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 Added Affect Special Weapons

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Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Added Affect Special Weapons   Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:18 am

That's right, Added Affect! If you are a Final Fantasy nerd and have played FF7 like most RPG nuts, than you know that Added Affect Materia can be placed on Weapons and Armor to make your items have special qualities like Lightning and Ice!

Well, look no further folks, because today, you can have this too!

For a Price of XP to be determined by the Admin or Mod looking over your Added Affect, you can have your weapons or armors have special abilties or attributes that make them special. A canon example is Kisame's sword Samehada. It had the ability to "eat" people's chakra and transform into a storage unit to hold more swords!

To request an Added Affect to your weapon or armor will make it officially, a Special Weapon or Armor.

You should name it "if you want", and explain in a description of what it does exactly. Each added component to the item gives an additional cost. Just remember that the cost for these affects is HIGH! They'll likely be more money than trying to buy Senju Wood and Edotite. However, there can be exceptions....such as trap compartments, like senbon shooting umbrellas for example, those would cost less than something like a transforming kama.

For Bukijutsu Masters, they have the option of creating of up to TWO Added Affect weapon for free. They can upgrade it later in their shop thread, or they can make it completely upon approval. Your Choice. Other weapons' Added Affects will have to be bought. Just remember you can always have your old weapons upgraded later. ALSO, if you find a Blacksmith, he can temper and mak your weapons better for a set price, possibly lower than the OOC Shop!


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Added Affect Special Weapons
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