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 C-rank Missions

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Nakago Yaiba

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Name: Nakago Yaiba
Elements: Wind, Fire, Earth
Fighting Styles: Ninjutsu Master, Fuinjutsu Master, Taijutsu Master, Iryojutsu Master

PostSubject: C-rank Missions   Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:25 pm

Mission Name:
Takers Needed:

Mission Name: Escort an Old Man
Requester: Old Man Daisuke
Rank: C
Description: Old Man Daisuke wants to be protected from bandits when going from Konoha to Kirigakure. Protect him until you reach the Mist.
Takers Needed: 3 Gennin minimum or 1 Chunnin+
Requirements: Gennin(3)+
Reward: 75,000 yen.

Mission Name: Kill some bandits
Requester: A small village to the east
Rank: C
Description: There are some bandits plaguing a poor village to the east. Kill them all. Err, the bandits, not the village. 
Takers Needed: 1+
Requirements: Gennin+
Reward: 60,000

Mission Name: Kill a small village to the east
Requester: Some bandits
Rank: C
Description: Some bandits are tired to raiding this village to the east and want you to raze it to the ground. Kill them all. Err, the villagers, not the bandits.
Takers Needed: 1+
Requirements: Gennin+
Reward: 60,000 yen

Mission Name: Find a special plant
Requester: Konoha University
Rank: C
Description: A research group wants to study the rare Golden Lily plant, which can be found only in a cave in the Land of Wind. Go get it and bring it back.
Takers Needed: 1+
Requirements: Gennin+
Reward: 100,000 yen

Element(s): Wind, Fire, Earth.

Fighting Skill(s):

Iryojutsu: 43
Fuinjutsu: 50
Taijutsu: 41
Ninjutsu: 41

Combat Skills(s):


Strength: 50 +12
Agility: 50 +12
Stamina: 50 +15
Constitution: 40
Dexterity: 35 +27
Wisdom: 30

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C-rank Missions
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