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 Birth of The Winter Lotus

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Ren Hyuga

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PostSubject: Birth of The Winter Lotus   Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:55 am

The sun had almost set on Mt. Shumisen. The wind was calm and chilly enough to wake someone. The sky was stuck in a game of tug of war between the sunset's orange glow and the dusk's dark blue hue. Ren laid on the same branch he occupied when him and Rivu met for training. He stared up at the sky to watch the beautiful collision of warm and cool colors. He gently patted his pockets.

Kunai, check. Shuriken, check. Snack, check. I'm all set. I definitely have everything. I practically tore apart my room to make sure I had everything. I hope I didn't leave anything behind. Where's the Tsuchikage?

Ren activated his byakugan and made a quick scan of the area. Upon finding nobody he turned off his byakugan and returned to waiting. He placed his hands under the back of his head and rested his right ankle on his raised knee.

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Birth of The Winter Lotus
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