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PostSubject: Exit Kirigakure   Exit Kirigakure EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 4:21 pm

It was late at night when Kuroi had arrived home, only to find there was no food laid out for him, like there usually was, he pretty much knew why, and so he went to confront the issue.
Basically the issue is, earlier that day, Kuroi was practicing a jutsu, and ended up hurting yui, and making her angry.

Kuroi decided it would be best to talk with her rather than ignore her like usual, and so, he entered her room, only to find that she was asleep, but, he decided to wake her up.
When she arose she looked kind of flustered, but she soon turned her head and looked down to her sheets.
The two stayed silent for a second, until Kuroi attempted to speak, "Uhm, im sor-" "Why?, why did you do that to me, even though i asked you to stop? is it really that fun for you to see me in pain?" 
Kuroi was stunned, he had never heard Yui speak in such a way, it genuinely made him feel ashamed, almost as if it was useless to try and apologize, instead he just hung his head,  He didnt even have the balls to say sorry, instead he heard Yui mutter " i thought so" She then stood up, she was still dressed in her clothes from today, she must of went straight to bed when she got in, as she arose fully, she began to make her way to the door, until Kuroi grabbed hold of her sleeve, There was a silence for a minute, until he eventually managed to spit out the word he wanted to say, "Im sorry, i-, Sorry" " I just dont get it, why did you do that, why do you always ignore me and act as if you dont want anything to do with me?" " its, i-, hmm, youre right, im sorry, ill be gone by tomorrow, im heading to kumo, its better that way" he then let go of Yuis sleeve, and walked out in front of her, that was until she grabbed his hand.

Kuroi then turned around to see what was wrong, he briefly saw her tear filled eyes before feeling a sting on his cheek, Yui left a had print on the side of kurois face.
He literally had no words or thoughts on what had just transpired here, but when yui wrapped her arms around him, he froze, he felt sick, and like a pile of shit, but he felt as if things would be fine, he couldnt hug her back, but he didnt push her away from him this time, instead, he just kept repeating, "im sorry, im sorry" while burying his head into her shoulder, "Its okay" she said, as she could see how much he did care, rather that his usual cold self, and even though she liked this side of him, she knew not to expect it very often, but what she said next really shocked him, " How about we both go to kumo?" Kuroi Could only respond with a simple "Mhm", and so the two of them went to their separate beds,although the slept in the same room. But before going to sleep Yui asked one more question," You do care about me right? You werent just saying it?" "of course i care, dont ask stupid things, now, go to sleep." "Mhm, goodnight Kuroi" "Good night"
The next morning the two of them awoke, and gathered there few belongings, and made there way to the gates, ready to embark on their journey to kumo, hoping life would be somewhat better there.
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