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 Uchiha Clan

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Uchiha Shinji
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PostSubject: Uchiha Clan   Fri May 17, 2013 8:42 pm

Name of Clan: Uchiha

Coat of Arms:

Custom or Canon? Canon - http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Uchiha_Clan

Country/Village of Origin: Hi no Kuni, and originally Konohagakure no Sato

Residing Country/Village: Tate no Kuni, Otogakure no Sato

Alliance: Positive

Clan History:

"Listen… In this world, whenever there is light, there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exist, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars and hatred is born to protect love." – Uchiha Madara
The Uchiha clan descended from the elder of the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths. The elder brother inherited the Sage's "eyes", powerful chakra and spiritual energies. When it came time for the Sage to choose a successor, he questioned the two on what course of action they would follow to bring order to the world. The elder believed that power was the way to bring peace, while the younger believed love was the way. The Sage favoured the ideal of the younger brother, and therefore designated the younger as his successor, causing the elder to be filled with jealousy and hate. From this hate came what Tobi calls the Curse of Hatred (憎しみの呪い, Nikushimi no Noroi). From the younger son descended the Senju clan who would be the eternal rivals of the Uchiha. However, the Uchiha suffered another more dangerous curse: a passionate love that can become a bottomless well of despair the moment the one they care for most is dead.

Before the founding of the ninja villages, the Uchiha were one of the many mercenary clans for hire. Because of their Sharingan as well as battle prowess, the Uchiha clan came to be known as one of the two strongest clans, the other being the Senju clan. Madara Uchiha was particularly powerful, and, upon attaining the Mangekyō Sharingan, took control of the clan. Under his leadership the Uchiha grew stronger, conquering whatever clans they came upon, such that, whenever the Uchiha clan was hired for a job, the opposing side would hire the Senju, and vice versa.

Some time before Konoha's founding, some members of the Uchiha clan began to willingly surrender, realising that they were outclassed by the Senju. The Senju later grew tired of the endless fighting, and approached the Uchiha clan with a peace treaty once again. Though rejected time and time before as Madara feared that an alliance would ruin the Uchiha, he willingly accepted after witnessing Hashirama's resolve. The two clans came together to form Konoha, with Hashirama Senju, leader of the Senju clan, being selected as Hokage. Madara believed that this was proof that the Uchiha would be made subservient to the Senju, but his clan saw this only as his attempt to rekindle the flames of war. They turned their backs on him, and he defected.

Following Madara's betrayal, having gone into hiding after faking his death in the battle against Hashirama, the Second Hokage Tobirama Senju gave the Uchiha control of the Konoha Military Police Force as a sign of trust. However, this was really just a way of keeping the Uchiha's emotions in check so the village would not end up with another Madara. Over the years, some Uchiha, such as Setsuna Uchiha, came to realise their ostracism and believed that they were being purposely kept out of Konoha's governing affairs. Though Setsuna and his followers tried to rebel against the village as Madara did, they found that it was too late to make a difference, as the Senju had already completely suppressed the Uchiha. Despite Tobirama's attempts, it only caused a greater rift between the Uchiha and the village. The matter grew worse when a young Obito Uchiha, presumed dead at the time, witnessed the death of Rin and become a follower of Madara's ideals.

Years later, after the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha, Konoha began to suspect that an Uchiha was behind the attack because of their ability to control the Nine-Tails with their Sharingan. Tobi stated that the clan was forced to live in a corner of the village, ostracised from the rest of the community, and placed under heavy surveillance. This gave birth to ill-will amongst the clan and the Uchiha interpreted this as confirmation of what Madara had warned them of years earlier, and began to plan overthrowing the village. Itachi disagreed with his father who was the then leader of the clan and militia Fugaku's coup d'état plan, and informed Konoha's leadership of what the Uchiha were up to. Shisui Uchiha, who had been told to keep an eye on his best friend Itachi also disagreed with the clan's plan and joined Itachi in his mission to put a stop to it. He attempted to used the ability of his Mangekyō Sharingan: Kotoamatsukami to stop them, but once again, Danzō, determined to protect the village the only way he saw possible, stole Shisui's right eye from him. After this, Shisui met with Itachi and saddened that he had failed to stop the clan, gave Itachi his left eye before Danzō came after it as well, telling him to protect the village and the name of the Uchiha. The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi who had disagreed with the treatment the Uchiha were receiving, tried to negotiate for a more peaceful solution, but as time passed and that strategy seemed to be getting them nowhere, Danzō took matters into his own hands and inveigled Itachi to commit the genocide with threat of his clan's actions creating another war and innocent children, such as his little brother, becoming a casualty.

Within one night, the entire clan was slaughtered with only one Uchiha left alive: Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke. Sasuke would spend the next few years trying to avenge their family by killing Itachi, something Itachi had planned from the very beginning. After accomplishing this goal, Sasuke learned of Tobi's existence. Tobi, who is in fact Obito Uchiha, another survivor of the clan who was also the one behind the Nine-Tails' attack, told Sasuke about the Uchiha's history and why Itachi had wiped out the Uchiha, prompting Sasuke, with Tobi's help, to resolve to destroy Konoha. Sasuke would later be shown the truth by Itachi himself after he was reincarnated.

That was in the past.

Most recently, the clan has undertaken several changes once again. The scene in Konohagakure no Sato had become bitter for the Uchiha, being used by the village’s underground organization ROOT to power a project to essentially use the Uchiha as machines for destruction, forcing the evolution of their eyes to the maximum by engineering false ‘friendships’ and then causing the unneeded party to an unfortunate end in front of the clan member. Among the first of these experiments was one Shinji Uchiha. The experiment went awry, with Shinji’s partner still falling prey to the ultimate plan. Once Shinji himself learned of the plan, however, he turned on them with a vengeance, destroying ROOT piece by piece and extricating himself from the village. When he returned, it was as a conqueror, challenging the clan leader of the time Keiri Okami, and stating that the latter had forsaken his name and thus his blood. In turn, his blood had forsaken him, and Shinji took the mantle of clan leadership from him, leading an exodus from Konohagakure no Sato and into the newly reformed Otogakure no Sato, where they now reside.

A small portion of the clan chose to remain in Konoha, unwilling to leave their roots. In the void that was left with the leader in Konoha gone, several vied for power, attempting to revive their clan within the confines of the village. Shinji was disdainful of the Konoha branch, but left them to their own devices – to rot, as he believed that everything in Konoha one day would. Thus, he offered no real help when they collapsed in on themselves, save to invite in those that were remaining – but only after they had asked for haven. Jun Uchiha had been the boy to destroy the rest of the dead weight and bring only true sons and daughters of the Uchiha to Otogakure, thus leaving the Konoha branch effectively destroyed.

Then, they thrived in the lands of Tate no Kuni, where under Shinji’s bold leadership prosperity and strength allowed them to protect their brethren, and those in the village, for a time. Konoha, however, did not actually simply bide its time. Once Keiri Okami recovered, he launched a counter-attack, sending ninja to strike at the clan in Otogakure no Sato, attacking the village itself by first acting as defectors and then, on a night when not even the moon showed its face, setting several explosive devices at important places including Shinji’s office and home. The boy’s previously undocumented ability with Sensory caught the intruders in time to save himself, but damage was done across the village. Otogakure burned that day, with several Uchiha dying in the blast. A cold, calculated hatred gripped Shinji’s heart as he felt the guilt of not being able to save his clansmen, of having not killed the Hokage when he’d had the chance. He did not rally to war, but instead began a solitary march to Konohagakure no Sato. Drawn in by the young man’s silent rage, the clan and those that sympathized joined, and soon, whether he wished for it or not, there was a full-on war between Otogakure and Konohagakure.

Shinji’s attack was much more direct and devastating than Konoha’s had been. Whereas the subtle precision and careful timing of Konohagakure had been incredibly well-executed and would have likely destined a lesser shinobi to meet the reaper, the Uchiha counter was mass destruction, indiscriminating in its slaughter – purposefully so. Shinji’s goal at this time was to destroy the village, so that there would be none left to take revenge. Finally finishing the job that he’d begun when he and his allies had attacked the first time, Shinji took Keiri in single combat, viciously eviscerating him before burning the body in the fires of Amaterasu. His sight turned to Konoha, then, his eyes still bloody, vengeance still sweet on the tip of his tongue. No strong shinobi were truly left to challenge him and his entourage. Inexplicably, however, he called the attack off. The sweet taste of revenge turned sour as he realized the people he was hurting now had no way of defending their self, and really had little to do with the attack on his own.

The war, however, lingered. Somewhat too late, as it were, one Nakago and whatever rabble he could raise managed to push off the occupying force and regain Konoha’s sovereignty. Shinji never personally engaged with the mysterious savior of Konoha – the time that Shinji decided to stomp flat the incessant insects once and for all, there was intervention in the form of his cousin and fellow war leader, Jun Uchiha. The boy had seen the death of comrades and the destruction of former beloved land and structure, and wished it to simply end. His voluntary imprisonment forced the two opposing armies to stand down, and while Jun was sentenced to death, Shinji did not simply eradicate the defenders of his former home. Konohagakure, too, seemed to cast aside its weapons in favor of peace.

For years did the clan consolidate its power, Jun on death row, until finally he was released by the same person he had previously been fighting, the former friend, then enemy, turned once again some kind of ally – Nakago Yaiba. Jun Uchiha was released when Nakago became the Hokage. He came home a hero, and Shinji welcomed him with relief and happiness. Even so, for the way that Jun was treated while imprisoned caused a knot of rage and regret in Shinji’s stomach to tighten even further, hidden beneath a surface of calm. Even so, out of respect for Jun and his sacrifice, he has kept the peace. For now.

Clan Leader Uchiha Shinji

Current Members:

Uchiha Shinji
Uchiha Jun

Member Positions:

Clan Leader – Uchiha Shinji
Advisor/Special Operations Commander – Uchiha Jun
Special Operative – OPEN
Special Operative – OPEN

Advisor/The Special Operations Commander – This position is important. It is a secondary position to clan head, and acts as clan head when the Leader is not available. They are also the primary Special Operations leader, acting as a Special Operative of the most senior variety. At any given time, only one Special Operations Commander is active, and leads a team of two others on missions that are specifically clan-related. They do not have this sort of power outside the clan, but can hold village-related positions of importance in their own right.

Special Operative – This position is also important. It involves one who is considered skilled enough to take on missions specifically for the Uchiha Clan. A prerequisite for this position is a three-tomoe Sharingan, and some heavy investment in the clan itself. These Operatives are generally paid to go on various missions for the clan, for the betterment of the clan. They are considered senior members of the clan and their opinion holds more weight than others when dealing with clan business.

The other positions are not special, but just having the name ‘Uchiha’ can put the weight of the clan behind one’s actions and requests, especially in Otogakure no Sato.

Elemental Affinity(s): Fire Release – Each and every Uchiha is gifted with Fire Release. Upon later evolution, the incredible Blaze Release is unlocked after sufficient mastery of Amaterasu.

Kekkei Genkei: Sharingan

Tomoe 1

At the first Tomoe of the Sharingan, your perceptive powers are increased. You can follow the movements of those that would otherwise be beyond your ability. At this level, there is not much that is special besides a pseudo-precognition and the ability to see chakra. Tomoe 1 allows you to track speeds of up to 23 higher than your own, and gives a precognition bonus of 5 to your Wisdom. 150 xp

Tomoe 2

With the evolution of Tomoe 2, the eyes have become more advanced in their ability to both track and now even instantly memorize and copy the techniques and movements of other shinobi. The eyes are now able to unravel Genjutsu, able to see through the illusion and break it. This ability is not strong yet, able to take on up to C-rank Genjutsu. If one has the Copy Jutsu ability (bought separately for the cost of a B-rank Technique) they can copy up to B-rank Taijutsu and Bukijutsu, and C-rank techniques. One can copy a technique for an elemental affinity they do not possess, but cannot perform it. If they later achieve access to that affinity, they can use that technique. Tomoe 2 allows you to track speeds of up to 35 higher than your own, and gives a precognition bonus of 10 to your Wisdom. 250 xp

Tomoe 3

This potent ability is the most common one among adults who have unlocked the Sharingan, being the final of the Tomoe and the most one can unleash under most normal circumstances. In this stage, Genjutsu cast through the Sharingan can wreak havoc on foes, made of the Uchiha’s whim if they have any ability in Genjutsu (at least 11 SkP in Genjutsu, and must buy Genjutsu: Sharingan for the cost of an A-rank technique). It can also now break Genjutsu up to A-rank. If one has the Copy Jutsu ability, they can copy techniques that are not Hiden or bloodline-specific of any rank, as long as it is susceptible to that ability. Tomoe 3 allows you to track speeds of up to 42 higher than your own, and gives a precognition bonus of 15 to your Wisdom. 500 xp

Mangekyo Sharingan

“If strength is born from heartbreak, then mountains our clan can move” – Uchiha Shinji

The Mangekyo Sharingan is a powerful ability that is unlocked when an Uchiha who has evolved their eyes to the maximum amount of Tomoe, and then experiences an incredibly disturbing event – something so traumatic as the loss of a deeply loved individual or similarly harsh scenario. The eye then evolves, changing its pattern so as to be unique to the individual, and far more powerful. Genjutsu: Sharingan when used by the Mangekyo is counted as a rank higher, and the Mangekyo is unaffected by Genjutsu up to S-rank, though powerful masters of Genjutsu that can use SS-rank techniques might still gain ground against it. These abilities take an additional 500 xp to master.

Additionally, born from the strong emotion tied to the evolution of the eyes are legendary techniques named from the Gods themselves. Sometimes, these techniques are unique to the Uchiha, such as Kotoamatsukami, or Kamui. Other times, however, they manifest as the strongest Ninjutsu, Amaterasu, the strongest Genjutsu, Tsukiyomi, and the incredibly powerful Susano’o.

Name: Amaterasu [God of The Sun]
Rank: -- [Unlock Mangekyou]
Range: Sight
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: Fire Release
Notation: Bloodline; Requires Mangekyou Sharingan
Uses: 20
Description: A technique from the old world, and drawn from the divine fires of Heaven's Plane, Amaterasu is said to be the strongest ninjutsu in existence. By merely focusing on a target, the Uchiha can summon a pitch black fire that devours light and heat itself. Amaterasu is birthed from the left eye, after forming the Tiger Seal, and is loosed upon whatever the eye is focused on, even energy-based attacks, burning for seven days and nights until the target is destroyed.
Amaterasu Levels:
• Level 1: 150 xp;
At Level 1, an Uchiha's eyes are beginning to adjust to the Mangekyou. However at this early stage they can learn to conjure, and extinguish their own fires--this creates intense pain in the eyes. But by learning to quell these flames they can save allies.
• Level 2: 200 xp;
With the second level achieved, an Uchiha can begin using their eyes to guide the flames towards the intended target. Remember that the flames are only as fast as the eye can move.
• Level 3: 250 xp:
At the third level, an Uchiha will have mastered their Amaterasu, and is fully capable of using rapid-fire shots of Amaterasu, quelling its fires, and using Blaze Release techniques if one is capable of gaining another element(See Shield of Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi in the wikia).

Drawbacks: Amaterasu creates strain on the eyes, and messes with its ability to perceive light if pitted against an opposing Fire Release technique-- Amaterasu will devour the heat and light particles. creating a visual disruption for both parties. It also has a nasty habit of devouring everything in its path, and can often consume the surrounding area (it burns even stone and melts it). As a result, Amaterasu releases tremendous heat, creating updrafts that change the weather, conjuring massive thunderclouds. Amaterasu, being a Fire Release can also be sealed via the correct Fuuinjutsu. Requires at least 11 SkP in Ninjutsu.

Name: Tsukuyomi [God of The Moon]
Rank: -- [Unlock Mangekyou]
Range: Sight
Type: Genjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Notation: Bloodline; Requires Mangekyou unlocked.
Uses: 20
Description: Noted historically as one of the most powerful genjutsu in existence. Tsukuyomi is loosed from the right eye, after the Uchiha unlocks his/her Mangekyou Sharingan, and immediately traps the enemy in a genjutsu, if eye contact is legally made for even an instant. The Uchiha can control all aspects of the illusion (mass, space, and time), depending on their skill with the technique.
Tsukuyomi Levels:
• Level 1: 100 xp | 6hrs; Spacial: limited, Mass: Limited; Paralysis
• Level 2: 150 xp/ | 12 hrs; Spacial: limited, Mass: Moderate; Trauma
• Level 3: 200 xp/ | 24 hrs; Spacial: Moderate, Mass: Moderate; Piercing wounds
• Level 4: 250 xp/ | 48 hrs; Spacial: Advanced, Mass: Advanced; Body destruction
• Level 5: 300 xp/ | 72 hrs; Spacial: Mastered, Mass: Mastered; Reality destruction

Drawbacks: Tsukuyomi is observed to be one of the more detrimental techniques; after use, depending on the exertion required the eyes will furiously try to readjust. This causes the eyes to twitch and rapidly shift focus on the surrounding environment. Depending on the intensity of the technique, it may require 2 posts to fully reorient the mind. Temporary color blindness, sensitivity to light, and increasingly blurred vision will also occur. Requires at least 11 SkP in Genjutsu

Name: Susano'o [God of Sea and Storms]
Rank: SS
Range: 0-50m (Mid), 0-100m (Far). Projectile Range: 500m+
Type: Unknown
Sub-type: Supplementary
Elemental Affinity: None
Notation: Bloodline; Requires Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi to be fully trained before using.
Description: The final Mangekyou Technique, requiring that both techniques be Mastered. Susano'o is both a sword and a shield, creating a powerful aura around the Uchiha in the shape of a Tengu warrior, wielding a sword and shield. Susano'o's appearance is determined by the Uchiha's Yin-Yang balance, thus every user's Susano'o is unique. Additionally, having obtained the Eternal Mangekyou, the user's Susano'o becomes two; conjoined along the spine to wield multiple ethereal weapons.

Susano'o is labeled as a spirit of the old world, and its powers are channeled through the Uchiha, requiring his/her life force and chakra to manifest and attack. A fully developed Susano'o can utilize "Yasaka Magatama" (A-rank for single projectile, or S-rank for multiples), a long-range assault, the "Totsuka Sword" (Held by Uchiha Shinji), and apply Blaze Release for "Shield of Amaterasu" (A-rank).
Susano'o Levels
• Level 1: 50 xp | IC Combat; Activation
With the first stage of Susano'o unlocked, the Uchiha can form the ethereal ribs of Susano'o as a defensive shield. Warding off physical and elemental strikes. Very few techniques can pierce this shield. Con Rating: 85, Strength: 50
• Level 2: 50 xp | IC Combat; Formation
The second stage is much larger, capable of using the skeletal arms as weapons to sweep away the enemy, physical attacks and ward off elements. With the second stage, the Susano'o begins to adopt the shade of the users internal emotions, and becomes unique in appearance, adopting tendons and muscle. Swords can be generated for stabbing and slashing attacks. Con Rating: 90, Strength: 60
• Level 3: 50 xp | IC Combat; Manifestation
With level three, the Uchiha can cloak their Susano'o in spiritual battle armor, and if they so please they can seek out the Totsuka Sword to further enhance the offensive powers of Susano'o. Being a spiritual weapon this can be equipped by the Susano'o with no problems. Con Rating: 100, Strength: 70
• Level 4: 50 xp| IC Combat; Realization
With the final level the Uchiha can freely shape the ethereal energy of Susano'o into their preferred weapon; this becomes Susano'o's default weapon, unless the Uchiha uses the Sword as well. With the Realization, an Uchiha has reached the pinnacle of their optical power, capable of killing dozens of enemies with a single sweep, and utilizing the Totsuka and Magatama techniques. Con Rating: 110, Strength: 85
• Level 5: 100 xp| IC Combat; Conjoined Gods
After obtaining the Eternal Mangekyou, the Susano'o of both sets of eyes are conjoined along the spine. Bearing two heads, legs, and four arms, the "Conjoined Gods" receive no additional stat boosts for making it this far. However, the wielder can use these Susano'o to form handseals, and augment the strength of their jutsu. They can wield weapons simultaneously, and cast other Susano'o related techniques. Lastly, because the holder of the Eternal Mangekyou has found "inextinguishable light", Susano'o no longer requires the life force of the user, and no longer taxes vision.
• Level 6: 500 xp | IC Combat; Perfect Susano’o
Only certain Uchiha in the history of the clan have ever achieved this, the final form of Susano’o. It consists of stabilizing the chakra in Susano’o, its form solidifying further and causing a powerful and terrifying force to enter the battlefield. Armor becomes more pronounced as the back arms protrude up more like heavenly wings, the Tengu mask of the ethereal warrior now fully accentuated. Adornments that were previously fluid and unclear become defined as pieces of armor and clothing, while its weapons remain sheathed, held by the back hands and wielded by the front. It should be noted that the gigantic warrior is now so solid as to not allow the Uchiha to rest inside it, protected – it is instead preferred by the user to ride on its head, or fight alongside it. It is said that a single swing of the sword can topple a mountain from this version of Susano’o. Con Rating: 160; Strength: 120, SS-rank Ninjutsu strength slashes of the sword.

Drawbacks: Susano'o drains the user's life force each time it must defend and attack. The current total Stamina of the user is the equivalent, in this case, to their life force and translates to how long they can maintain Susano'o. For example, if the user has 50 Stamina, he/she may only use Susano'o for 10 turns. In addition each turn it is out deteriorates the user's eyes in real IC time, and their overall health, draining 5% of their stamina, also Susano'o will deduct that percentage from their Stamina, permanently. Through training and medical attention this stamina can be recovered, in the long-run, it will force the Uchiha to seek out another pair of eyes. S rank activation.

Additionally, significantly powerful combinations of Elemental Ninjutsu of A-rank and higher have been demonstrated to smash through Susano'os defenses, as shown by the Tsuchikage Onoki, and Raikage Ae. Corrosive moves, from Lava and Boil release will disintegrate Susano'o over a number of turns due to the form suffering S rank damage each post while being corroded from the techniques. This will be elaborated on, as more weaknesses are shown in the Manga.

Exclusive Techniques:

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Release%3A_Great_Fire_Annihilation – S-rank

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Release:_Great_Fire_Destruction – S-rank

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Ephemeral - A-rank

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Uchiha_Return - S-rank

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Uchiha_Flame_Battle_Encampment - S-rank

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Demonic_Illusion%3A_Mirror_Heaven_and_Earth_Change – A-rank, Requires Sharingan Tomoe 3

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Demonic_Illusion:_Shackling_Stakes_Technique – A-rank, Requires Sharingan Tomoe 3

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Izanagi - SS-rank, Kinjutsu

http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Izanami - SS-rank, Kinjutsu

Additional Information:

Evolution to the Rin’negan may be added later, as more is revealed on that front in the manga, but for now it is considered unattainable.
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Uchiha Clan
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