, Saiko returned to the group, explaining that he was needed elsewhere for a short amount of time, and that he would return momentarily. While he was gone, Kenshin was instructed to take the lead. The convoy carried on, and the Kirigakure guards had no fear. They were confident in their abilities to dispatch common pirates; they’d done so plenty of times. The mission was as easy as pi--

Boom! Explosions roared through the air, carts vanquished in the flames, men burned in the heat. Before the group had time to react, the supply unit had been thrown into disarray. Several shinobi jumped forth, filling their pockets and arms with as many still in-tact resources they could. They bore no village symbol, concealing their identity. Kenshin, Yoshihiro, and Ginchiyo rushed into action, but it was all in-vain. Shinobi arrived as support, blocking the path of the Genin to allow their allies time to escape. When they had retreated, the reinforcements did not pull back. Rather, they stayed with the intent to take the Genin down. An epic battle followed. The Genin trio was far outmatched, but they had no chance for escape. The enemy boasted superb tracking and ensnarement abilities. They placed a barrier around the party, ensuring no escape for the group. The bloody brawl continued, and soon enough, death hit. Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo were pierced through by ferocious strikes of lightning. Kenshin tried his hardest to rescue them, but this time, it was just not enough. The opponents had managed to prevent Kenshin from interfering so they could destroy the weakest links first. Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo fell to the floor, life fleeing from their bodies. The enemy ninja were kind enough to allow Kenshin time to say goodbye(or, more likely, received sick pleasure from watching a kid say goodbye to his comrades), a decision that cost them dearly.

Vicious chakra radiated from Kenshin’s body, sweeping around him like a vortex. The ground began to tremble from merely the presence of the demonic chakra. Kenshin stared down at the lifeless corpses of his friends, anger and pain swirling in his mind. Thoughts began to cross one another in his mind, opposing one another. Kenshin was thrown into a whirlpool of confusion. He had his regular thought-process, the calm, careful, calculating persona. Then, there was another voice. “Kill them, tear them to shreds! Leave no remains!” This terrifying voice pushed through Kenshin’s mind, overtaking all opposition. Strange markings stretched across Kenshin’s body: black squiggly-lines that effortlessly danced across his body. When they reached his entire body, they began to fade into the skin, altering his skin color to a darker grey. He looked at the killers with a new look in his eyes. It was a terrifying glare: demonic, bloodthirsty, unforgiving. His body continued to shift, growing uncontrollably into an entirely different appearance. The beast lunged towards his opponents, slaughtering them with ease. In a short time, not a single man was left alive on the battlefield except for Kenshin. Right as Kenshin began to let out an inhumane laugh a the death of the mysterious shinobi, a voice called out to him. “Kenshin!” Saiko called out, jumping onto the scene.

Kenshin recognized the man, but the mindset that hungered for blood broke through. With a beastial roar, Kenshin charged towards Saiko, intent to kill. It was the first time the Cursed One bloodline made an appearance in Kenshin’s life, and caught him completely by surprise. This surprise attack left Kenshin unable to subdue the killing urges directed towards his teacher. Fortunately, Saiko was a top-notch shinobi. While the previous fools fell effortlessly to Kenshin’s onslaught, Saiko stood his ground, dodging and countering each of Kenshin’s strikes. After a short struggle, Saiko landed a chakra sealing tag atop Kenshin’s forehead, subduing the Cursed One stages and leaving Kenshin unconscious. When Kenshin woke up, Saiko tended to his injuries, questioning what had happened. Saiko learned that Kenshin had no recollection of anything after Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo died. There was no memory of the slaughter that occurred, nor of Saiko’s interference. Saiko never told Kenshin what really happened that day. He fabricated a story that Kenshin was knocked out, and Saiko took care of the rest. To this day, Kenshin is unaware of this awakening. The mission was a failure. Kenshin was just lucky to escape with his life.

Chapter 5 - “I will grow stronger! Kaihime, I swear … I’ll grow stronger to keep you safe!” ~ Kenshin Sanada

The two returned to the village, and continued their work. They had not yet been assigned new squad members, so Kenshin and Saiko continued on their own. Kenshin now had a renewed desire to grow strong. Growing up, Shingen always told Kenshin that he would have to watch over Kaihime, especially when Shingen died. Combined with the fact that Kaihime was Kenshin’s dearest ally, he aimed to grow strong. He needed to gain the strength to protect everyone around him, especially Kaihime. Seeing as he had Saiko all to himself, the two focused specifically Kenshin’s talents. His skills in Genjutsu spiked. During their weeks of training, Kenshin reached a legendary level, even surpassing Saiko in the field of Genjutsu. Kenshin was not aware of this, but Saiko pushed the Genjutsu training particularly hard. This was due to the Cursed Being that was hidden within Kenshin. Saiko hoped to contain the beast by allowing Kenshin to calmly fight with the mind. Saiko assumed that if the Genin avoided massive bloodshed, the beast would remain buried.

Soon enough, the Chuunin exams made their appearance. Kenshin was definitely ready, although he needed a team. Conveniently, Kaihime’s team suffered some injuries. Her sensei and one teammate were injured in battle against a missing-ninja, leaving Kaihime and her other ally Oichi available. The two squads merged, placing Kenshin, Kaihime, and Oichi under Saiko’s guidance. The trio trained hard until the day of the exams. When the day came, the group was ready. They passed with flying colors. Although Oichi wasn’t as skilled as Kenshin and Kaihime, she performed well. The entire group managed to earn the rank of Chuunin. Kenshin and Kaihime accomplished this at the age of 14. The team continued to function under Saiko’s teaching(although they didn’t work together as much due to the new rank). As a Chuunin, Kenshin was occasionally tasked with teaching at the academy. Here, he found a passion for spreading knowledge amongst others. Besides that, the Chuunin years were uneventful. At the age of 16, Kenshin and Kaihime reached the rank of Jounin, with Oichi alongside them. Now that the entire team had reached Jounin, they were officially disbanded. However, Kenshin did not part ways with his teacher. Kenshin and Saiko had grown close over the four years, and continued being a part of each other’s life. They continued to train regularly. Throughout his Jounin career, Kenshin taught several students, and continued to do missions.

Chapter 6 - “You need to calm down! We’ve come this far. I’m not going to let you die! Kaihime, trust me! Let me be your light!” ~ Kenshin Sanada to Kaihime, shortly after Oichi’s death

When Kenshin was 18, he was deployed on a mission to recover a stolen scroll from a group of enemy shinobi. He was accompanied by Kaihime and Oichi. The trio headed out, not knowing that this would be their last journey together. They made their way to the hidden camp of the shinobi who possessed the stolen scroll. They snuck into the camp in an attempt to steal the scroll, but were soon discovered, and an all out battle began. The feeling reminded Kenshin of his last fight with Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo-- the last battle he had participated in nearly this hectic. Now, Kaihime was on the field. This brought massive amounts of worry. Kenshin battled hard, keeping his eyes constantly on Kaihime. Although she was strong enough to take care of herself, Kenshin could take no risks, and prepared himself to come to her aid at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, the battle was still out of their league. They fought bravely, but it could not be avoided. A trio of enemy shinobi ganged up on Oichi, succeeded in their attempt to strike. Oichi fell to the ground, fatally wounded. She only had the time and strength to say one thing before she passed on: “Kenshin …Kai …Live … I love you … Both …” As with the death of Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo, Kenshin began to break into a state of rage. A familiar feeling swept over him, invoking the strange markings that caused his skin to fade to grey. In a short burst of surprising speed, Kenshin smashed into Oichi’s killers, ending them. He looked up towards Kaihime, only to see sadness, terror, and fear in her eyes. However, the last two were not because of the opponents. No, they were because of the vicious look she saw in her brother’s eyes. Kaihime’s eyes began to water. Kenshin watched a teardrop slide down her smooth cheek as she called out his name with fear.

Kenshin heard a sword being unsheathed. Suddenly, a man appeared behind Kaihime, his sword already in motion. “No!!!” Kenshin thought, for by the time he could have finished saying that, he already reacted. With all hit speed, enhanced by the power of the Cursed Seal, Kenshin dashed forward, grabbing Kaihime tightly in his arms and dashing out of sight. Once he found cover, he put her down. Tears were gushing out of her eyes. Kenshin had never seen more terror on his sweet sister’s face. “Kenshin!! What’s happening to you?! Snap out of it!” She pleaded. Her words broke through to Kenshin, and quickly, he discontinued the Cursed stage. The two looked stared at each other for a few seconds until Kaihime threw her arms around Kenshin, holding him tight. This was the first time Kaihime had witnessed a friend dying. Furthermore, before Kenshin saved her, her ankle had been damaged, leaving her unable to walk any longer. Kenshin had also taken damage while in his Cursed stage(which he didn’t notice in his alternate state of mind). He had been sliced with several blades and bruised all over. It was not the prettiest shape. Kaihime continued to sob, knowing their situation was bleak. Just as Kenshin found some words of encouragement, a couple of the shinobi located them. Kenshin had no time to waste. He scooped Kaihime into his arms, and began his retreat. They were unwilling to let him go, however, and gave chase. With how quickly they caught up, Kenshin was forced to make small attacks. Although limited due to the carrying of Kaihime, Kenshin managed to lay a few blows(although he took even more in the process).

Eventually, they found a moment to breathe. For the time being, the enemy shinobi had lost Kenshin’s tracks. Kenshin placed Kaihime down against a tree, where she began to freak out. The longer this continued, the worse Kenshin’s condition got. She was losing faith that they would make it out alive. It was a miracle Kenshin could still perform at his level, considering his condition. It was only through sheer willpower that Kenshin managed to continue. Kaihime’s life was in his hands-- he could not rest. He would get her to safety, or die trying. Kaihime continued to panic. Kenshin grabbed a tight grip of her shoulders, caught her attention, and looked her in the eyes. “You need to calm down! We’ve come this far. I’m not going to let you die! Kaihime, trust me! Let me be your light!” He told her. With that, Kaihime was reminded of an earlier time in her life. She remembered the first few days of the academy, when Kenshin had said that exact same last line to her. Various memories of Kenshin throughout the years went through her mind, as she watched his development from a small child to a gifted leader. Finally, a smile landed upon her face, and she reached a calm state. With that, the two continued their journey. They teamed up, using Kenshin for transportation, Genjutsu, and what little Ninjutsu he could use while carrying her. Kaihime stepped up and used some Ninjutsu of her own to help out. Eventually, many of the attackers were taken down, and those who survived lost track of Kenshin and Kaihime.

The two made their escape, although with a badly injured Kenshin. As soon as they were completely sure they were out of danger, Kenshin just about collapsed. Fortunately, there was a cabin nearby, in which they went for help. Kaihime pleaded to the woman who answered the door, who sympathized with the poor girl’s story. The couple who lived their took the two in. Along with shelter, food, and beds, they took care of all their injuries(mainly Kenshin’s). Contrary to his appearance, Kenshin’s injuries were not too severe. He healed up quickly. Although not at full strength, he had enough to do what he needed to do. Kenshin convinced Kaihime to stay at the cabin for a bit, while he went out. Kenshin returned to the scene of the crime with one objective-- the recovery of Oichi’s body. Luckily, fortune was on his side. There was only one man left, and he had the courtesy to clean up the body. Kenshin dispatched the man with ease, and recovered Oichi’s body. He returned to the cabin, resulting in a teary Kaihime at the sight of her dead friend. Now, there was only one more thing they could do. After days of resting, the two were well enough to continue their journey. They began their long trip back to Kirigakure, reaching the village without anymore trouble. Kenshin was widely acknowledged for the completion of his mission. The story found its way to the other shinobi, leaving them in awe of Kenshin’s strong willpower. For his outstanding work, and his considerable strength, Kenshin was offered a position in the Kirigakure ANBU, and quickly became the Head of the ANBU forces. Now, we reach present day. Kenshin’s old teacher, Saiko Terumi, has achieved the rank of Mizukage. Kenshin retained his memories of the Cursed stage he entered during his last mission, and has been left in a twister of confusion and doubt. Searching for some answers, he seeks to speak with the Mizukage, to question his past.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Kenshin Sanada   Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:00 am

I, personally, HIGHLY enjoyed your app. It's EXACTLY what we look for in a perfect application. It's balanced, and, well, pretty damn good. Approved with 5 fate.

Element(s): Wind, Fire, Earth.

Fighting Skill(s):

Iryojutsu: 43
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Ninjutsu: 41

Combat Skills(s):


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Glad you enjoyed it. Also, what do ANBU get for their jutsu? I wasn't sure, so I just assumed B-Rank and below. Could someone please confirm/correct?

Weapons and Equipment: Equipment Pack - Includes an ANBU mask, armor, uniform, and a katana.
25 Kunai
25 Shuriken

Techniques: 15 B-Rank and below
Genjutsu Binding
Genjutsu: Unknown Fire
Genjutsu: Flower Petal Escape
Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Release: False Darkness
Lightning Beast Running Technique
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Shadow Clone Technique
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique
Wind Release: Pressure Damage
Earth Release: Earth Spear



Yen: Negative 10,000 Yen

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Yes, you get 15 B ranks since your rank is Jounin. Just remember you have the ability to learn SS rank jutsu. You also start with an eqjuipment pack, free of charge which includes your ANBU mask, armor and uniform, and your katana. You also get 25 Kunai and Shuriken. Nice profile. I told Nakago I wanted to approve it but he got to it first, lol. Enjoy.


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Oh, I see. Thanks for the information on the equipment pack. Glad you liked the profile.

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Kenshin Sanada
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