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 Dropping off Criminals(Self Only/Mission)

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Zen'no Sozonushi
Zen'no Sozonushi

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Dropping off Criminals(Self Only/Mission) Empty
PostSubject: Dropping off Criminals(Self Only/Mission)   Dropping off Criminals(Self Only/Mission) EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 1:54 pm

The streets became more quiet as Zen'no approached the Iwagakure hospital and the number of people on the streets dwindled down to very few.  No one liked being near the hospital and it was usually a very sad place to be since the injured and sick were taken there.  People went to visit their loved ones and friends but besides that there was no reason to be in this general vicinity.  Zen'no was here because he had just taken down 3 A rank missing ninja with the help of Rivu and he needed to bring them to the hospital so that they didn't suffer brain damage.  After they had restrained the criminals they needed to knock them out so Zen'no created chakra hands and hit the criminals on the sides of their heads.  The simultaneous impacts knocked the criminals out but it was possible the attack could have rattled their brain and severely damaged them.  Rivu wanted Zen'no to bring them to the hospital and so here he was with the criminals floating on his quadrilateral platforms he created out of chakra.  Each platform could support up to 300 pounds and were easy to manipulate and move around so they were perfect to carry the bodies.  Zen'no walked into the hospital with the criminals floating behind him and he appraoched the nurse at the counter.

"Hello, I have some criminals that need to be checked out for possible brain damage."

The woman looked at Zen'no funny and then accepted the situation for what it was when she saw the scratches on the criminal's headbands.

"Right this way Mr. Sozonushi" The nurse said as she led him into a room in the back where the criminals could be restrained.  The room was designed for medical attention but there were restraints and anesthesia to keep the criminals under control.  Zen'no dissipated his chakra structures and the criminals fell to the ground. Zen'no looked at the nurse and nodded as he walked out of the room and left the hospital.

Rivu wanted to talk to me after I dropped off the criminals.  I should make my way back there…



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Dropping off Criminals(Self Only/Mission)
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