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 Dragons of the East

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Character sheet
Name: Kishin Kaze Shou
Elements: Wind
Fighting Styles:

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PostSubject: Dragons of the East   Dragons of the East EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 7:10 pm

Name of Clan:
Kaze Shou

Titles of Clan:
Azure Dragon
Dragons of the East

Coat of Arms:  None

Country/Village of Origin: Unnamed Country bordering Tsuchi no Kuni and Kaze no Kuni

Residing Country/Village: Kaze no Kuni

Alliance: Positive

Clan History:
The clan was once in charge of it’s own piece of land between Tsuchi no Kuni and Kaze no Kuni.  It was amongst the very first clans to create it’s own permanent village during the Warring States Period.  Even during the mass combat going on between other clans and the nomadic traveling’s, they decided that it was a pointless endeavor.  They knew that other clans would come to them, and decided that having a permanent base would be more useful.  This perhaps gave rise to other villages several years later, including the famous convergence of clans that created Konohagakure.

The History behind The East in the name was given to them by other countries to the the West of all the current lands inhabited by Shinobi.  The clan inhabited the only lands that were able to be crossed with the least amount of loss of troops from the elements.  But when the armies of these lands tried to cross, they had to pass the Azure Dragon's clan.  To their dismal attempts their armies were held back by the clan, and the name was given to them as guardians of the Eastern Lands.

During the First Shinobi War, the land was attacked, and consumed by Sunagakure no Sato.  Iwagakure, Sunagakure, and even Konohagakure wanted the powers of the clan to add to their own for the war.  It was unfortunate though, that the clan had lost much of it’s power.  Living a civilized, sedentary life style with only the single clan caused a decline in soldiers and the clan would eventually be taken, without a doubt to the elders.  Though The Dragons of the East didn’t give up immediately, they were capable of holding off all three armies for some time.   It wasn’t an easy battle, the overwhelming power of the three countries and it’s many clans and soldiers, eventually showed that it would be more pertinent to just give up and join Sunagakure, and preserve some of the clan’s ways.  Their lives would only be changed slightly, and perhaps be more successful in a larger village.  
They decided at the next major exchange of combat, they would just give up, and join whoever was the attacker.  Sunagakure just happened to be that challenger.  They met on the battlefield and the Azure Dragons immediately gave up before combat began.  Conditions were settled upon between the general of Sunagakure and the leader of the clan and they officially joined the service of Kaze no Kuni that day.  Though, many of the soldiers and clans present for the combat didn’t appreciate the lack of challenge and the instant surrendering, seeing the clan as weak.  A disposition given that would be labeled onto the clan even to today.

The Dragons of the East were a well-known clan before and during the First Shinobi War.  Stories of the clans power are now known as the stuff of legends, even for shinobi.  Several jutsu used by other shinobi were created to match similar effects of the clan, but could never become equaled.  Their skills have also even been reproduced somewhat by samurai.  But because of this, the knowledge about the clan became that of stories, to legends, to myths.  Though, the addition of their instantaneous surrender probably added to the idea that their skills were just lies created and told by the clan.

Clan Leader Gou Kaze Shou

Current Members:
Kishin Kaze Shou
Gou Kaze Shou

Member Positions:
Leader of Clan: Gou Kaze Shou
Elder of Religious Sub Clan:
Elder of Warrior Sub Clan:
Elder of Civilians Sub Clan:

Elemental Affinity(s): Wind

Kekkei Genkei:
The Kekkei Genkei for the clan involves two separate effects.  For some reason, the DNA of most members of the clan have a mutation within it, causing most born from these members to have difficulty using elemental chakra in any form outside of their bodies.  This same abnormality effects all members of the clan, for some reason causing the rare elemental release of Wind being the first element to be mastered.  This genetic fault brought about the first part of the clan’s training, physical training.  The physical training at an early age stemmed from this difficulty of using chakra, and the need to defend oneself during the Warring Period.

Early age Training:
Because of the lack of being able to control chakra coming about, the clan found other ways of utilizing basic chakra in combat.  This gave rise to a segment of the clan becoming very adept in the use of Fuuinjutsu.  In fact, the skill with fuuinjutsu from this clan is what allows the use of any form of elemental chakra to be used by most members.  The Religious Sub Clan learned how to use fuuinjutsu in such a way on the body to counter the genetic abnormality within members of the clan.  It is to such a degree, that even those unable to use elemental chakra at the start, by the end they are more adept at it than other shinobi, not to mention those in the clan that were capable to begin with.

Bloodline Description:

Bloodline Stages Quick Glance:

First Stage: Serpent's egg

  • Cannot use elemental jutsu outside their body.  Unless ninjutsu minor or higher is taken, but energy costs are increased by 1.5X.
  • Wind element is required as first element if one is chosen.  
  • Required to take have 10 SkP in Taijutsu, and bukijutsu combine minimum by Genin Rank.  If part of Warrior Sub Clan required to have 20 points combined.  Religious Sub clan require 5 Skp in Fuuinjutsu.
  • Able to learn the first stage of Odori Za Uindo.  

Second Stage: Fledgeling Wyrm

  • Able to learn the second stage of Odori Za Uindo.  

Third Stage: Juvenile Dragon

  • Operation requires 800 words, to either describe going into surgery, the surgery itself, and recovery from it.  
  • Seals placed on 25% of body.  The seals glow when using chakra.
  • Use of elemental chakra techniques outside their bodies are treated at the cost of using it 1.25X.  Ninjutsu minor or higher aren’t affected by this multiplier.
  • Able to learn Advanced bloodline jutsu and third stage of Odori Za Uindo.

Fourth Stage: Aged Dragon Jounin or Three million ryo (+ leaders permission)

  • Seals are increased in size, and now take up 50% of the body.
  • Elemental jutsu now only cost 1X the amount, unless Ninjutsu as an adept user is taken, which make wind jutsu cost .75X.
  • The wind element is released throughout their body to increase the abilities of the ninja.  
  • Stats  that aren't an increased by techniques are counted again towards your stats.
  • Able to learn the forth stage of Odori Za Uindo.

Fifth Stage: Dragon God

  • Collecting a bijyuu’s energy and transferring it into a person or item.
  • Able to learn the final stage of Odori Za Uindo.

Exclusive Techniques:

Name: Odori Za Uindo ; Dance of the Wind or Wind Dance Position
Rank: C / B / A / S / SS
Range: Self
Type: Bloodline Limit
Sub-type: Supplementary / Offensive / Defensive
Elemental Affinity: Wind
Notation: Kaze Shou Bloodline Limit
Handsigns: None
Description: This is the basic technique for all of the Kaze Shou techniques. This technique utilizes the wind element into action made by a member. The effects can be anywhere from increased cutting power of the item used, greater control of the item, or unleashing the element from the item.

The technique has a great capability when combined with Sensor type people. Training the eyes of the Sensor to see the tiniest of details and the speed of items, they are able to defend themselves with a flick of their wrists. Every level attained, increases the ability to sense and react to all things. Also, with higher masteries of Sensory, more abilities are gained.   Basic User:  increases eye sight for speed. Ability to see moving objects at increase speeds by 20 every level of this jutsu they learn (affects agility eyesight) (starts at half Agility+bonus).   Adept User:  hearing and ascertaining location of what is being heard by 10 meters per level.  Experienced User:  the very pressure of bodies and chakra can allow knowledge about an area, even in pitch black or blinding light, pressure can be felt within 5 meters per level, allowing for knowledge of what can't be seen and where it is. Master User:   With enough expertise, the ability to know exactly where the enemy is just from their chakra is able of being accomplished.

All Bonuses from Taijutsu and Bukijutsu are increased by 5% (rounded up) per level attain within this jutsu.  Only works when technique (by rank) is activated.

All ranks include the previous bonuses.

Drawbacks: This skill requires the casting cost of it's rank, then an C rank amount of chakra every 2 user turns it is active.


Drying Feathers (C Rank):
This is the first stage of Odori Za Uindo. It acts more as a passive ability then an ability that can be controlled. The Dragons of the East have a strong attunement with the wind element. Even though they can't control it without an operation, they can tap into it accidentally. When chakra is being focused into an item, from time to time, a portion of their elemental chakra will leech into the attacks. Every 3 attacks they have chakra focused into a weapon or taijutsu, they can unleash a burst of wind chakra into the attack. This burst can be used to push things away, help slice through, increase defenses, and of course increase damage. The reaction depends on the style of attack being used, and when using that attack, must state on the first turn of using it, what the effect will be.

  • Every 3 attacks you have chakra focused into the weapon or a taijutsu, your next attack can have a wind element effect.

Spreading Wings (B Rank):
This is the second stage of the Odori Za Uindo. To learn this technique takes 500 words, which are used to describe learning to wield the wind element and release it to your weapons. Can use a technique not from clan to help. The wind element will now spread to your items that you are touching, increasing the durability and sharpness of the weapon. Once an item leaves your grasp, it loses the wind element on it. Bukijutsu techniques are now treated as being +1 in rank without the increased cost.

  • Weapon has increased Durability and sharpness when jutsu active.
  • Increase Bukijutsu or Taijustsu Techniques by +1 rank without the increased cost.
  • You can now use the first stage of Bloodline Jutsu.

Taking Flight (A rank):
This is the third stage of Odori Za Uindo. Your now able to control the wind element and your use of it is just starting to increase. Before, you were able to just cut though, by force, anything that passed your way. Now, it will seem effortless. The wind element’s grasp over your weapon is increased to a stage that not only increases it’s durability and cutting power, but uses the wind atop of your weapon, making the item seem to be half it’s original weight. If an item is chain or cloth based, you can actually change the direction the item is traveling once.

  • If an item is chain or cloth based, you can actually change the direction the item is traveling once. (Item must be in physical contact of user.)
  • Items weight half original weight
  • You can now use the second stage of Bloodline Jutsu.

Soaring Higher (S Rank):
The fourth stage of Odori Za Uindo. This is general the last level you will attain with this skill. It takes 1000 words to gain this skill level. Your wind element is now going into a new stage. Before it only affected your weapon, now it affects your body. Wind courses through your body, increasing muscle strength, and movement. You will feel lighter and your weapon will actually feel like it is a part of you. You can now wield chain and cloth based weapons flawlessly, able to change direction, multiple times. Weapons also gain a new ability. Wind now envelopes your weapon, again increasing durability, lowering weight, but now the wind actually pushes along physical things. When slicing through a rock, the wind pushes your blade through, and the rock apart, allowing for easier, smooth and quicker cutting. This can be useful when slicing through anything, cutting them in half, and tossing them away from you.

  • Items have no weight to them.
  • Cloth and chain based weapons direction can be changed freely. (Item must be in physical contact of user.)
  • Durability and cutting power is increased yet again. When hitting or slicing into something, the wind element pushes along the material, and outwards.
  • You can now use third stage bloodline Jutsu.

Hidden Technique (SS Rank stage 5):
The true final stage of Odori Za Uindo. This stage must be created by the member, and is a personal and private technique developed by them. This Technique is required to be SS.

Clan Jutsus:

Clan Jutsus:

Clan Jutsus:

Fuuinjutsu / Manufacturing:


Religious Subclan Manufacturing:

Additional Information:
Religion Requirements:

Religion is a very important aspect of this clan, and certain requirements are needed to be met when within.  Please take note of these facts as they are important, and missing any will take a cost onto that member.

  • Rule 1: All members within the clan are required to pray to the gods of the clan when first waking up and before resting at night.
  • Rule 2: All members are required to pay tribute and sacrifice to the gods once a month in the form of food or items. Required to give 10% earnings to a clan bank.  Religious Sub Clan increased to 20%
  • Rule 3: Every year, a family gathering will take place to give a grand sacrifice to the gods, and preform a tribute in the form of combat.  (Must participate, and give a sacrifice of 10% current Ryo) (event will be made every so often)
  • Rule 4: If a god (Bijuu) is ever run into, you will give thanks to it in prayer.  If one is meant in battle, you aren't allowed to enter into combat with it.
  • Rule 5: Before and after any major battle, prayer must be given to the god(s) of the region.

Clan Earnings

As you might have noticed, this clan has requirements of money to be paid into the clan.  This money is meant to be used by the clan in order to increase the strength of the clan and it's members.  The money is used by the clan head, with approval of the 4 elders to be used.  Requires 3/4 yes votes before it can be spent.  Items can be given to members with the agreement of the leader or sold with a 3/4 yes vote to others from the village.  Any items and money from members that vanish or quit the site, are entered into the clan.

What does this money buy you though to make it worth while?  The religious faction of the clan has many fuuinjutsu that can be added to items, or crafting bonuses that can be placed onto items.  Some of the jutsu can be taught to the none members of this subclan, but some can not.  This subclan was responsible always responsible for manufacturing of items for the clan.

All items with D rank fuuinjutsu/manufacturing can be sold without permission to members of the village.  All items with C rank fuuinjutsu/manufacturing can be freely added to items.  Items with B rank or higher Fuuinjutsu / Manufacturing require permission of the clan.

Branches and Politics of the Clan:

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Posts : 36
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Character sheet
Name: Kishin Kaze Shou
Elements: Wind
Fighting Styles:

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PostSubject: Re: Dragons of the East   Dragons of the East EmptyFri Jul 19, 2013 12:29 pm

in case, this is done

Kishin Kaze Shou
Ancient Feline Contract
The Azure Dragon's Revision


Combat Skills:
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Dragons of the East
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