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 training with mister raikage

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Sora Yuudai

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PostSubject: training with mister raikage   training with mister raikage EmptyWed Jun 19, 2013 4:26 pm

On a warm and quite aggravatingly sunny day, Sora and his companion/pet/friend, yui, where walking through the lush fields of takagamahara, just to kill time, and for another reason.
It was said that, sometimes the raikage would wander through these pure green fields, to clear his mind.Well, Sora didnt plan on letting him clear his mind.Instead, he planned on asking him to train him, as who better to learn from the the strongest in the village.

Yui, on the other hand, was just happy to be brought somewhere.
As the two of them sat down to have lunch, Sora went over in his head how he would address the raikage if he were to come across him. But as the day went on and his prospects of meeting the raikage dwindled, he told yui to go home, when she asked why she had to leave and why he wasnt coming with her, he just smiled and said, "im busy" not wanting to pester him, she left him in the spacious field alone, to ponder on the matter of meeting him, and even if things seem hopeless, he still didnt give up, that was how much this meant to Sora. To be able to train with such a man was all the motivation he needed to sit in that empty field.

As time went bye, Sora began to drift off, in the refreshing breeze of the unusually warm day, it was just to much for him to resist.
He awoke later, to find that it was nearing evening, he had sat in that meadow all day, and he may have missed his chance for his desires to come to fruition, and so he packed up his stuff, and got ready to move out, and head home.
But just as he took the first step, he could sense someone els was here, not watching him or anything, but near.
He let out a shout, saying "Oi, is anyone there? please come out" he actually surprised himself by how polite he was, he actually felt kinda proud. That feeling didnt last too long, as he awaited a response from the shadow of in the distance, that he could barely make out to be a man, well he had hoped it was a man, that physique would not look well on a woman.
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training with mister raikage
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