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 Explosion Corps (Explosion Release)

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Ryū Sandan

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PostSubject: Explosion Corps (Explosion Release)   Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 8:02 pm

Name of Clan: Explosion Corps
Mask: Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) H3wxbQq

Custom or Canon? Canon

Country/Village of Origin: Tsuchi no Kuni / Iwagakure

Residing Country/Village: Same as above

Alliance: Positive

Clan History: The Explosion Corps was an organization started by the First Tsuchikage. It was a program developed for military purposes. Members of the village who displayed proper elemental affinity could be trained to combine them in a way that created explosions. While not a true Kekkei Genkai, it is a very difficult elemental nature to master.

Over the years, very few shinobi actually attained this ability and even fewer grew to notoriety. Then Gari surfaced. Using the explosion release in versatile manners, he became famous in Iwagakure. Later on, Deidara, an Iwagakure shinobi who eventually joined the Akatsuki, assisted in the creation of Iwagakure Kinjutsu explosive clay.

After the Forth Great Ninja War, the organization fell into obscurity. As it was peace time, their shinobi hardly surfaced. When the fifth war started, the Explosion Corps resurfaced as a key military asset. It's leader, Ryū Sandan, was the head of a small squad of explosion release users. Together, they sneaked into enemy fortifications and then, not so secretly, blew them up.

After the war ended, Tsuchikage Rivu Aiasan commended them publicly as heroes of Iwagakure. As it was, once again, peacetime, their usefulness was limited. Rivu, however, decided to keep them around and incorporate them into ANBU. Their techniques may not be the most stealthy, but they get the job done.

New members are now hand selected from gifted children in the academy. They are given special training and are fast tracked into secretive Black Ops units. As it's members keep their identities hidden, they are not well known specifically among the public. However, they are recognizable by the distinctive mask.

As trainees, they are given the mask that is shown above, without the red circle. When the user has adequately mastered this technique, enough to use in public, this circle is added to represent that they can control their explosions. Once they have been given this red circle, they are also gifted a black cloak with hood. These signify that the trainee is now allowed to walk around as a recognized member of the Explosive Corps.

Clan Leader Ryū Sandan

Current Members: Commander Ryū Sandan

Member Positions: Explosion Corps Commander: The head of the organization and in charge of it's operations.

ANBU Operative: The standard Explosive Corps shinobi.

Trainee: A younger member of the organization still needs to be well practiced in the arts of this release before they are allowed into teams with others. They can be fatal to non-Explosion Release users.

Elemental Affinity(s): Explosion (Advanced combination of Earth and Fire)

Kekkei Genkei: Explosion Release:Over the course of years of training, the members of the Explosion Corp learn to knead earth chakra into an explosive mass. Adding fire chakra, the user can ignite thos material and cause explosions. After the release has been mastered, the user can do this combination in an instant, allowing them to control explosions.

Anyone able to use both earth and fire techniques are able to learn this release, as it is not a true bloodline. However, there are only two ways to train it. First, you can train with a designated Iwagakure trainer, with the permission of the Tsuchikage. This allows the person to solo train. Without permission, the user must be taught all stages of this Kekkei Genkai by a master of the Explosion Release.

The user is not completely immune to this release and are forced to be smart about the its use. The same goes for the user's allies, as well. The initial ignition of the explosive chakra does not harm the user, but subsequently caused explosions can. Unless certain techniques are prepared to handle it, every action has an equal and opposing reaction.

Stage One: Enables use of Explosive Release at all. The user may use up to C rank Explosion Release Techniques without risk of bodily harm. They do not have permission to use Explosion Release techniques outside of training. Trainees start at this stage.
Costs 75 Exp

Stage Two: The user may use up to B rank Explosion Release Techniques without risk of bodily harm. They do not have permission to use techniques outside of Explosion Corps missions. Chuunin start at this stage at character creation.
Costs 100 Exp

Stage Three: The user may use up to A rank Explosion Release Techniques without risk of bodily harm. They may now use explosion release anywhere. Jonin start at this stage at character creation.
Costs 125 Exp

Stage Four: The user may use up to S rank Explosion Release Techniques without risk of bodily harm. They may now use explosion release anywhere. ANBU start at this stage at character creation.
Costs 150 Exp

Stage Five: The user may use up to SS rank Explosion Release Techniques without risk of bodily harm. At this stage, a user may, at great cost (SS rank chakra) suppress or even manipulate the path of explosions. This ability can stop an explosion as it is beginning, part part of the blast like a shield, focus the blast into one direction, etc. This requires absolute concentration or it will fail.
Costs 200 Exp

Without strength, the user cannot properly use these techniques. Below is a chart on how strength alters these techniques. The user must be prepared to take the recoil. If they are in the air, they will be pushed back accordingly. If their grounding isn't sturdy, it may be destroyed.

The following chart is for chakra expenditure, not the rank of the technique. Explosion techniques are ranked based on the difficulty of the process. The payload is determined by how much chakra the user decides to use.

1 – 10: C rank and higher can cause injury.
11 – 20: C knocks the user off their feet, B and higher can cause injury.
21 – 30: C recoils heavily, B knocks the user off their feet, A and higher can injure.
31 – 40: Recoil of C can be steadied, B recoils heavily, A knock user off their feet, S and higher can cause injury.
41 – 50: Move using C rank , B recoil can be steadied, A recoils heavily, S knocks user off their feet, SS can cause injury.
51 – 60: Move using B rank, A recoil can be steadied, S recoils heavily, SS knocks user off their feet.
61 – 70: Move using A rank, S recoil can be steadied, SS recoils heavily
71 – 80: Move using S rank , SS recoil can be steadied
81 – 90: Move using SS.

Exclusive Techniques:
C Rank Techniques:
B Rank Techniques:
A Rank Techniques:
S Rank Techniques:

Last edited by Ryū Sandan on Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:09 pm; edited 7 times in total
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Nakago Yaiba

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Age : 25
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Character sheet
Name: Nakago Yaiba
Elements: Wind, Fire, Earth
Fighting Styles: Ninjutsu Master, Fuinjutsu Master, Taijutsu Master, Iryojutsu Master

Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Explosion Corps (Explosion Release)   Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 11:44 pm

Name: Explosion Release: Focused Blast
Rank: A
Element: Explosion
Range: Physical Touch and 100 meters.
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Notation: Explosion Corps Technique
Handsigns: Ram
Description: By merely placing their hands on a section of earth, they can send explosive chakra into ordinary sections of earth. These areas are now rigged to explode at the user's discretion. Up to 100 meters away, they can remotely detonate specific areas by using the ram hand sign.

Chakra is expended as the user makes these pockets. Something the size of the hand would probably be an E rank amount of chakra, while something the size of Konohagakure's Chuunin Exam stadium grounds might be an SS rank.
Drawbacks: The user must first make physical contact with the earth that they want to make explosive. Every explosive area costs another amount in chakra, varying in amount by size.

You got the name wrong, sorry. That's the first thing. Your jutsu can't have the same name. As for E-rank cost to up to SS-rank cost? Make specific guidelines for this. Like 0-10meters being E, for example, or whatever. Though 10 meters wouldn't be E-ranked... Actually, nothing about this would only take E-rank chakra. Also, how focused IS the blast? You don't get to use D-rank chakra to make an A-rank explosive, after all.

Also, your drawbacks are not real drawbacks. Make better ones, please.

Element(s): Wind, Fire, Earth.

Fighting Skill(s):

Iryojutsu: 43
Fuinjutsu: 50
Taijutsu: 41
Ninjutsu: 41

Combat Skills(s):


Strength: 50 +12
Agility: 50 +12
Stamina: 50 +15
Constitution: 40
Dexterity: 35 +27
Wisdom: 30

Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) 181056
Be the Ultimate Ninja! Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!
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Ryū Sandan

Posts : 2
Join date : 2013-06-24

Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Explosion Corps (Explosion Release)   Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) EmptyFri Jul 05, 2013 8:07 pm

I added strength stipulations for the use of these techniques and I fixed the previous issues. Anything else?
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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Corps (Explosion Release)   Explosion Corps (Explosion Release) Empty

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Explosion Corps (Explosion Release)
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