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 Kurois training.

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Kurois training. Empty
PostSubject: Kurois training.   Kurois training. EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 9:55 pm

As Kuroi was walking around with his companion/pet/pest/parrot/nuisance/friend, Yui, he was thinking about finding away to use his genjutsu in order to paralyze the enemy and create an opening, and as this thought had just finished crossing his mind, he turned to Yui, with quite the evil smirk on his face.
Now, normally Yui would be ecstatic to see him smile, if even for a second, but this smirk, it didnt feel quite as warming as she may have wanted it to be, and then came the dreaded question she had been awaiting, "can i try something?" He asked, with a look in his eye that would worry the most seasoned a shinobi, and Yui was just a simple girl, a very. Simple.Girl, but she eventually, but reluctantly agreed.

Kuroi then began to channel chakra, and once he felt he had enough, me mad eye contact with yui and told her to run to him as fast as she could,she didnt get paralyzed, but she did move noticeably slower than usual, and after a few times of using this, he did eventually freeze her in place, for a while, but he wasnt yet able to instantly freeze someone.
But he also desired to cause the victim pain, and so he tried to come up with something that would be able to cause cringe like pain to the enemy, and so with a theory in mind, he repeated the process, but this time, he tried to make yui feel as if her bones were morphing, and it didnt go as planned, or atleast it didnt seem so.

After making eye contact the first time, Yui said she experienced a slight itch, but after he made eye contact again, she said she experienced quite a sharp pain, that slowed her quite a bit, she had asked him too stop as the pain was to much for a none shinobi to take, but he continued without her consent and after he made eye contact for the last time, she let out a cry, one that Kuroi had never heard her make before, and when he got over to her, she was crying and was pretty pissed with him, and even though she was fine now, as the pain faded, she didnt particularly wanna talk with him right then, and stormed of back to their house, leaving Kuroi to gather his thoughts about the awkward encounter he was sure to have later that day, and even though it did bother him, he didnt know how to put that into words, "well this should be fun".
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Kurois training.
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