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    PostSubject: Flashback/Jun only   Flashback/Jun only EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 3:52 am

    Jun caught up to Ryuji, on their way to the Heaven Layer to negotiate relations between Kumogakure and Otogakure, passing through the Sky Layer. Ryuji took the entrance to the Sky Layer, which is also the location of the Kumogakure hospital.

    Going up with Jun, silence would fill the area, with the two not saying a word. Ryuji knew Jun probably didn't trust him fully as well, he was about Ryuji's age, and every shinobi should know not to trust easy, they just met, and he is in unknown territory, why would he trust Ryuji fully? Ryuji could attack him at any moment, and Ryuji had the advantage of knowing the area well, and he could easily command other shinobi to kill Jun. But Ryuji wasn't going to do that, he was interested in an alliance with Otogakure, and killing the one that came to make that alliance would be plain stupid, Ryuji wasn't stupid.

    They reached the Sky Layer, and Ryuji took the lead to the Heaven Layer, running to the way to the Heaven Layer, he would reach it. Well, the Heaven Layer is above, follow me. Ryuji said to him, and entered the entrance, they were now on their way to the Heaven Layer, where they would talk serious business.
    [Exit to Heaven Layer]

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    PostSubject: Re: Flashback/Jun only   Flashback/Jun only EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 4:11 am

    Jun was quiet as he continued traveling, following Ryuji down the busy streets of Kumogakure's Earth Layer. It didn't take long to reach the Sky Layer either, with a townsman as his escort. Jun was kind of glad he was cut off from further traveling by Ryuji Shinetsu, not only because he was the Raikage, but because Jun would have likely gotten lost if he didn't have a guide. These mountains were dense with clouds, and since Kumo was high up in the mountains, the cloud cover could fill the area, and Jun would have a hard time getting around.

    The young man, who had recently been assigned as the Otokage's advisor, had to remember that this mission was very important. He was going to try and make an alliance with Kumo, so that Otogakure could make allies. They needed allies in this troubled time of war, and the perfect opportunity had arisen, with Kumo needed allies as well. At least, Jun hoped they did. However, there were of course, great risks in him doing this operation, since the Uchiha and Shinetsu didn't have the greatest of clan histories involving one another. If Jun messed up and made the Raikage angry, he'd likely try to kill him. For this reason, Jun would have to be under his best control, and whatever was said, try not to take offense.

    The Raikage spoke to Jun as he continued leading, now leading up to the Heaven Layer. He told him that the Heaven Layer was just above. Soon, they'd be in the heart of Kumogakure, at the Raikage's Office. There was no turning back now. Jun would have to complete this mission, or run for his life. He for one, wanted to complete it. Besides, this new Raikage seemed like a just man, who believed in fairness. That was always a good quality for leadership, in Jun's opinion. His father had once led the Uchiha Clan fairly, and took everyone's opinions into account. Jun though, seemed to have a hot head when it came to politics, always wanting his way. He couldn't afford to act like that here. Likely, the Raikage's ANBU were already watching Jun.

    [Exit to the Heaven Layer]


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