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Zen'no Sozonushi
Zen'no Sozonushi

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PostSubject: Zen'no Sozonushi   Zen'no Sozonushi EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 12:42 pm

(Oh yeah and this is my 3rd character; the other two being Jiyu Tsuno and Yaju Muteki... haha)

Name: Zen'no Sozonushi
Age 28
Gender: M
Race: Human
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Signs: N/A
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color/Shape: light blue eye color
Hair Color/Style: Long brown hair that he puts in a ponytail that goes down his back as well as covers his eyes.
Skin Tone/Build: White skin, skinny build.
Unique Features: None
Written Description:
Zen'no is a tall white skinned man with not too much muscle on his bone.  He has light blue eyes but they are covered by his long brown hair which goes down his back and he holds up in a ponytail.  His long lanky body and pale skin tend to freak some people out since his eyes are also covered. He has a very angled and smooth face that has a refined, noble look to it.  His bright blue eyes compliment his noble-like face making him very charismatic if he wants to be.
When Zen'no was born he was born without hands so when he is walking in public he usually wears a black robe which droops down over his arms.  This black robe expanded towards the bottom and had blobs of red on it which stood out in contrast.  The robe was purposefully made to imitate the Akatsuki design and could look like it from a distance.  This was done so that people who have like minded views of the Akasuki talk to him and hopefully join him in his pursuits.
Picture(s)Zen'no Sozonushi Fanart_Viole_Mndcntrl_Dev

Faceclaim?: Viole Grace(Tower of God)
Zen'no doesn't show many facial expressions especially when he is in battle.  He feels no joy during battle and only does so to enforce his sense of justice.  He has beautiful eyes and can show a genuine smile or will grin in order to convince someone of something or when he is putting up a ruse.  He doesn't usually laugh or show much positive emotion so when he does it might seem weird to others.  The way Zen'no talks is mysterious but straight forward so that people usually understand what he is saying pretty quickly even if they might not get it at first.
Zen'no's life is dedicated to the infinite pursuit of justice and his morals are swayed by each person's own justice.  He can get carried away talking to people during battle about their reason for fighting and its possible that an opponent could avoid conflict if they could convince him they didn’t need to fight.  He follows his code of justice very strictly and will do extreme things that may fall under his definition of it.  He follows his beliefs like it is law but sometimes seems to question them and adapt to new philosophies.
-Justice being upheld
-Things going according to plan
-Getting others to follow him and his ideals
-People who disagree with his justice
-When things don't go according to plan
-Cocky people
Nindo: "The one with the most power is Justice."
Catch Phrase: "The one with the most power is Justice."
Place of Birth: Tsuchi no Kuni/Iwagakure
Resident of: Tsuchi no Kuni/Iwagakure
Class: Shinobi
Rank: Jounin
Job: Anbu
Title: Almighty Creator
Element(s): None
Combat Skills(s):
-Ninjutsu: 41
-Taijutsu: 0
-Genjutsu: 41
-Fuuinjutsu: 41
-Iryojutsu (medical): 0
-Bukijutsu (weaponry): 0
-Sensory: 22
-Strength: 10
-Constitution: 25
-Stamina: 50
-Agility: 50
-Dexterity: 50
-Wisdom: 45
-Fate: 3
Clan/Bloodline: Sozonushi
Special Abilities:
Major: Sozonushi Clan;  Zen'no founded the Sozonushi clan and thus has already unlocked the fully ranked 'Chakra Enlightenment' Sozonushi Clan perk as well as the fully ranked 'Spatial Recognition' Sozonushi Clan perk.
Major: Sozonushi Founder and Genius;  Zen'no requires only half the experience in order to learn Sozonushi exclusive techniques and begins having already unlocked all Sozonushi techniques C and below(This only includes the ones that are on the clan page at this moment and not ones created in the future).
Major: Dedication to the spiritual;  Zen'no has dedicated his life to non-physical jutsu and can train his stamina at 50% the normal exp.
Major: Sozonushi Clan;  Members of the Sozonushi Clan have discarded their ability to use elemental chakras and can never use any of them.
Major: Empty Handed; Zen'no was born without hands.  This is obviously a major flaw.
Major: Dedication to the spiritual; Zen'no has dedicated his life to non-physical jutsu and because of this and the fact that he doesn't have fists, he cannot fight hand to hand(literally) and possesses almost no strength for fighting; He trains strength at 50% more than the normal exp.
Family Members: He has no family members of close relation since he killed his parents as a child.
Age 0-12: When Zen'no was born he was unfortunately born without hands leaving his arms just ending in stumps.  He was born in Iwagakure and his parents raised him there was well although they weren't the best parents.  They didn't know how to deal with their young child who didn’t have hands and at first they tried to baby him.  As he grew older the task of taking care of him became more and more difficult and obnoxious, his parents began to stop taking care of him.  Some nights he didn't get food if his parents forgot he couldn’t prepare something himself.  When he was 10 he stopped playing with the other kids because of all of the teasing and insults.  He spent most of his time in his room and discovered his ability to focus hard enough in one location and manifest physical chakra in front of him.
Age 12-14: When Zen'no reached the age of 12 he had been training his new found ability to manifest physical chakra in front of him for 2 years and was getting better at it with each day.  His parents treated him worse and worse but after many years of asking, they finally let him join the academy.  It was very unusual for a 12 year old to join the academy as they were usually the ones being promoted to genin however with Zen'no's particular handicap they had to make adjustments.  He never learned how to handle weapons since he couldn't really do them and focused purely on the concept of chakra and various basic ninjutsu.  He began to be able to create various shapes using his chakra and using his fingers to direct it, could move the chakra shape around the room. When he turned 13 he was taken out of the academy and was brought before a special jounin named Kyla who taught him more about being a shinobi but privately tutored him and taught him solely about chakra and ninjutsu.  She saw Zen'no's chakra technique and advised him on how to manipulate it with more efficiency.  She became Zen'no's first friend and a useful one at that.  He enjoyed meeting with her and learning how to become stronger and a better ninja; it seemed to give his life a purpose.
Age 14-16:  Zen'no spent the next couple of years training his chakra manipulation and materialization with Kyla and the two formed a close bond over his studies.  Kyla taught him many things but one of the most noteworthy things was about shape manipulation of his manifested chakra so that he could shape it into various shapes but with more detail than just normal polygons.  He could send it flying around the room at a decent speed and when he turned 15 he finally mastered working fine details into it.  One day while training, turning a blob of chakra into various shapes, he turned it into a hand and moved the fingers individually.  This requires fine precision and dexterity and Kyla was impressed when he showed her.  By the time he was 16 he could materialize a chakra hand at will, direct it around the room with his arm and grab and pick up small objects with it.  
Age 16-18:  Zen'no continued his special training with Kyla but finally when he got to the age of 17, he was allowed to become a genin and join a squad.  He went on a couple of missions and with his ability to make the chakra hand he wasn’t useless during some of the missions.  He had knocked out a couple of people with his chakra by hitting them with enough force but he knew he could do better.  Although he was a genin in a squad he still went to his meetings with Kyla and she taught him how to make his chakra sharper and more deadly.  Making the chakra materialization thinner and longer gave it an edge which could be used to kill people if swung around violently.  When Zen'no's parents found out he was learning how to do this his parents canceled his meetings with Kyla.  Much to Zen'no's pleading they would not let him meet her once again for she was a bad influence on him.  They talked to the upper class government officials in Iwagakure and since he was handicapped, made a decision for him stating he was no longer a genin either and could not be a ninja.  A few weeks later Zen'no woke in the middle of the night and using his chakra techniques; sliced his parent's throats and ended their lives simultaneously setting himself free to live his own life.  What his parents did and what they stood for was ignorance, not justice.
Age 18-20:  With his parents gone and Zen'no's recent turn to legal adulthood he became a genin again and trained under Kyla as his sensei.  They went on multiple missions together and Zen'no's abilities increased so that he could have 2 chakra materializations out at once and could control them separately using different shapes and actions with both of them simultaneously.  He began to increase his leg's power so that he could run around while using his techniques and not get counterattacked by ninja.  As he took on more and more missions his sensei Kyla taught him about elemental chakra types and had him take a test to see what elements he had in his body.  Before he could take the test however he left to go on a mission since he did not want a chakra type.  In his opinion have an element was a weakness since every element had something better than it.  His pure chakra had no weaknesses and he didn't want to muddle up its purity and lower its quality in doing so.  When he turned 20 he took the chuunin exams due to Kyla's request and his skill level increased exponentially.  During the test he invented an incredible amount of original techniques using his special technique including making chakra walls to protect from blast damage as well as taijutsu.  He could us it as a floating sword or a spear as well as turn it into a dragon's head and the possibilities of his technique continued further and further.  He learned genjutsu from Kyla during the break period in the exams and using this to add to his already potent ninjutsu, did very well in the chuunin exams and was promoted.
Age 20-22:  As a chuunin he performed more and more missions for Iwagakure and still worked with Kyla who he was deeply in love with.  She had been there all this time and she was still with him as one of the few who showed kindness to him as he grew up.  His hair had grown long and he wore it in a ponytail although his bangs covered most of his eyes a lot of the time.  He began doing research on the past regarding bijuu, jinchurikki and the Akatsuki.  Although many people didn't agree with their ideals, Zen'no believed the akatsuki were right in the fact that pursuing the bijuu was a good idea.  He began to learn fuuinjutsu so that he would be prepared in case he ever came in contact with a tailed beast and needed to seal it away.  Since Zen'no refused to use elemental chakra he began extremely masterful with his pure chakra materialization as well as other non-elemental jutsus.  By the time he was 22 he had a great mastery over ninjutsu and genjutsu while still learning fuuinjutsu.
Age 22-24:  While on a mission outside of Iwagakure Zen'no and Kyla were involved in a struggle between random stranger shinobi and were both injured.  Kyla bled out from her stomach wound and lost her life to these random shinobi.  Zen'no didn't want it to be true and couldn't comprehend the possibility that they could kill her.  She was so important to him and never learned of his love for her.  The ninja that killed her approached him while he zoned out in disbelief.  They tried to cut him down with swords but as they swung down a barrier of chakra appeared.  Just by looking around and using his mind Zen'no was now able to control his chakra materialization techniques and didn’t need to use his arms.  Using his great speed Zen'no engaged the two enemy ninja jumping around and dodging their attacks by creating chakra platforms in the air.  He ended up finally killing them by creating a huge chakra sword in the sky and crushing them with it.  His strength had grown this day as well as the pain inside his heart towards ninja in general.  If this kind of thing happened all the time, where was the justice?  And what could be done to fix it?
Age 24-26:  Zen'no's research on the Akatsuki and Bijuu continued and he mastered the art of creating and using seals in the process.  He donned a black cloak which long black sleeves covered his arms and hid the fact that he didn’t have hands.  He now had second nature control over his materialization of chakra ability and could create working hands for himself out of chakra and have them be located where his hands would have been.  This made it easier for him to shake someone's hands or just act normal with drawing attention.  If he went outside he would sometimes wear a glove over his chakra hand to hide the fact that it was not his real hand since this version glowed blue.  He began to expand his attacks as well creating more and more complicated and large shapes out of midair.  This required an immense amount of chakra since none of it came from an element or nature and the each entire jutsu was all from his body with his pure willpower.  His stamina and chakra supply were massive while his body was weak from lack of hand to hand combat.  He was approached by a few men who were also interested in the Akatsuki and talked to him because of his Akatsuki-like cloak.  The two were deadly A rank criminals and did not share the same views as Zen'no.  They were too barbaric where he had a goal and a law to upkeep in his plan.  He killed the two ninja with his new technique of creating various animals from his chakra.  he brought these two criminals to the Kage and not knowing that he was the one who called them, promoted him to become a jounin of Iwagakure.
Age 26-28: As a jounin he began to perform high rank missions and worked with a man named Rivu Aiasan occasionally.  The two had a few likeminded ideas and Zen'no had approached him multiple times in hope that they could team up and form an organization much like the akatsuki in order to obtain a bijuu.  Zen'no wanted more power in order to change the world and bring everyone to justice.  The akatsuki had similar plans in mind and they went after the bijuu in the past.  Their group would try to capture bijuu when possible but stay in the shadows until the time was right to strike out and change the world.  Rivu Aiasan became the Tsuchikage and Zen'no felt his plans were going to come to fruition soon enough.  Zen'no's strength had grown immensely and although the kage was stronger than him, he was catching up and soon he would have an elite team to change this unjust world.

RP Sample:  Same person who made Jiyu Tsuno and Yaju Muteki, there's a RP sample on Jiyu's profile.

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PostSubject: Re: Zen'no Sozonushi   Zen'no Sozonushi EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 2:24 pm

damn, he killed his own parents. How harsh. Well, this is a 3. It's a 3 because you did the bare minimum for written description and personality. Now, I'll have to look at this clan, and I will get back to you.


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