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 Yenny T's Return. Complete

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PostSubject: Yenny T's Return. Complete    Yenny T's Return. Complete  EmptySat Jul 20, 2013 9:47 pm

Name: Yen'maru Takayuki

Age 16

Gender: M

Race: MUTHA FUCKIN' Shinobi

Birthday: January 13

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 85 kgs

Eye Color/Shape: Brown, Oval

Hair Color/Style: Short, Nappy

Skin Tone/Build: Brown, Athletic

Unique Features: Diamond tat on his forehead

Written Description: Well first and foremost Yen is a nigga. He dons a tan classic Trayvon Martin hoody that covers most of his head. Underneath his mouth is covered with a black latex mask(you can imagine what its for.) Underneath is a slightly darker brown shirt with a turtle neck collar. Yen's arms are wrapped in white bandages mainly to hide his ashy elbows. Yen wears a black belt around his waist and a tanish sash thingy around that. No sagging round this way, ninjas can't be worrying about their pants falling down when their running from village officials. Yen's pants are baggy and a darker shade of brown than his undershirt. His legs are also covered in bandages... boy them ankles could start a forest fire! Good think Kiri has none. Yen wears open toed sandles, and I dare you to make fun of his toes.

Picture(s):Yenny T's Return. Complete  Heironewavy

Faceclaim?:My nigga Saiko

Personality; Pride Due to Yen's small staure he was constantly picked on as a child, thus causing him to lash out, ususally to littla avail due to him being phhysically weaker than his bullies. Yen however was and is way to prideful to let that stop him. He eventually trained in the arts of ninjutsu and became the prodigal suiton master at a very young age. Though unlike most, his newfound abilities didnt humble him, instead he became what created him. He became a prideful, self abosrbed jerk who loved to elicit and aggitate peoples weaknesses. He was an asshole to everyone who he deemed weaker. Always boasting and bragging about how powerful he was and his perfect mission completion record. Yen loves to be the center of attention and absolutely hates not getting the credit that he deserves. Though often tagged with a negative connotation, Yen's pride is often what keeps him at a 100% success rate when it comes to completing tasks. However, many people including the mizukage have recentally started avoiding giving him missions due to all of the complaints that comes back with his mission completion. Yen'maru's response to this of course is that "They're just jealous of my power" which has started to become his catch phrase lately.
Wrath: So far Yen hasn’t shown too much of this seven deadly sin, at least not outside of battle. He does sometimes have the tendency to go overboard in "friendly spars" however its nothing too serious. In battle however, Yen's wrath is escalated to a whole nother degree. He shows absolutely no emotions or mercy. Gladly taking on assassination missions whether his target be an old man or a infant baby. Yen loves the rush of a good kill especially if his opponent was on par or even stronger than himself. Yen'maru is apathetic when it comes to his opponents begging for mercy.
Overall: Overall Yen is a grade A asshole who really doesn't give a fuck about no ones couhes and can actually be quite the jokester when hanging round his friends or those who he deems as cool. Albeit the only people that Yen deems as cool are those who can beat him in a fight. He also hates vain people and despises when people call him a pretty boy, which is due to him completing his missions scratch free, which is also a testament to his skill out in the field. Yen also despises anyone associated with the hidden leaf village because of what they did to his mother.

Likes: Not having to do Applications. OR  the fact that not being in a clan isn't respected more (B.s) Being a smartass. Not giving a fuck.
Dislikes: Questions, Applications, Giving a fuck, Work, Kids

Nindo: Doing what he wants

Catch Phrase Fuck off.

Place of Birth: Kiri

Resident of: Kirigakure

Class: Upper Class Shinobi(happy >.>)

Rank: Chuunin

Job: Ninja

Title: Poseidon

Element(s): Suiton

Combat Skills(s):
Ninjutsu: 41
Iryojutsu: 24

Strength: 10
Constitution: 10
Stamina: 50
Agility: 20
Dexterity: 50
Wisdom: 10

Clan/Bloodline: None

Special Abilities:
*Starts with Suiton 1 rank higher than his own
*Suitons are powered up by 1 rank
*Suitons cost the chakra of 1 rank less

* Doesn't start with his 4th element
* Or 3rd
* OR 2nd.

Family Members: None Important

Backstory: Pre academy: Yen grew up in a pretty wealthy household. His father was a puppet craftsmen and a fisherman and his mother was a jounin well known throughout the village. Small in stature and not really caring to become a ninja Yen focused on puppet making like his father. However after being sent on a recon mission to a foreign village Yen's mother was killed in combat taking a big chunk from their familiy's paycheck. Just him, his 3yr old brother, and his poor father who stopped making puppets because they reminded him of the happy times when his wife was still alive, Yen decided that in order to bring the wealth back to his family and seek out revenge for his mother the best course of action would be to enter the ninja academy, and so he did.
The Academy days: When Yen'maru entered the ninja academy he was very shy and generally stayed to himself, this along with his small frame caused him to be the easiest and more viable target for bullies. Never really excelling in any particular style people had already counted Yen out, saying that "he would never amount to anything" and that he wasnt "half the ninja his mother was at that age." and that he would end up like his poor father who couldnt make it out of the ninja academy. Yen however refused to quit and simply used those words as motivation and promised that he would be better than those who mocked him. Shortly after, he graduated from the ninja academy and became genin rank.
Genin arc/Chuunin arc: After being promoted to genin, Yen's training regime became more and more intense. He was placed on the team with both of the kids who bullied him as a child. This was perfect, Yen used his hate and anger to help him surpass both of them and most of the other genin who came out of the academy with him. Eventually learning that he had the elemental affinity for suiton, he trained day in and day out trying to master his first element and what he would soon find out to be the only element that he could learn. Not letting that hinder him, Yen became the top suiton user in the hidden mist village even earning the nickname Poseidon. Though a ninjutsu genius, espicially with the suiton element, Yen has not strayed from his love of Kugutsu and has even incorporated it into his fighting style. known as the Blue secret techique. (which I will create later.) After easily passing the chuunin exams at the age of 13 Yen was placed under review by the jounin council to be promoted to jounin, however due to his "immaturity" he was not selected. Now 16 years old Yen has taken enumerating amounts of missions, all of which he has successfully completed.

RP Sample:
Old LR rp sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Yenny T's Return. Complete    Yenny T's Return. Complete  EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 3:53 am

Can you add a bit more to his written description please.
His likes need to be at least five.
His class should be "Shinobi".
And just put N/A where the job is.
The rest looks fine

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PostSubject: Re: Yenny T's Return. Complete    Yenny T's Return. Complete  EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 8:57 am

lol, he's all hyped up. Go for it, man! XD glad to have you aboard.


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PostSubject: Re: Yenny T's Return. Complete    Yenny T's Return. Complete  Empty

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Yenny T's Return. Complete
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