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PostSubject: Update Template   Update Template EmptyFri May 31, 2013 4:44 pm

The following is the template used for your updates. What are updates? Updates are basically upgrading your character, using the progress he or she has made in the RP, based on their accomplishments whether it was done in a mission, by training, a spar, etc. The template is pretty straight forward. Just fill it out, providing a link to your topic where you did said thing, and a md or admin will get to it ASAP. Once approved, the staff will update your character profile by adding in your stats, etc.

[b]Type of Update:[/b] Stat, Jutsu, Rank, Mission change, etc
[b]Unique Info:[/b] I.E if its a mission, what rank? If its a rank change, what rank are you going to. If its stats, what was your previous stats and how much are you adding? Etc etc
[b]Link to Completion:[/b] Provide the url to where you completed this change. If its a stat change, link us to your training. If its a mission link us to where you completed the mission.
[b]Link to Character Profile:[/b]

Note: When you fill out the form, just delete all that extra explanation text. It's just there to help you.


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Update Template
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