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 Village Infrastructure

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PostSubject: Village Infrastructure   Thu May 09, 2013 2:15 am

Below is the Village Infrastructure, or ways that a Kage or other Village Leader can upgrade their village's facilities.


  • Hospital- Free: This is the basic clinical of any hospital. With no Medical Shinobi, only doctors with standard methods of operations, treatment, and healing which are available today (Painkillers, Antidotes [kills up to C-rank poison], defibrillators, etc).

  • Advanced Care Institution- 10 Million: With large advancements and aid with Shinobi forces. With the advancement in Shinobi technology, stronger medications can be found such as healing ointments to increase the healing of the body and stronger antidotes [kills B-rank poisons]. Medical Shinobi with knowledge of Ijutsu and Mystical Palm can be found to give a great treatment to the wounded. Implants have a +45% chance of success.

  • Grand Medical Facility- 15 Million: The latest and highest developed technology in the world is found here. Strongest forms of medication is found here in abundance with powerful antidotes created by professors in the medical field [kills A-rank poisons]. Everything can be found here and treated from Chakra exhaustion to fatal wounds. Organ failures and near death situations can be recovered within the medical facility. Implants have a +65% chance of success within the walls of the facility. With the building purchased, buying Ijutsu techniques with XP cost -50% less XP. **In addition, Numbing Poison (C-rank) and Healing ointments are in much abundance and can be picked up freely anytime.**


    Village Walls-

  • Basic Wall- Free: These walls are constructed with layers of hardwood which surround the entire village. An interior and wall access are found within the walls with a closeable gate and a box to check in passer-by. The wall is capable to withstand common projectiles and have resistance against low leveled technique. These types of walls are to keep anyone from wandering in and marks the boarder of a village while providing little defense in it's duty. NPC guards are found in the box (2 Chuunin)

  • Greater Wall- 5 Million: The walls are made of special earth bricks while supported by hardwood for the interior. Projectiles have no effect on the wall and carries great defense for it's price (B-rank Earth Wall). Two towers are located on the sides of the entrance gate. NPC guards man the towers, box, and along the walls (5 Chuunin, 2 Jounin).

  • Superior Wall- 10 Million: This wall is the greatest one can get. The same features as the last gate while reinforced with iron to cover the outside of the entire wall. Very little things have been able to pass through these walls so scaling has been the most common method aside from blowing through. Being nearly indestructible, they are also manned by NPC guards (5 Chuunin, 3 Jounin) to keep the defense at it's maximum. (Defense of an S-rank Earth Wall).


    Scouting Units ((Remember for Scouting Infrastructure, you MUST buy one building for each land. Buying it once doesn't cover all the lands.))

  • Outpost- 2 Million: Outpost let you garrison Shinobi (Maximum housing of 4 NPC/PC) in a small house constructed of wood. These can be placed in surrounding areas of the village OR in another land. By housing troops, they can take patrols and scout the area in which they are placed. This is practically a "Safe House" if you must. These can also be used to rest up and store gear.

  • Sentry Tower- 5 Million: With the same benefits as before, these towers are constructed of stone brick and provide great defense and sight allowing guards to SEE action in their area from their position, unlike the Outpost where guards will still have to go on patrols to find trouble. With a messenger bird post on the very top, people can relay messages back and forth to the home village to report anything and get a quick response. A disadvantage over the Tower versus the Outpost is the tower can be spotted easier than the Outpost.

  • Base- 15 Million: This is basically a larger version of an Outpost housing a total of 10 Shinobi (NPC/PC). While sharing the benefits as above, Bases allow you to build AROUND them. There is usually a lead Shinobi in charge and full of some semi-valuable treasures. Bases come with the main building (design is your choice). Anything else being added on will have to be bought (Note that Bases have no expansion limit.) With so much organization and Shinobi manning the base, the Bases have total view over an area (ie. The forest of Konoha, not the entire Land of Fire)

    Shinobi Buildings

  • Ninja Academy- Free: These are the "plants" for building Shinobi. At a young age, kids are taught the discipline and basic skills of becoming a Shinobi. While the younger ones are weeded out, not but hard boiled kids come out these doors with a forehead protector. Academy Student and Academy Teachers are often found in here making these the official "home" for Chuunin. With this, 5 NPC Chuunin are granted to do whatever one pleases with being sending them on patrols, guarding the gates, etc. Note that only the Kage or anyone he/she gave permission to can use these.

  • Ninja Academy Level 2- 15 Million: With better equipment and higher standard technology, the new and improved Academy is a common place where not only Academy Students and Academy Teachers train, but Genin and Jounin bring in their students for lectures and education. Since the Academy is larger than before, it can house 10 NPC Chuunin which can be controlled at your own will.

  • Ninja Academy Level 3- 25 Million: With the newest state of the art equipment and technology, kid are learning faster than ever. The Academy's appearance attracts people and lures them within the walls allowing the owners to convince the adults to force their kids into the Academy. So clean and large, these can house a total of 20 NPC Chuunin which can be controlled at your own will.

  • Jounin Standby Station- Free: A large building usually placed near the Kage Complex is the waiting station for the village's elites. A nice area to relax, eat, etc while waiting for your next order. Within the walls of the Station, 5 Jounin are free to do whatever one pleases with.

  • Jounin Standby Station Level 2- 20 Million: A larger and better design, the station houses a total of 8 NPC Jounin are there to do whatever one pleases with. With new walls and better staff, the Standby Station becomes more of a luxury for the Elites of the village giving them a well deserved title.

  • Jounin Standby Station Level 3- 35 Million: The best you can get when it comes with interior design. With this exquisite building, it gladly invites a total of 15 NPC Jounin to do whatever you want.

  • A.N.B.U Headquarters- Free: These are secretive designed buildings in which are usually limited for Shinobi or civilians within a diameter. Unless administered, only Kage and Anbu are allowed inside the Headquarters. Secret documents and usually village techniques are hidden in the building. With this, 3 NPC Anbu are available to control at your Kage's orders.

  • A.N.B.U Headquarters Level 2- 30 Million: Like before, these are top secret and house Anbu ready for control. With a much stricter system and higher technology, these house a total of 6 NPC Anbu to be dealt with by your Kage. This is often a place where beating suspicious subjects are held and other dark deeds are done.

  • A.N.B.U Headquarters Level 3- 40 Million: Compared to all the other Anbu headquarters, this one is the greatest. Everything is up to date and getting methods are involved in keeping things secret from the public eye. A total of 10 NPC Anbu may be controlled up to the Kage's wishes.


Other Facilities-

Custom buildings or structures ie- Underground network, Barracks, etc your Kage wants to build; Register it and a Staffer will evaluate the cost. Note that Custom structures are more costly since they're not the standard buildings that are found.


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Village Infrastructure
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