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 Sora Yuudai

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Sora Yuudai

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PostSubject: Sora Yuudai   Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:17 pm

Name: Sora Yuudai

Age 15

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian 
Birthday: 13th of november

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Height: 6ft 3

Weight: 90 kg

Eye Color/Shape: Crimson with a normal eye shape

Hair Color/Style: Scruffy long hair, flowing all the way down to the small of his back, like a jet black mane.

Skin Tone/Build: Skin tone is white, and his bulid is slim, and well toned, but still wuite heavy, especially from looking at his appearance.

Unique Features: There is a scar on his right eye, it came from a fight he had with his father.

Written Description: A tall young man, with flowing jet black hair, and a sinister look in his eye, that would make most people who are unknown to him, turn away in disgust. The scar on his face doesnt help his cause either as it simply makes him appear to other as a delinquent, even though he actually dressed quite nice, his face and posture alway took away from the clean shirt and stylish 3 quarter length shorts he wore, ( i use the term stylish Loosely).

 he also had a scarification marking all the way across his chest and down his right arm, in the form of tribal signs, he got them in order to cover up a nasty scar he got from a fight, and it would stand out more than the scarification itself.

The body itself, is quite sturdy and hardened, after all, he was beaten as a child, it is also quite i sight, his muscles are hard, but also very flexible,and his face structure, is pretty above average, and his bones are in excellent condition.

His back, is completely covered in scars, which is why his hair covers his back, as he doesnt like the memories these scars hold, and so he never akes his shirt off in front of people, he also has broad shoulders and a chest that looks to be filled with pride when he stands up properly, he has a great physique considering he is a genin. 



Personality; Sora had quite the temperament, he often got into many fights because of this.That didnt mean he was a bad guy, he actually had a sense of right and wrong, and although sometimes he would side with the wrong, he did know what he was doing, and if it was for a greater good, then he had no qualms with being in the wrong for a while. Although this may seem all nice and righteous of him, he sometimes would just be in the wrong to annoy people, or just to be a dick.

Sora is also quite a vindictive and sadistic fuck, if someone were to hurt him, or someone he cared about, he would follow them to the depths of hell, and back again if needed.Even though i said this, there arent many people he gives rats ass about, except his friend Yui (yes, again, deal with it xD) whom he has known since his days in the academy, she wasnt really shinobi material, so she dropped out, but that aside, he really only is friendly towards her, as he has known her so long, he isnt really a very thrusting person by nature, because he fears of being betrayed, especially because he is very inscure about himself, but still to proud to admit this to anybody.

Likes/Dislikes: Training, fighting, and quiet, dislikes, nosie, idiots, people like himself.

Nindo: Whatever he feels like at the time of a decision

Catch Phrase when life gives you lemons, take them, free shit is cool.

Place of Birth: Kumo

Resident of: Kumo

Class: shinobi

Rank: Genin


Title: None as of yet

Element(s): Lightning

Combat Skills(s): 

bukijutsu: 21 skp

ninjutsu: 10 skp


Agility: 25

Strength: 20

Dexterity: 25


Stamina: 15


Clan/Bloodline: N/A

Special Abilities: N/A

Flaws: Is very set on vengeance of wronged, has a temper which can get him into trouble.

Family Members: None, lives with yui (yes, again)

Backstory: He grew up in kumo, with his father, his mother had died shortly after birth, therefore he has no recollection of her at all.His father was a man of few words, so instead of lecturing Sora, he would just beat the shit out of him.This was how Sora was disciplined throughout his childhood, and soon enough he stopped causing his father troubled, that was until he got a bit older, and his fathers training in the art of kentjutsu was starting to pay off.

as Sora grew older, and became stronger, he started to be able to speak his mind freely and express his rights, but his father still did not like this, and one time, when Sora skipped his Training to help out yui with moving house, his father had snapped, as to him, this was the ultimate act of disrespect, and that night when Sora arrived home, he was greeted by his father attacking him with his most treasured sword.Sora had never even been allowed to look upon this sword, and now it had left his face bloodied and disfigured, and it was coming back for more.Sora barely managed to avoid it time after time, but it still left horrible cuts all over his right arm, and various other areas of his body.Eventually Sora made it to his room, and drew his sword from its sheath and went out to the main room, to meet his father in combat. 
The fight lasted around two hours, until eventually, Sora pierced his fathers throat, ending the struggle instantly.
Sora felt zero remorse for his father, but he did feel sad about letting his fathers katana go to waste in that puddle of blood, and so he picked it up and headed to yuis house, all covered in blood and barely conscious.He had just managed to knock on yuis door before passing out.It took him a full week to recover from that, but since then, he has lived with yui, and nothing else really happened, he had a surprisingly normal life, until now.

RP Sample:

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Sora Yuudai

Posts : 10
Join date : 2013-06-19

PostSubject: Re: Sora Yuudai   Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:32 pm

Weapons and Equipment:  one katana

Techniques: all e rank ninjutsu

Yen: none right  now


bukijutsu: 21 skp
ninjutsu: 10 skp
Agility: 27 +4 bukijutsu
Strength: 20 +4bukijutsu
Dexterity: 25 +4 bukijutsu
Stamina: 15
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Jun Uchiha

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Age : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Sora Yuudai   Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:01 pm

Nice. Only thing is, I want to see a better body description in his Written Description. Everything else checks out. So I assume, you want the other character put in Archives?


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Nakago Yaiba

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Age : 25
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Character sheet
Name: Nakago Yaiba
Elements: Wind, Fire, Earth
Fighting Styles: Ninjutsu Master, Fuinjutsu Master, Taijutsu Master, Iryojutsu Master

PostSubject: Re: Sora Yuudai   Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:30 pm

Approved with 1 fate.

Element(s): Wind, Fire, Earth.

Fighting Skill(s):

Iryojutsu: 43
Fuinjutsu: 50
Taijutsu: 41
Ninjutsu: 41

Combat Skills(s):


Strength: 50 +12
Agility: 50 +12
Stamina: 50 +15
Constitution: 40
Dexterity: 35 +27
Wisdom: 30

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PostSubject: Re: Sora Yuudai   

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Sora Yuudai
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