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     Jiyu Tsuno

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    Jiyu Tsuno
    Jiyu Tsuno

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    Character sheet
    Name: Jiyu Tsuno
    Elements: Katon, Doton, Fuuton, Jinton
    Fighting Styles:

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    PostSubject: Jiyu Tsuno   Jiyu Tsuno EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 8:22 pm

    Name: Jiyu Tsuno

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Birthday: July 13th

    Zodiac Signs: Cancer

    Height: 6 ft 3 inches

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Eye Color/Shape: bluish-grey eyes

    Hair Color/Style: silvery straight hair that covers his face a bit and goes down to his shoulders

    Skin Tone/Build: light skin, a little pale, average muscular build for someone his height.

    Unique Features: Tattoo of wings in black ink on his upper back to symbolize his freedom.

    Written Description: Jiyu Tsuno is a little over 6 feet tall with pale-ish skin and silvery straight hair. He usually wears black shorts and shoes and some kind of white or grey shirt. He loves the idea of freedom however and a lot of the time when training or when by himself, he removes his shirt for the extra freedom. His eyes are a bluish grey and his hair sometimes gets in the way of his face as it is almost long enough to go down to his shoulders.

    He has a set of black wings tattooed on his back to symbolize his love for freedom and his disdain for people being bottled up or metaphorically caged. When traveling to colder places he replaces his black shorts with black pants and wears a white scarf around his neck. Because he is above the average height he often snatches people’s attention. Also because of his massive amounts of chakra and mastery of ninjutsu he sometimes leaks out a film of light blue chakra out of his pores which stands out against his light skin and dark clothing. Combined with his height he is sometimes the focus in crowds and also uses this combination as an intimidation factor to avoid unnecessary fights.

    Picture(s): Jiyu Tsuno ZGF1Ogu

    Faceclaim?: I just found that picture online, I don't know what it's from..


    Jiyu is a very care-free, go with the flow kind of person and doesn’t get worried about the small things that happen around him. He enjoys being alone for he can enjoy nature and not have to follow any particular customs or rules but he also loves to be surrounded by others and enjoys their presence. He is friendly to all those around him including people who he doesn’t know and usually has a smile on his face. He enjoys fighting because he gets to experience the other person’s fighting style and adapt accordingly.

    Although he is usually care-free and all smiles, if a situation appears where he or his students/comrades are in danger then he will act more serious so that he can defeat them and protect who are precious to him. His love of being carefree and whimsical can get him into trouble sometimes if he disregards another’s feelings of sadness or anguish. Sometimes he can forget that while although he goes with the flow and adapts to life that other people cannot and so he is sometimes the target of resentment. Anyone who resents him for these misunderstandings usually forgive him after they realize this is just how he acts and that it wasn’t personal.

    He is extremely creative and very curious regarding ninjutsu; learning pre-existing ones, examining others or creating his own. He can get distracted in battle by an opponents technique if he is intrigued by it and will sometimes as his opponent how it works. He is also very defensive of Konoha and although he was technically born in Iwagakure, he believes Konoha to be his home and he will become serious if necessary if it regards the well being of his home.


    -Interesting People
    -New places
    -New jutsus
    -Being shirtless

    -Boring People
    -Boring jutsus

    Nindo: “Go with the flow.”

    Catch Phrase: “Go with the flow.”

    Place of Birth: Tsuchi no Kuni / Iwagakure no Sato

    Resident of: Hi no Kuni / Konohagakure no Sato

    Class: Shinobi

    Rank: Jounin

    Job: none

    Title: None… yet!

    Element(s): Katon, Doton, Fuuton, Jinton

    Combat Skills(s):

    Ninjutsu: 41
    Taijutsu: 22
    Genjutsu: 21
    Ijutsu: 0
    Bukijutsu: 0
    Fuuinjutsu: 0
    Sensory: 41


    Strength: 30
    Agility: 40
    Constitution: 30
    Stamina: 50
    Dexterity: 30
    Wisdom: 30
    Fate: 5

    Clan/Bloodline: None (His learning of Jinton wasn’t through a clan he was in, it was through scripture. Also Jinton isn’t passed down by blood/genes so I’m pretty sure I just say none for this.)

    Special Abilities:

    Major: Overflowing Chakra; Throughout his life, Jiyu has increased his overall stamina and chakra capacity by a large amount and because of this knows just how to train in order to facilitate increasing his chakra further lowering the amount of exp needed to train Stamina by half.

    Major: Fondness of the Leaf; Since Jiyu was dropped off in Konoha as a child he has declared Konoha his home and loves it with all of his heart since they raised him when he could have been abandoned again. Being surrounded by Konoha ninja all of his life had made Jiyu interested in the secret techniques passed down throughout Konoha’s history. Instead of focusing on other studies, Jiyu focused on learning some of these techniques. Jiyu starts off already having learned the Rasengan and Multi shadow clone jutsu.

    Major: Spiraling Sphere of Curiosity; Having spent a lot of his time investigating and learning the Rasengan, Jiyu has learned of its inner workings and has the theory behind it almost mastered in his mind. When learning or creating different variations with the Rasengan as the parent, the required exp needed is halved.

    Major: Examining his Heritage; When Jiyu traveled the world searching for answers about his heritage and upbringing he discovered he most likely belonged to a group of ninja from Iwagakure who were secretly learning Jinton ninjutsu. Upon discovering this and some of the scriptures left behind by his possible family, Jiyu learned the basics of Jinton techniques and knows the Jinton: atomic dismantling jutsu.


    Major: Wax on, Wax on?; Throughout his life, Jiyu has always been proud of his abundance of chakra and so he used ninjutsu for most of his life. This has left his taijutsu a little rusty and it is harder for him to train his muscles, causing the amount of exp he needs to train his strength be doubled.

    Major: Skipping the Basics; Jiyu spent almost all of his free time investigating the Rasengan and Multi Shadow Clone jutsu(both A rank jutsus) as well as going on his journey to learn about his heritage. As a result of this, the number of jutsu he knows is lower than the average jounin. The average jounin starts off with 15 B rank or less jutsus however Jiyu starts off with the Rasengan, Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, Jinton: atomic dismantling jutsu, and 6 others of B rank or less instead.

    Major: Payback; Due to his thankfulness to Konoha for raising him as a child and his love for its inhabitants, Jiyu donates 50% of any yen he gets directly into the village’s bank account.

    Major: Lack of a Master; Although Jiyu learned the basics of the Jinton, he had to learn it through scriptures instead of a master so his Jinton techniques require 50% more chakra for him to use.

    Family Members: None that he knows of. Jiyu was an orphan and was dropped off in the leaf village by who were assumed to be his parents when he was 3 years old.


    Birth to Age 3: Jiyu was born in Iwakagure and lived there for the first 3 years of his life. There is no record on who his parents are nor who any other of his family is and the only evidence that was discovered that he was originally from there was discovered by Jiyu himself. A couple months before he turned 3 his parents dropped him off at the leaf village in front of the gate at night. His parents were never caught but in his pocket there was a note saying his name and nothing else.

    Age 3 to Age 9: As most Children do; Jiyu forgot most of his memories from when he wasn’t in the leaf village and grew up there like a normal resident under the name that was in his pocket the night he arrive. He played with the other kids and was raised in the orphanage that was in the village with the other orphans. He entered normal school which taught him basic math and history and etc. When he turned 9 however he asked the orphanage to allow him to enter the ninja academy and become a ninja. They allowed him to do so and also told him that he was not originally from Konoha.

    Age 9 to Age 12: Jiyu entered the ninja academy at age 9 and begun to learn the basics of being a ninja. After the lesson in which they all learned how to charge chakra, Jiyu realized that this was his forte when he summoned a bunch of visible chakra around him. He quickly mastered the clone jutsu and found it particularly interesting compared to the other basic academy techniques. At the age of 12 he graduated the academy as a Genin and joined a squad of 2 others who were in his class.

    Age 12 to Age 15: As a genin, Jiyu trained under his sensei and worked with two other teammates and completed 15 D rank missions, 6 C rank and 2 B rank. He discovered his ability to use the fire and earth chakra types and trained with his sensei to learn to use them properly. As he grew taller and taller he attracted a lot of attention from girls in the village but each time he tried to date one of them he ended up upsetting him with his carefree attitude. When he was around the age of 15 he was known around town by most people and almost everyone(minus the girls who he dated) loved to be in his cheerful prescence.

    Age 15 to Age 17: When he was almost 16 years old Jiyu was recommended to take the chuunin exams along with his teammates. They had been working together for 4 years now and they easily pushed past the first couple of exams. That is until they got to the final tournament(and final exam). In the tournament Jiyu was forced to fight one of his teammates in the first round and took her down using her weaknesses that he had discovered after being her teammate for so long. Jiyu in the next round had to fight his other teammate who knew all of his own techniques and weaknesses. This teammate was much better suited to counter him and did just that while fighting him. Jiyu had enough reserves to defeat his teammate but he already knew all of his strategies and didn’t have the interest to continue. He forfeited the match figuring he'd be too exhausted after the match to win the finals anyways. The judges determined that athough they believed he should have tried until the end that he would be promoted to chuunin due to his skill.

    Age 17 to Age 20: When Jiyu was 18, he was a chuunin and did various missions alongside other chuunin and jounin including an A rank mission against a very powerful raiton user. In this fight there was no one who had the ability to use wind chakra and they were outmatched but as the battle was coming to a close, Jiyu discovered his third element of wind and defeated the raiton shinobi. Because of this victory and his discovery of a third element he was promoted to become a jounin. He served as a jounin and did various B and A rank missions but was not given a squad of his own due to his age. When he turned 20 he decided to take a vacation and travel the world to discover who his parents were and where he came from.

    Age 20 to Age 21: Jiyu began to travel the world in search of answers on who he was and first traveled to Kumogakure because it was the most out of the way and in his travels he sparred against many raiton users, defeating many of them but losing occasionally to the few rare gems out there. He did not discover anything in Kumogakure so he traveled to Otogakure afterwards as it was the place closest by. He knew there wouldn’t be much on his parents or him since Otogakure was recently founded but he figured he was close enough to check. He then stopped by Iwagakure and found out his last name orginated from the Tsuchi no kuni. He started his research there and found out anything he could about anyone of that name. Eventually his research led him to a tomb of seemingly cult-like group of people. The tomb had records of their research and Jiyu discovered they were trying to perfect the art of Jinton. Realizing that he had the necessary elemental chakras to perform jinton techniques, he began to read what he though to be his family's work and begun to learn it. He traveled back to Konohagakure with this newfound knowledge and resumed his duties as a jounin.

    Age 21 to Present: Still working for Konoha and doing missions as a jounin, Jiyu has been practicing with Jinton techniques in his spare time although he isn't proficient at them yet since he had no official teacher to teach them to him. Jiyu's 22nd birthday has passed and since then he has been interested in leading a squad of genin. The perspective genin look interesting and Jiyu has been anxious to see what potentials they can unleash and wishes to help them reach there.

    RP Sample:


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    Jun Uchiha
    Jun Uchiha

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    PostSubject: Re: Jiyu Tsuno   Jiyu Tsuno EmptyTue Jun 11, 2013 7:06 am

    APPROVED! You get 5 Fate. Also, you get +50 for being a new member, but you do not get +50 for Jiyu because he is a brand new character. Now, have fun with your Jinton, Multi-Shadow Clones, and your Rasengan. Please add the second page of your app. I will then delete the unneeded posts here, and move your topic and lock it.


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    Jiyu Tsuno
    Jiyu Tsuno

    Posts : 40
    Join date : 2013-06-09
    Age : 26

    Character sheet
    Name: Jiyu Tsuno
    Elements: Katon, Doton, Fuuton, Jinton
    Fighting Styles:

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    PostSubject: Re: Jiyu Tsuno   Jiyu Tsuno EmptyTue Jun 11, 2013 1:11 pm

    Weapons and Equipment:

    2x kunai



    Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

    Jinton: Atom Dismantling Jutsu(Detachment of the Primitive World Technique)

    Katon: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu

    Katon: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

    Doton: Earth Spear

    Doton: Earth Style Wall

    Fuuton: Pressure Damage

    Fuuton: Godly Wind from the Mountains

    Yen: 15,000
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    PostSubject: Re: Jiyu Tsuno   Jiyu Tsuno Empty

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    Jiyu Tsuno
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