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 Gates of Kirigakure

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Saiko Terumi
Saiko Terumi

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Name: Saiko Terumi
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Fighting Styles: Umm, lets see..I know Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui-jitsu, a bit of Shotokan Karate and I dabbled in Sumo at a young age :)

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PostSubject: Gates of Kirigakure   Gates of Kirigakure EmptyMon Aug 05, 2013 2:45 am

As Saiko and Kenshin continued their journey from the Mizukages Office, they came to the Gates of Kirigakure. The gates was a place that allowed people to enter or exit the village. Though it was as simple as coming and going, everyone and their mother had to check in or out of the village's check list to keep track of who came to the village and who left whether for missions or what ever the case may be. It was not something too difficult. Even someone who did not know how to read or write could do it so there were no excuses for not being able to sign in. The Chuunin guards did most of the work, all the visitors have to do is give them the appropriate information asked of them and sign their names where told to. Simple as that. Anyone refusing to sign would not be allowed into the village. Or if anyone decided the rules did not apply to them then they would be treated as trespassers and at least arrested and held for later judgment by the Mizukage.

The two people usually guarding the village gates were two kunoichi hand picked by the Mizukage himself, Saiko Terumi. They were picked as a duo for their outstanding team working abilities along with one being a phenomenal sensor style kunoichi. Megumi and Noriku were the names of the two 17 year old females in the team. Megumi was the taller of the two standing at a height of six foot even. She had lighter brown hair than Noriku, beautiful captivating light orange eyes, and known for her great proficiency with the Raiton element. Noriku was the more average sized kunoichi standing at a perfect five foot eight inches tall. She too had long brown hair but hers was of a much darker tone. A gorgeous set of deep sea blue eyes matched the kirigakure vest on her which also paired with the blue shirt she wore under the vest. She was known for her skills as a sensor shinobi as well with her great range with weapons. These two comic best friends sat here at the village and kept everyone safe of intruders, or were supposed to, every day. Though they had just began their duty as village guards, due to the fact that Saiko Terumi had just become the new Mizukage, one did and one did not enjoy being cooped up for the majority of their day but they made due of what they had.

Quote :


Walking closer to where the box was located, Saiko could hear bickering from within. Before he could see who it was that was in there, he remembered that he had just assigned new guards the other day. Megumi and Noriku, the two kunoichi who stood out in the previous chuunin exams and blew the rest of the competition away when they competed were well known throughout the village not just for that, but also as the Mizukages last set of training students he took on from the academy. The Terumi neared closer as he could finally make out the words coming from the box. "I wish you would cut that crap out already. Its getting on my last nerve!" Someone appeared to be infuriated and Saiko could tell just who it was. Not only did he recognize and distinguish the voices of the two kunoichi, but he could also tell by who was the antagonist and protagonist as always. "Don't be such a baby, I'm not hurting anything!" The other voice echoed back from within the station. Before he could even see either two, Saiko decided to speak. "Do you two ever stop fighting?" Suddenly all noise from within stopped for a moment. More bickering continued but in a much lower tone. He could tell they were talking among their selves about the voice they just heard. By this time Saiko came within seeing distance as he walked up to the table extending outwards with a white piece of paper resting on it, the check-in list. He walked up and rested his arms on the table leaning over looking at the girls.

"Oh Saiko-Sensei! We were just uhh.." Megumi was the first to speak up in a panic trying to hide or cover something up. "You idiot, hes the Mizukage now! You have to address him as Lord Mizukage dodo bird!" the other female barked. "I knew that! Hes still our sensei smarty pants!" Megumi retaliated. Saiko watched as the two continued to bicker at one another as he let out a sigh. He placed his hand on his forehead as he shook his head to the left then to the right as if he was stressing. He then postured back up and began to walk away not noticing if Kenshin was with him or not while the duo of kunoichi continued arguing with one another. "Just sign me and Kenshin out please." the Mizukage said as he continued his same pace out of the village in the same pace he walked to the gates in. He assumed that Kenshin would follow his trail and exit the gates with him.

◄ Exit ►


Strength: 35
Constitution: 50
Stamina: 40
Agility: 40
Dexterity: 25
Wisdom: 50

Combat Skills:
-Ninjutsu: 41
-Bukijutsu: 41
-Taijutsu: 43
-Genjutsu: 35
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Kenshin Sanada

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PostSubject: Re: Gates of Kirigakure   Gates of Kirigakure EmptyMon Aug 05, 2013 3:38 am

> Enter from Mizukage's Office >

Kenshin and Saiko made their way through the streets. It was a calm day for business. Little was going on in the markets, the children had chosen to stay inside or go somewhere else, etc. Whatever the case, it was a peaceful day, allowing Kenshin and Saiko free-reign converse to their heart's content. The conversation started with Saiko's fascinating tale of when he first encountered Kenshin's Cursed One transformation, years ago when Kenshin was only a Genin. Truly, it was a wonderful tale, although it brought wonder to Kenshin's mind. He found it odd that he had absolutely no recollection of that time, or any of the events in which Saiko described. It was a strange feeling, to have someone tell you about your actions that you were not even aware of.

After that, Kenshin questioned the location of their training grounds, realizing that sometime along the walk, he had begun to follow Saiko. This led Saiko to tell of the legendary land known as Toshikasa's Island. It was a magnificent place, only spoken of in rumor. Legend had it that the father of the Sage of the Six Paths even lived there in secret! Of course, that were only a rumor, so Kenshin had little reason to believe it. Although, rumors must have some truth, or else they would never start in the first place! Whatever the case, Toshikasa's Island would truly be a grand experience, one that Kenshin was looking forward to. It would be a valuable learning experience. After that talk, the two began to reminisce, seeing as they had quite the history together. Over years of adventures, they certainly had their share of stories to remember. The man who was nobody was a particularly fun tale they enjoyed remembering.

Soon enough, the duo reached the gates. Their arrival on the scene was met with the bickering of the two gate guards. At Saiko's intervention, they hushed down a little, although they still bickered amongst themselves. What Kenshin had heard really didn't seem to be too important, so he tuned out on the words. Saiko was the Mizukage, so he was sure that Saiko could handle all the talking. In the meantime, Kenshin took the moment to examine the two guards. He recognized them as Megumi and Noriku, Saiko's latest batch of students he took on. While Kenshin knew of them and could recognize them from his connection with Saiko, this was the first time actually seeing them up close. And so, Kenshin took a look at their appearance. Megumi was a decent girl, perhaps a 5/10. Something about her face scared Kenshin a little, but he didn't let it bother him. Not everyone could have a beautiful face-- like her!

Yes, her! Noriku! When Kenshin's eyes caught wind of Noriku, it was as if Megumi's presence was swept away by the tides of beauty. Noriku was blessed with captivating sea blue eyes, giving of a sweet facial appearance. Now, maybe that's a little exaggerated, but when compared to a face that Kenshin was not particularly found of, it heightened the beauty of it slightly. In any case, Noriku was definitely a cute girl, with an additional plus. She was in possession of two grand watermelons. Hers were definitely out of the ordinary, a real set that any would be proud of. Surely she had inherited the genes of a woman who was a master of raising crops to be big and ripe. Her watermelons seemed to blow the melons and grapefruits of others clear out of the crop field. Although, one could wonder if she was giving her watermelons enough sunlight. The key to fine crops is sunlight. If they were not let out, but rather cramped within the confines of a cover, they would not be top-quality.

These thoughts ran through Kenshin's head until he snapped back into reality the moment Saiko took a step away from the guard box. Kenshin quickly followed suit, acting fast to make it appear as though he had not been lost in thought. He waited a moment, until they were out of the guard's earshot before commenting, "Noriku is quite the cute girl. Why haven't you introduced me yet?" Kenshin let out a little chuckle, letting Saiko know he was joking around.

> Exit >

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Gates of Kirigakure
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