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 Deep Diving [Mission] [Self Only]

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Deep Diving [Mission] [Self Only] Empty
PostSubject: Deep Diving [Mission] [Self Only]   Deep Diving [Mission] [Self Only] EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 8:22 pm

Mission Sign Up


(Since it's just me, I'm just gonna write the mission in one post, it'll have enough words for 4 posts, but splitting it is just annoying, since I'm the only one. I hope that's okay.)

Kenta awoke in the crisp morning, seeing the bits of sunlight that entered his room. Rubbing his eyes and getting out of bed, he felt a twinge of excitement run through his body. He was a shinobi, a battle-ready warrior destined to fight and gain immense strength, and today was the start of it all. He was told that he would need to complete missions and the like to gain respect and money. He could picture it now, a mission that would send him into a glorious battle full of pain and death, his name would be feared and honored.

He slipped on his clothes and gear, then strapped the headband on his forehead. He looked into a mirror and disapprovingly looked at himself, he wasn't really a fan of the whole headband actually being on his head. He untied it and held it in his hand, thinking about where he could put it, getting an idea after a minute. He tied it around his bicep on his right arm, and looked at himself. Alright, I can get behind this. He thought, smirking at his image in the mirror.

Satisfied with his appearance, and not being able to think of anything else that needed to be done, he walked out of his house, heading toward the Mizukage's complex. It was a rather large building, and he was told that he would pick up missions and the like there.

He walked through the door and saw a room full of people, some walking about, some sitting behind desks, shuffling papers, and talking to people. He saw a few shinobi talking to a couple of men behind one of the desks. They would all grab a paper then leave the building. It seemed that this was the man he needed to talk to. He waited in line, and looked around him. Many of the people in here were older men and women, most of them seemed to be ninja. While there was no real way to tell, most of them seemed strong. Many even being ranks above him, at least Chuunin, maybe even Jounin.

As he glanced around him, a voice called out, "Can I help you, son?" Kenta looked forward, and the man at the desk was free of any other people, and Kenta was next in line. He moved forward and said, "Yes, I'd like a mission." The man shuffled through a couple of his papers, mumbling to himself as he read the titles and descriptions. He suddenly glanced up and said, "You're a genin, correct?" To which Kenta nodded his head.

After a few more moments, he pulled out a piece of paper, and said, "Ah yes, here we go, Suzaku Hoshi requested help. Go out to the edge of this part of the island just northeast of here, and meet him by the lake, just a couple hundred feet out, have a good day now."

Kenta nodded once more and headed out the door. When he was outside, he could feel his blood start pumping, excitement and adrenalin running through him. He sprinted forward, jumping onto rooftops for a faster way through town. He approached the gate, and saw a few men standing guard, he showed his headband, and the paper he was given for the mission, and went outside of the village. He had only been outside a few times, and it was just how he remembered; damp, cold, and very misty.

He sprinted onward and headed northeast, as he was told. After a couple minutes, he found Mr. Hoshi, a small, middle-aged man who looked quite worried. Seeing the worry on his face, Kenta scanned the area around them, trying to figure out the location of the attacking men. As Kenta scanned, Mr. Hoshi suddenly said, "Oh thank you for coming, I'm so thankful, I really needed the help. I can't believe I dropped my wedding band. I dropped it into the lake, and I don't think I'd be able to retrieve it by myself." As he explained his trouble, Kenta slowly turned his head toward him, a look of both shock, and spite being portrayed at once.

"You mean to tell me that you just want me to dive down and grab your ring? You hired a ninja for this?" Kenta said in absolute deadpan. "That's right, I can't do it myself, this lake is really deep, and I don't know what kind of fish are in there, I really could use the help."

Kenta was dumbfounded. A shinobi shouldn't be doing such trivial things. How could something like this be allowed? With a sigh, he said, "Well, I'm here, I may as well do it." He pulled Samekosho off of his side, and set it up against a rock. He looked into the water, a murky, but almost clear blue. Not seeing any immediate dangers, he jumped into the water, diving straight down towards the bottom.He looked around, seeing little to no life, but the occasional plants at the bottom of the lake, thriving in the mud. He closed his eyes and let his gills on the back of his neck open and breathe in the water. It was always an odd feeling but it was also quite nice, as his gills weren't used to often. It was almost like a muscle that you stretched for the first time in a while.

As he breathed in, he glanced around the water, looking for anything that stood out among the mud and sparse plant-life. A small glint caught his eye after a few minutes, and he swam to it, brushing some of the mud away from it. When the mud was gone, it revealed a small golden ring. He jetted himself upwards, out of the water. He closed the gills on his neck and took a breth through his nose, getting the lungs working again.

Mr. Hoshi ran up to him, saying, "Oh thank goodness you're back. I was beginning to get worried, you were under for so long." He suddenly noticed the little golden ring in Kenta's hand, "Oh my gosh you found it! Thank you so much, I really can't thank you enough!"

Kenta tossed him the ring and said, "Yeah, no problem I guess." Then started his sprint back to the village. He made it back to the complex, and walked up to the older man behind the desk.

"I finished my mission." He stated simply.

"Ah, very good, very good. Now, you're reward is 50,000 yen, have a good day, son." He handed Kenta a small bag and went back to his paperwork. Kenta walked out of the complex, and back to his house. He tossed the money on his nightstand and sighed, flopping onto his bed. What have I gotten myself into?

Word Count: 1,133
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Deep Diving [Mission] [Self Only]
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