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 Naruto RPG Saga

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Jun Uchiha
Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Naruto RPG Saga   Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:04 am



hundred long years have passed since the death of the renowned
Jinchuuriki Naruto Uzumaki, and the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War.
So long since the end of the mysterious "Tobi" plot to rule over the
world.. The world has changed since then. The village have grown even
more and are bustling. Shinobi have developed new, and grand jutsu. More
bloodlines have begun to rise up from the dust. The known world has
been in peace for over a century, but we all know that peace can only
last so long. What is on the horizon for the entirety of the world? Is
it more development, or absolute destruction? A question that may go
unanswered, but will soon unravel its answer to the world.

As the
world progresses, new Kages have stepped up to take their place and new
and powerful missing ninja have began to show their face to the world,
though none have posed a serious threat. It's unclear the direction the
world is hurtling in at the time. The world has remained too good for
too long, and it's very obvious to see.

Will the new kages reveal
themselves to be legends? Will the small villages regain the life they
once had? Will a new threats of the land step up to challenge the great
villages? The answers to these questions cannot be predicted, and only
one sure thing will alert us. Only time will tell.

I don't know about you, but I like meeting people with
similar interests to my own. Join our community and get to know some new
people. Maybe you'll make a best friend or even a lover, won't hurt to
try. [:

Socializing: With the unique Squad System, Genin
have the chance to learn from their stronger, wiser, and more
experienced counterparts! They have the chance to go on higher ranked
missions, and interact with other shinobi.

Always felt that handseals detracted from the fight? No
worries! We use a no handseal/cooldown system for fights so you can get
right into the action.

Character Plot Development: Did you
ever wanted to be the one who decides what was going to happen in the
world of Naruto. Here, you can use the plot to develop your character
and change how the world around you will develop.

Feel like traversing the naruto world? Go right ahead, it's
ready for you...just watch your step. People can and will
stop you before you reach your destination with our unique Travel
Intervention system.

Featuring many great items and ideas to keep your fighting style your own, and to add versatility! Such things include:

& Specialization Training:
Genin start with 2 elements and
specializations, but the second of each can only be used with jutsu up
to C rank. However! You can train those up to S rank usage, plus a third
element and specialization. Plenty of things to do, as you can see.

Be unique, make a clan, see if anyone notices! Of course they will, you
get a clan symbol that is displayed in your profile for everyone to see
every time you post.

Items: With the item creation system
you can use your imagination to create the item you always wanted your
character to use. From puppets to blades, we give you the opportunity to
make your fantasy come to life as long as it stays within limits.

and more!

a responsible and active staff, and a well-thought-out system for
everything, Naruto RPG saga is a wonderful place to come and roleplay. 
Friendly people and skilled roleplayers await you! Can you make a
difference in the world? Will you be there to change the destiny of the
villages? Anything is possible on Naruto RPG Saga! Make your own
character, and make your own destiny.  Join a village, or explore the
world? The choice is yours! The sky is the limit. Be the next hero of
Naruto RPG Saga!

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Naruto RPG Saga
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