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PostSubject: updates today...   updates today... EmptyFri May 17, 2013 11:35 am

*Finished making stat pools for the civilian ranks and the Village Elders. I also decided I will be leaving out the Daimyo position for now. I can include this later in the game, after our site has become active, or we can just omit the position, as I think it may give too much power. However, i am open to suggestions and ideas about this. Still though, Daimyo will not be added right now in any case. We should focus first on the Kages and their shinobi villages, and also people can make their civilian characters too if they'd wish.

*I also noted that jobs like Tokubetsu Jounin don't get a starting pool, because you have to earn these positions. Nukenin is a given. No one can start as a Nukenin. You either have to abandon your village or get cast out of it, for whatever you did.

*Finished the Character Rules and Guidelines Thread

*Edited the Character Template to include a category for Skill Points

*Added Wisdom back to the Stats. WHY? We want Wisdom! We will just need to figure out something slightly better than what we had there for TNRPG. I'll make a discussion topic for wisdom.


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