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 Jun Uchiha's Shop Purchases

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Jun Uchiha
Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Jun Uchiha's Shop Purchases   Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:52 am

Since I have Bukijutsu Mastery, I'm going to create my two free Added Affect special weapons. For this, I'm going to upgrade two already existing weapons I have:

1.) Ame no Uzume- An amazing tempered edotite katana, with a gold hilt guard and a hilt cloaked in senju wood. It is a legendary sword created by Jun's grandfather, Shenron (The Dragon God) Uchiha, who was in his time, a master smith. It was built not only for durability, but it was made light, yet with enough weight on it to cause death blows if used by the right person. When chakra is channeled through this sword, it glows red with rage. It is stored in a senju wood sheath, tipped with more tempered edotite. Uzume is named after a Shinto Goddess of Dawn and Revelry. The sword became his after his father, Hiko Uchiha, died.

Ame no Uzume, a katana made by Jun's Grandfather, Shenron, was imbued with special chakra which would react only to Shenron and his descendants, intended to be passed on generation to generation, unless the line was cut off. Jun's Father, Hiko, was considered the demon eyed ninja of Konoha, a ruthless swordsman with a legendary, demonic blade, but what exactly makes this sword so special?

A long time ago, it was said that Shenron battled a demon face to face, and during the battle he had managed to cut the demon, in which it's evil blood boiled and soaked into the blade, turning it burning red with an eerie blue aura. The demon was later captured, but somehow escaped later on, and was never seen ago. That was the story, anyway, no one witnessed it but Shenron, so no one else knows what actually happened. However, whatever happened, it must be true, that a demon's blood was sealed within the sword, awakened by the touch of the Uchiha destined to wield it.

Ame no Uzume, the Goddess of Dawn and Revelry, as it was named, has several special powers. :

1.) It can only be wielded by a descendant of Shenron Uchiha. If anyone else were to try and use it, that person's body would begin to melt (and be dissolved completely at the end of three posts), starting by dissolving the hand(s). There is no way to stop this, accept by the true will of the sword's master to wish not the harm of the other person. However, the damage cannot be reversed, and it would take an Iryojutsu master to re-construct the hands.

2.)The master of this sword can freely move this weapon without even having to touch it, as long as it stays within 50 meters of the user.

3.)The master of this weapon can "feel out" where the weapon may be hidden, if concealed and out of reach, and call it back to him.

4.) When the user's hand is smoothed across it's gleaming surface, the sword turns bright red with an odd blue glow around it, increasing it's cutting power so it can destroy edotite like paper and even slice through S ranked ranked jutsu. This also makes an element channeled through the blade equal to an SS ranked Ninjutsu attack, but drains 10 stamina per turn this effect is used. It is deactivated by sheathing it away.

3.) Omoikane- A solid senju wood gunbai with an edotite frame and pole. Omoikane is a beautiful but deadly weapon, nearly as long as Jun is tall, and having a single circular fan, emblazoned with the Uchiha’s Tomoe seal on the right and left sides. It’s a weapon of ancient tradition for high ranks within the Uchiha clan, and Jun crafted this one after the fashion of one fabled Uchiha Izuna’s gunbai. In Shinto legend, Omoikane is the deity of wisdom and intelligence, who is always called upon to "ponder" and give good counsel in the deliberations of the heavenly deities.

Omoikane has a peculiar power as well, though quite the opposite of it's fearsome counterpart, Uzume. Omoikane, named after a deity of wisdom and intelligence, is the true tool of a peace-maker, it's powers coming from love that was instilled into it's making, as Jun vowed to protect his family and friends. It has three powers:

1.)When carried or wielded by it's master, and channeled with Jun's chakra, Omoikane becomes a magnificent shield, able to block and deflect up to S ranked Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Weapons that clash with it. It's like an automatic, less effective version of Uchiha Return.

2.)Omoikane, when imbued particularly with Fuuton chakra, is capable of flight, and can be used as a small airborne vehicle. It would fall if Jun ran out of stamina, or wasn't able to keep up the Fuuton chakra, due to needing to use another chakra nature, etc.

3.) When used as a flying vehicle, Omoikane keeps Jun's feet "anchored" to it so he won't fall off, unless he releases it himself.


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Jun Uchiha's Shop Purchases
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