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 Yuki Clan (WIP)

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Yuki Clan

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PostSubject: Yuki Clan (WIP)   Yuki Clan (WIP) EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 11:50 pm

Name of Clan: This is the name of your clan, ie Inuzuka

Coat of Arms: This is the symbol your clan wears, IF they have one. You can either describe how it looks or post a picture of it.

Custom or Canon? Is your clan your own custom clan, or is it canon from the manga? If it is canon, please state Canon, and also provide a reference link to Naruto Wiki.

Country/Village of Origin: This is the country your clan is from, and the village. ie- Hi no Kuni/Konohagakure no Sato

Residing Country/Village: This is where your clan is right now. If it is the same as the Country/Village of Origin, then indicate Same As Above, otherwise list their new country/village

Alliance: How good of a bond does your clan have with the village and or country? Is it Positive, Negative, or Neutral to the government of the village?

Clan History: (3-6 Paragraph minimum) This is a story that tells about your clan's origins and how they came to be, how they developed what unique skills (KKG) makes them a clan, and a bit about their lives over time, and how they are doing now. Be creative and descriptive, and have fun! Make this exciting!

Clan Leader This is YOU. If you are filling out this application, YOU are the clan leader, and if this app is approved, you will be in charge of managing your clan's members, their special missions and assignments, making sure they keep active, and all other such activity pertaining to YOUR clan.

Current Members: This is a list of clan members, which can be updated as characters are approved and accepted into your clan by you, the clan leader. The Leader will ofcourse be on top, and the rest will follow down the list. THE MEMBER CUT OFF NUMBER FOR CLANS IS 10. Once 10 members have been placed, if any become inactive for too long, they can be taken off of the member sheet. It will be up to Administration if they wish to increase the amount of acceptable members for clans.

Member Positions: These are special positions that the clan leader can name as he/she deems fit and assign their members to. This is like holding a special place in office, or having a specific duty. You can even place special descriptions for these positions.

Elemental Affinity(s): Water, Wind, Ice

Kekkei Genkei: This is the unique type of ability or technique your clan has, that no one else can have but members of your clan. Whether it's a combined element, a doujutsu, or something special about your body structure, or even your sense of smell, hearing, etc, this ability is only found in the DNA of this clan, and the only way outsiders can gain it is to have a transplant.

Please be sure to make all the details of how your KKG works, and add a training system for it, if needed.

NOTES: Make it so you gain ice ability after some sort of tragedy.

Exclusive Techniques: These are YOUR CLAN's signature jutsu. ie- Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Technique is a jutsu that was created by the Uchiha Clan, and an Uchiha must learn this jutsu in order to be considered an adult amongst the clan. It is also one of the most powerful Fire Release jutsu, as the Uchiha Clan possess the Most Powerful Fire Release.

Additional Information: Any additional information you wish to add.
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Yuki Clan (WIP)
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