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 Daizai Sabaku

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PostSubject: Daizai Sabaku    Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:17 pm

Name: Daizai Sabaku

Age 53

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthday: 13th of August

Zodiac Signs: Western – Leo: The Zodiac commonly stands for pride and leadership. They are trend setters, ruling with their hearts being charismatic and positive in life, however once hurt they turn away without a second thought.
                                   Eastern – Dragon: The Chinese Zodiac that stands for wisdom. The Dragon is regarded as one of the two most powerful of the Chinese Zodiacs, associated with good fortune, charisma and spirituality to name a few.

Height: 191cm

Weight:  85 kg

Eye Color/Shape:  Dark green with brown flecks/ Roundish-almond

Hair Color/Style:  Short and brown Daizai’s hair seemingly defies gravity by an inch in a solid block of hair. He has Side burns that come all the way down to the corner of his jaw, and a beard that forms a sinister “W” on his chin coming up past his mouth to form a faint moustache.

Skin Tone/Build:
Well tanned natural looking skin/ bulky, not overly muscled but seemingly big
Unique Features:
White scars all over his body, some crosses and others just lines. The most noticeable of these is the cross on the left side of his forehead part of the cross coming down over his left eye, and another cut over his right.

Written Description:

Wide shoulders combined with his already tall stature, leaves Daizai with an imposing figure. Whilst not considered a mountain of a man, his age and gruff look sets him as a man not to be trifled with. Face and any exposed body parts with deep scars all over his body, white against his tanned skin. His face has deep set wrinkles where his face usually takes an unimpressed scowl. A strong jaw is a good canvas for his facial hair, but does not just out too far from his face allowing for his strong features to show on his face. The older man’s nose is quite large, jutting from his face, rounded and turned slightly up as if he is always wrinkling it back in disgust.

The choice of clothing seems a bit much for one who lives in a desert. Khaki robes hang loosely on his form with a black cloth lining crossing diagonally at his chest and ending into a belt made up of several coils of rope to pull the robe in to his form. This pulling in doesn’t make him look thin, the amount it pulls in shows that even with the loose robes his form takes up most of the clothing. To add to his bulky attire he also dons a large white cloak, draping it over his shoulders with a high collar which he likes to keep propped up. In-between that collar he wears a large cream coloured scarf common to desert travellers making a sort of neck piece. There is also another coil of ropes around his right arm, identical material to that he has around his waist. Lengthy sleeves of his robes and the cloak around his shoulders easily allows him to cover his arms and body when required. He also is rarely without his long knotted staff, that comes up to the middle of his chest. It is made of oak, and is well looked after as it does not have the same scars as his body carries.



Daizai gives off an aura of displeasure wherever he goes. The world must bend to him or crash against his unmoving will. Whilst he has lived long enough to realise that change is a must, the change that Daizai wishes for is the one the he devises, past experience has dictated that he must grasp life and shape it to his will. With this belief he has come to believe himself as a step above most others. He is not arrogant in these thoughts, but he has accumulated a large amount of pride in his own skills and with that confidence that he can shift the world’s beliefs and even its physical shape. He very rarely would allow someone to insult him if they truly meant it. Meaning if a mere child were to insult he may teach laugh it away or tell them off. However if they persist he will have to warn them quickly needing to punish them and teach them a lesson. Whilst he is not a violent man most of the time he is not averse to resorting to it if he feels the need to, when it comes to taking another’s life he is not keen on doing so. Those who he believes to be unchangeable in their ways he would make sure to give them at least one chance to do so before deciding to eliminate them for the sake of the world to come. If not pushed into a corner in a fight he will generally beat his opponent into submission to let them learn from their defeat. Daizai also enjoys being a little eccentric every now and then, using far too much to solve a little issue or make a random decision, this is unlikely to be a violent thing.

Day to day dealings with ninja he can come across as quite a gruff person. He pretends like he has little time for those of “Little” importance and this façade of business takes hold most of the time. However he does deeply care for his village and its people though he may not outwardly show it often. As such he has been seen to pass a few jokes to his younger citizens of Suna, far less to foreign potentially enemy ninja, where he would display his authority at all times. To those of a similar age to himself he is more inclined to be a little more lenient to someone stuck in their ways as he is. He is unlikely to make long term friends due to his unbending will and harsh methods of wanting to succeed, however once in a while there will be a ninja who impresses him and through that he allows them a chance. With this chance he allows himself to warm to them, losing some of the normal gruffness and showing the kindness he is capable of. Betray this trust and he will disown you with no hesitation.

As a man born as a dragon he fills his moments with wisdom. He has managed to live to an age which so few ninja could hope to reach, and he isn’t even old yet.  This has allowed him a way of speaking that can often be condescending, but this is because of how much he has experienced in his life. Also he enjoys using sayings made famous throughout the years. It is one of his joys improving other people, shaping the world to him takes many forms. Teaching people is another way for him to forge the world into a better place, with each lesson a crack in the shell which contains a better place for everyone to live in. Other than that he just enjoys feeling superior to people who have yet to earn his respect. He felt he has earned the right to feel and act a little better than people given his goal for the world and the power he has worked for. His spirituality from his dragon birth sign is his belief, people who strengthen their resolve and allow their spirit to flow out it becomes a force to act within the world. Generally a thought like that would seem silly to him, but he has noticed that the world responds to people who do things, and by wanting it very hard it will happen, each and every time he has observed this it has added to his belief that it must be true. He also wonders how strong the sun actually is, respecting it in a non-humane way, similar to how people notice the ebb and flow of nature Daizai feels that all of the power emanates from the sun since he is that much in tune with it. The Leo’s life time wish is to become a star, and part of that has become literal in Daizai’s mind, the world has yet to understand outside of the world they are confined in so the old ninja would one day like to be one of or part of one. Again this side of him is not normally seen because of the harsh exterior he has, a tough nut to crack. The only thing he often shows emotion towards is his country of wind, its sandy landscape and the village he calls home. The inhabitants are expendable only if he deems it necessary but he will do all he can to make his village the centre of power as he changes the world.


  • The Land of Wind and all it holds.
  • Favourable change
  • Teaching
  • Feeling powerful and proving it
  • Likes to give a show
  • Sculpting
  • The sun


  • Unchanging people
  • Brats
  • Drinking
  • Lands of Water because of the wetness
  • Iwagakure

Nindo: In a world with everything broken, I will pick up the pieces, I will  forge it anew.

Catch Phrase
(Not yet)

Place of Birth:
Kaze no Kuni, in a small trading outpost deeper into the desert.

Resident of:




Ghost of the Desert

Wind release
Earth release
Sand release
Fire release

Combat Skills(s):
Ninjutsu: 43
Sensory: 50
Fuuinjutsu: 31
Iryojutsu: 31

*Strength: 20
*Constitution: 40
*Stamina: 50
*Dexterity: 50
*Wisdom:  50

Sabaku clan: Sand release

Special Abilities:
[Major] – Clan leader: Possess all stages of the Sabaku bloodline.
[Major] – Chakra powerhouse: Stamina is easier for Daizai to gain, halving the EXP cost
[Major] – With age comes: Wisdom is easier for Daizai to earn, halving the EXP cost

[Major] – Sand release weakness water release hits harder by a rank as it clogs up the sand making it harder to manipulate.
[Major] – Unmoving: Agility takes 50% more EXP to train
[Major] – Daizai has not taken another element and cannot due to his dedication to his clan techniques, leaving him with Earth, Wind, Fire and Sand.

Family Members:
[No NPC family they have all been lost, PC will have to be done later, first Suna nin/Sabaku]

Born in a village surrounding an oasis deep into the desert, Daizai’s childhood was interesting. Water being a scarce resource, and no watering holes to be found anywhere near made his village a very prosperous place to live. Traders, travellers even ninja would be forced to make stops in his home village so there were always new people to see and talk to. In the small village were his aunt and uncle, not members of the Sabaku clan, they were simply shop owners. The reason for his being raised by them was at birth his mother passed away, she had never been a physically strong woman and giving birth proved too much for her. His father was a ninja, he couldn’t be responsible for a baby boy when he was dedicated to the village so his sister in-law took him in to give him a child-hood he deserved. So from his baby years until six he grew up in a fun village. His early life was playing football and hide-‘n-seek, though the children that passed through with their travels called it “ninja”. There were very few children who lived in his home village but plenty of traveling families brought their children with them. This didn’t allow him to make any long term friends but he didn’t need any, it’s just how things were people coming and going. Sometimes his uncle would allow him to walk around the water pool of the oasis to meet all of the new travellers, obviously water being their first stop.

He used to walk around to everyone saying “Daddy is a ninja!” really proud of his dad’s job, though it was not always met with such enthusiasm. So his uncle decided to stop him from going there, and always made sure to stop Daizai from making trouble for himself and the other villagers. But one night a group of thuggish people, each with a weapon of choice came into town. Obviously the whole village was wary of them, giving them plenty of space, letting them drink their fill of water and buy their wares so as not to start any trouble. However it was that night Daizai decided to sneak out and walk around the oasis. He mentioned to one of the men about his father’s profession, they were none too happy about it. One of them grabbed Daizai and he screamed out. Being a small village it was heard, and Daizai’s uncle was first on scene, diving recklessly at the man who held Daizai by the scruff of his neck. His uncle Kano was cut down; the poor man stood no chance. And his death started a chain of killings, the red mist descended on the bandits and they worked their way through the village. Daizai was let go in the act of Kano’s death and he ran tear filled to his aunt. It was only a matter of time until the men arrived at her door and took her life, again right in front of Daizai’s eyes. These men chased the boy out of his house and eventually surrounded him. As the man who killed his aunt swung his sword at Daizai the only thing that he did was scream, “NO”, not very imaginative but at his unknowing command, sand all around him swirled defensively, knocking the man away and forming a sphere impenetrable by the attackers. Daizai stayed in this sphere until the sand started to move away, and when it did the eyes of his father were upon him.

Academy years:
Daizai was brought back to Sunagakure, the village was given an occupied shinobi force to allow for more people to move in and give an outpost to stop those bandits if they attacked again. Learning about this Daizai was placed into the Academy, his sand abilities made him a useful part of the Sabaku clan and his father wanted to put him to use. Added to that Daizai never wanted to be as helpless as he was on that night. So he began to attend the academy, living with his father, in his apartment, where Dai would sometimes get extra help when Akira (his dad), was back from a mission. The ninja arts came to the young boy easily, ninjutsu being his forte. Until the day he was tested for sensory abilities which he took to as if he’d been doing it for years. Making friends however just didn’t happen for him, even though Leos are supposed to be charismatic, Daizai rarely ever struck up a conversation with people, he was so engrossed in his studying and reliving the memory of his village dying. He seemed more like a Zombie than anything, walking from place to place, before absorbing and using some information, it didn’t seem natural. That was until his father observed him doing it, he had been given vacation days and wanted to see how Daizai was doing. A quick backhand to his son’s face and a heart to heart shifted Daizai’s priorities; he began to make some friends. Two close friends in a few weeks, as he taught them how to use the basic ninjutsu better, and they in turn tried to help him with all of the other disciplines, thought he had no aptitude for them. Daizai would go on to pass his genin exams with a pre-made team, he began to learn styles that were rarely if at all taught in the academy, sensory and fuuinjutsu with a little medical added in, his skill with ninjutsu was mainly with his clan jutsu but it was innate him being good.

With their team they were assigned a Jounin sensei who specialised in weapons. His team-mates liked to use genjutsu and Taijutsu and together they made quite a combination. Though in the first year of their team tempers were high, doing multiple D-rank missions frustrated them all, the amount of these they had to do before they were even allowed to take a C-rank. Chasing cats, delivering post, repairing fences and carrying things from point A to B, just wasn’t exciting enough to form a true bond. So their sensei started to get lax on their training leaving the three boys of the team to train themselves, and there is only so far one can get by teaching themselves. So the boys began to get complacent, seeing other people begin to get better than them, their efforts wasted and D-rank pay is not very much to go by on.

Daizai never let up though, every day he could be found in the dunes of Suna, or a free training ground, shifting his sands back and forth. Or he could be found sitting atop a building, pinpointing specific targets in a crowd on the busy streets, making his sensory skill even better than it was before.  His devotion to his skills as a ninja were bordering on unhealthy but his father approved. One day he was training in the desert and his team came out to meet him. They had been issued a C-rank mission and in their eagerness to go they had decided to pick up Daizai’s things for him and get on with is as soon as possible. The three young boys were buzzing; C-ranks though not necessarily difficult had an element for danger, as well as getting to leave the village. It was Daizai’s first time getting this far from the village since arriving seven years ago, and it was a mission to escort a supply train back to his home village, the kage at the time thought it would be a good healing process for the young boy. It was a good choice for a first C-rank because it was internal to the country and deeper into it, less foreign ninja to be found there. The journey was uneventful; there isn’t much to do in a desert other than walk and talk. Though it began to repair the team’s degraded connections, even their Jounin sensei began to loosen up, the fresh desert air letting them all feel free again. Stopping by multiple watering holes to let their pack animals rest their journey took just about a week. As they arrived Daizai broke ahead of the group to find that the ninja stationed there had also been killed, littered around the area were bodies of bandits who had in the end managed to take the ninja’s lives and flee. They had not gotten far, he could feel them in the distance and his sand responded to his hate. Swirling around him it carried him after the murderers; he flew at them catching up to them as a sand storm, his hatred causing the sand to catch them picking them all up to display them in front of him. Daizai inspected all of them men, giving them all a cold look recognising them all as the killers of his whole village, and then he crushed them blacking out from the trauma. His team caught up with him, shocked by the scenes of blood their Jounin sensei made them look away, sealing the bodies to the young teens couldn’t see any more. Carrying Daizai they then decided to take the supplies back to Suna. The team was unsure what to make of him, he had never seemed that rage filled and killing all of those men in an instant was something to worry about. All of them kept a wary eye on Daizai who on the outside seemed fine with what he had done, carrying on missions more often and still training almost as if nothing had happened. But something had stirred within him; his power had been undeniable in that moment and he had stopped any future problems being caused by these men. Now that he had tapped into this potential, the feeling of ending things prematurely and presenting a whole new path, niggled him in the back of his head, it wanted to be in the forefront of his thoughts. Nothing that violent happened throughout the rest of his being a genin, there were casualties on other C-rank missions and more dreaded D-ranks. The new Daizai was well aware of the change in feelings his team mates had for him, he couldn’t understand why, in the moment it had felt so natural but he couldn’t talk to them about it and so they were a team for the sake of being a team.

Chuunin-Spec Jounin –
Daizai was promoted to Chuunin at the age of seventeen. He never got to take part in the Chuunin exams though, being promoted by his kage by being recognised as an upcoming powerhouse. However the underlying reason was that the Sabaku clan was and had been at odds with Iwagakure for many years, displaying a member with such a grasp of their sand would almost be a challenge to the nation. So the Kazekage wanted to keep Daizai as safe as possible until he could hold his own, keeping the Sabaku bloodline safe. There were other active members of the clan in the village, his father being one, the clan leader being an elderly man of about seventy years, several other Jounin but Dai was the only genin at this time. So his promotion was used to keep him out of the public eye. He was allowed to leave the village on missions of course but the Chuunin exams are mainly used to show military power, and Daizai’s personality was not one to hold back when demonstrating his power. As well as taking charge of missions he was taken aside with the clan leader to be trained. He was not receiving special attention but the leader saw something in Daizai, a drive which he had never witnessed before, the sand moved to his will it almost scared the leader. So by teaching him, the leader hoped that he could channel the drive. The still young Daizai wasn’t so easily affected his path was set in stone though he let no-one know it, hoarding power was a common goal, but the reason for it differed between the person. He had not told anyone the reason why he trained so hard, but it never looked to be for sinister reasons by onlookers so they merely shrugged it off. He carried on like this for three years, training with the clan leader, going on missions sometimes leading his old team mates from time to time as well as other people from his class at the academy. They managed to become Chuunin a year after Daizai, going to the exams which he went to watch, though he never told them but he was not impressed with the display from his own village. They were good for Chuunin level ninja but the ninja from the other villages interested him, each and every one of them were unique in the sense of their techniques, the world held so many opportunities to test himself.

Being 20 he was given the Special Jounin status, being extremely well versed in ninjutsu as well as sensory. This kept him in the village more often as a teacher, making friends along the way. He realised that he had never gotten attached or made any form of true friend in twenty years. As a child they had all been passing and through his being a Genin and Chuunin he had been wrapped up in training himself. But with this higher rank he was made to teach in the academy three days a week and was assigned as a private tutor to some of the younger ninja another three days a week. Whilst at first he thought this would get in his way, being a waste of time. He quickly warmed to the idea of bettering other people. He was very good at raising people’s stamina, specifically their chakra pools, being a monster in his own right. He spent six years doing this content in being able to change the world in this way by taking impressionable ninja and shaping them how he saw fit; to do what he felt was good in the world. He also got to be an influential member in the Sabaku clan, though not a full Jounin he ended up as a part of the upper seats of the clan at only 24 years. His being kept at special Jounin for so long had nothing to do with his skills, by this point they far surpassed most Jounin, but he was such a good teacher. He was also raising the younger Sabaku clan members to a level no-one could have them reach in years of training, his way of explaining the usage of the sand was unlike any other member could, no matter how hard they tried to copy him. It also gave him the opportunity to makes some friends, the first he ever had, and he cherished them, until it re-introduced him to the concept of loss.

Jounin –
At the age of 26 Daizai was promoted to Jounin, he had given up his teaching schedule for the past 4 months and this promotion was the only way the Kazekage could get him back into action. A friend of Daizai’s had died in his arms after being back from a mission, an ambush. The months after that were spent in silence, those who tried to console him were met with a piercing glare, he would gently hit anyone who persisted. His rank up practically forced him into missions, which he gladly accepted using the time to not gain instant revenge like he had in the past, but to cripple maim and ruin the lives of those responsible. He began to be known as “The Ghost of the Desert”, appearing from nowhere, sand flying all over the place nearly completely silent and embrace the victims who had wronged his friend. To see Daizai in this stage of his life was horrifying, even for his allies, and soon an intervention was had, his father and the Kazekage both left the village to meet him, their combines efforts managed to exhaust him so they would stop him on his destructive path. Back in the village they managed to console the vengeful Daizai, Getting him back to constructive tasks first teaching again under surveillance and then back onto C-ranked missions climbing up to B-ranked and further. He still retained his title, as when violence was called for he was known to be pretty ruthless when capturing his targets, teaching them a lesson they would never forget.

At the age of thirty, the Kazekage died whilst taking on a rather perilous mission. A debate on who would become the next kage was held, Daizai attended it shooting down all arguments against his, what he called “Ascendance”.  Within the day he was to be named the new Kazekage, the new hat atop his head.

Kage –
With the new powers Daizai set out to become a man of the people. He changed the schooling system of Suna, his new ninja would be cultivated and made into tools though with free will for the betterment of his plan. Being in a position to change things, he took a hands-on approach to how the village ran day to day and even regularly took missions. The kage himself would even take up D-rank missions, many at a time so that younger teams could take on more challenging missions if they were ready for it. The villagers loved him for it, a kage doing trivial tasks at very little effort to him, and the whole of Suna ran like it had been recently oiled. People were happy, and because of that they were willing to give back, and what they gave was a little of their room. Suna was militarised, not in an obvious way but Dai made sure to rigorously train each of his ninja, even personally at times. He cared for the village a lot, being in charge of it let him see it as a whole, and knowing it in parts as well further strengthened his bond with the village. And through his love for the village hidden in sand, so did his love for his country bathed in sand and sun. He traversed the whole of the land of wind, familiarising himself with every nook and cranny, his domain and its borders. The lines which separated his country also showed where his strength’s domain was. Daizai recognised that his power was not at its fullest outside of the Land of Wind, however given time he could prepare enough sand to feel at home, but time was not always valuable. This way of thinking was due to his age, he was becoming wise over the years, instead of his heart softening it remained cold to outsiders. Someone would need to truly impress him to loosen up and now that everyone was a hot-headed youngster in need of being taught a lesson, impressive was hard to come by. His years as a kage flew by, twenty three years mostly uncontested. He was around to see the rise of the new kage, he may have even met some of them. But one thing for certain, he would not let some child get in the way of his goals. He felt the sun bathing him in its light every day, and he prayed to whichever force was behind it to give him the strength to back up his beliefs.
(Kage-ship will mostly be done in flashbacks for any major events, I don’t want it to clash with everyone else’s history.)

RP Sample:


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PostSubject: Re: Daizai Sabaku    Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:19 am

I really like this. is it done yet? Also....we need a new Kazekage. Our old one is like not coming back.....


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PostSubject: Re: Daizai Sabaku    Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:10 am

He is the Kazekage Razz I convinced him.
Nice work so far

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PostSubject: Re: Daizai Sabaku    Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:29 pm

It is done now, sorry for the delay, I have a short attention span, and struggled to do the end of his history, I rarely apply for higher ranks.

Daizai Sabaku

Strength: 20
Constitution: 40
Stamina: 50 (+30 Ninjutsu +30 Sabaku level 3)
Dexterity: 50
Wisdom: 50
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PostSubject: Re: Daizai Sabaku    Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:25 pm

Approved with 5 fate. Go ahead and make the second post of your application.

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PostSubject: Re: Daizai Sabaku    

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Daizai Sabaku
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