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Yaju Muteki
Yaju Muteki

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PostSubject: Yaju Muteki   Yaju Muteki EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 4:26 pm

(This is an alternate account of Jiyu Tsuno)
Name: Yaju Muteki

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthday: June 13th
Zodiac Signs: Gemini
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 160 pounds
Eye Color/Shape: silvery grey eyes

Hair Color/Style: black spikey hair

Skin Tone/Build: Very athletic build, white skin, a little tan.
Unique Features: Scar across his chest
Written Description: Yaju Muteki has a large athletic build for that of a youth and likes to show it off by wearing sleeveless shirts a lot of the time.  He wears shorts if it is blistering hot outside but normally he wears dark green or black cargo pants.  His hair is spiky in the front and black and matches his thick eyebrows which are equally as black and spiky.  His usual oufit is a white sleeveless shirt with dark green cargo pants and black shoes.  His kekkai genkai turns his skin a metallic black and Yaju likes the way it looks in comparison to the white and green.
Attached to Yaju’s belt is a leather strap and holster for him to keep his signature weapon in.  Yaju uses an iron bat to fight with and keeps it attached to his belt.  The bat is made of a strong iron and has a black lightning bolt printed on it to represent Yaju’s newly found affinity to lightning while also paying tribute to the black of his steel release.  Yaju’s skin has begun to tan since he moved to Kumogakure and he has begun to fit in as a natural resident of the area.  His kekkai genkai that turns his skin black however is also a huge part of his appearance and is what helps people recognize him.

FaceClaim; Ma Gangryong:
Faceclaim: Ma Gangryong(from the manwha Veritas)
Yaju is a very friendly person when it comes to meeting someone new and usually has a big smile on his face.  He isn’t a very nice person however and only smiles because he is excited he might get to fight someone strong.  While he is in battle he can have a serious face depending on how the fight is going but if he is winning by a great deal or losing by a great deal he always bares a great smile showing his joy in the thrill he is getting.  He gets carried away very easily while fighting someone and will continue to beat someone down if he gets the upper-hand.
Yaju is fine with working with others as long as he gets to be on the front lines and in the action.  He isn’t particularly fond of teamwork but if it means he gets to fight a strong guy then he is all for it.  He is fine with taking orders but hates waiting for others and likes to do things at his own pace.  If he is told to do something boring he might disregard the order completely and find something more entertaining to do.  He is not incredibly smart and has a one track mind and will do anything that suits his interests.
He enjoys to battle and his goal is to become the strongest man there is through physical force.  He doesn’t use much ninjutsu besides techniques that buff the body and practices constantly to improve his overall physique.  He is well aware that he is still a youth and not a very powerful one at that but he is determined to train and make his way up the food chain until he can fight on par with the Kages.  As well as become strong he wishes to spread the knowledge of the strength of his clan’s kekkai genkai by demonstrating firsthand its power to the world.
-Fighting beings stronger than him
-Fighting beings weaker than him
-Becoming stronger or faster
-His kekkai genkai he discovered recently
-Being treated like a child
-Being stopped midway through a fight
-Spicy food
Nindo: “Human beings were created to clash.”

Catch Phrase: “Are you strong?”, “Fight me!”

Place of Birth: Tsuchi no kuni/Iwagakure

Resident of: Kumogakure

Class: Shinobi

Rank: Genin

Job: None

Title: The Steel Beast

Element(s): Raiton, Koton(Steel Release)

Combat Skills(s):

Ninjutsu: 11
Taijutsu: 8
Genjutsu: 0
Ijutsu: 0
Bukijutsu: 11
Fuuinjutsu: 0
Sensory: 0


Strength: 25
Agility: 41
Constitution: 20
Stamina: 20
Dexterity: 25
Wisdom: 15
Fate: 5

Clan/Bloodline: Muteki Clan(There’s no official clan for steel release so I’m making one.  I’ll post it shortly.)

Special Abilities:

Major: Muteki Clan; Being in the Muteki Clan, Yaju has access to Koton techniques and currently has access to the first tier of Koton: Impervious Armor.
Major: Faster than a steeling bullet; Yaju’s kekkai genkai increases his resilence and strength but slows him down as a repercussion.  He is determined to make up for this by training especially hard to increase his speed.  Training stats in agility cost 50% less exp.
Major: Beatdown; Yaju’s love of using his body to beat down another’s has lead him to a passion of fighting.  When training his strength it costs 50% less exp to train.
Major: Muteki Clan; Due to being in the Muteki Clan, Yaju takes all fire damage at 1 rank higher than normal.
Major: Close-Minded; Yaju has been raised and lived with the belief that the strong are the only ones that survive.  He is constantly thinking about battles and fighting and is not very intelligent when it comes to anything other than that.  Training Wisdom stats cost 50% more exp.
Major: Weak-Minded; Yaju has a pretty weak mental capacity and is trapped by genjutsu at 1 rank higher then he normally would be.

Family Members: Yaju has a father and mother who live in Iwagakure.  Both who are not too fond of him since they kicked him out of their home.

Age 0-4:  When he was born Yaju was loved by his parents and was taken for walks in parks and playgrounds just like any normal kid would.  His parents fought a lot however and sometimes this was in front of Yaju which left an impression on him that love was only a temporary thing.  His father only love hid mother on occasions while the other times he beat her so why would he think any differently?  When Yaju was 4 years old and playing on the playground with some other kids he punched another kid in the face and marked the start of his history of violence.
Age 4-10:  With a new violent outlook on life Yaju had started to become hated by other children and known by others as a kid who was just mean and pushed others down.  He was avoided a lot of the time until he was 6 and started the academy.  He began to learn the basics of being a ninja and began to like the violent aspects in it.  His teacher started to see this and showed him how to turn his aggression into productive uses like working out or doing sports.  By the time he was 10 Yaju was a fairly muscular child and was the fastest and strongest in his class.  He seemed to be kinder however and hadn’t harmed another child in the last couple of years.
Age 10-12:  In the last couple years of being an academy student they all begun to spar against each other as part of a class assignment when things quickly escalated.  The person who was assigned to fight Yaju was the boy who he had knocked over as a child and this boy had not forgotten.  The boy had fostered a hatred for Yaju and deep down Yaju knew he deserved it.  However Yaju didn’t enjoy thinking deeply and never got down deep enough before he beat the boy until he was unconscious.  He had built his body in order to avoid violence but as a result had built a tool to fuel his need for aggression.  Shortly after this incident, Yaju was promoted to being a genin though he wasn’t sure if it was because of his skill or if it was because his teacher couldn’t handle him anymore.
Age 12-14:  Yaju became a genin at the age of 12 like most ninja do when they graduate the academy and was assigned to a 3 person team like usual.  He went on a couple of missions with them and used his brute strength to beat down a couple of thieves who he was required to catch.  He wasn’t as strong as he’d hoped he’d be though and still desired more.  He went on his first C rank mission and ended up fighting a missing nin armed with a short sword.  The ninja slashed across Yaju’s chest giving him a fairly deep wound and while he was recovering, went in to behead him.  The ninja was too fast for Yaju to react and he thought he was going to die when the blade entered his line of sight.  When the blade made an impact however he was not cut and the sword broke into pieces.  Instinctively Yaju had awakened his family’s kekkai genkai of steel armor and said armor had formed around his neck and shattered the incoming blade.  With his new power-up Yaju went on to defeat the ninja and complete his first C rank mission.

Age 14-16:  Yaju’s sensei soon discovered the reason his academy teacher wanted to get rid of him.  He was too battle crazy and kept becoming stronger the more people tried to get him away from fighting.  He tried to show Yaju the sport of baseball which was a good way to get him new friends and to use energy without hurting anyone.  This worked for awhile and Yaju loved the sport and was especially good at hitting home runs.  He loved the feel of the bat in his hands and on the next mission he went on, brought the bat with him and bludgeoned a rogue ninja to death with it.  This was the first kill Yaju had committed as well as the beginning to his use of his iron bat.  Yaju began to grow older and by the time he was 16 wondered why he was the only one his age who was still a genin.  He asked his sensei and was promptly told he was too rowdy and violent and might never be promoted to a leadership position.
Age 16-17:  After being told this news, Yaju returned to his unfriendly home and told his parents what his sensei had told him.  His parents were furious that he had been treated this was but even more mad at Yaju himself for not being a better ninja or a better son.  His parents had not inherited his family’s kekkai genkai as he did and would not survive an attack from his bat.  For one of the few times in his life Yaju thought about his actions before he did them and did not attack his parents.  He left the house and was told by his parents never to come back.  He approached his sensei and explained his situation and told him he was going to leave Iwagakure in search of a new home.  His sensei understood and was honestly glad to have him leave.  The situation was explained to higher-ups in the village and he was allowed to leave.  With nowhere to go Yaju began to wander the country-side.
Age 17-18(present): While wandering the world, getting hand outs from kind strangers and living off the land, Yaju discovered his affinity for lightning chakra.  Since he had awoken his kekkai genkai he figured he could only use that element but after finding himself in the land of lightning he had communicated with nature.  While travelling along the Jade Dragon Range he had become mesmerized by the lightning’s speed and power.  Even though the steel release made him slow he strived to become fast like the lightning.  When he turned 18 he wandered into Kumogakure and decided he would call this home.  He talked to village officials and was officially registered as a genin under the village hidden in the clouds.
RP Sample: Well I don’t need one since I’m a genin but if you want you can look at my RP Sample for Jiyu Tsuno?


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Jun Uchiha
Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Yaju Muteki   Yaju Muteki EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 7:21 pm

COOL! I LIKE THIS A LOT! VERY COOL CHARACTER! 5 Fate. Approved. add your second post.


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Mr Cold
Mr Cold

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Character sheet
Name: Cold Rai
Elements: Wind
Fighting Styles: Fucking best

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PostSubject: Re: Yaju Muteki   Yaju Muteki EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 9:34 pm

May I point out the clan has not actually been made ?

Themes of Legendism:

Stats of Legendisminism:
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Jun Uchiha
Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Yaju Muteki   Yaju Muteki EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 10:06 pm

oh yah, almost forgot that but. Make sure to create your bloodline. :3


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Yaju Muteki
Yaju Muteki

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PostSubject: Re: Yaju Muteki   Yaju Muteki EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 11:59 pm

The Bloodline has been made.  I'm glad you like him! I think he's pretty neat! Very Happy

Oh and here's the 2nd page;

Weapons and Equipment: 
20 Shuriken & 20 Kunai(All genin get these I believe.)
1 Iron Bat(I receive this because of my level in Bukijutsu)

D rank: Body Flicker Technique
D rank: Koton: Impervious Armour Rank 1
D rank: Leaf Whirlwind
D rank: Dynamic Entry
D rank: Leaf Gale

Yen: 170,000


Combat Skill Points:

Character Profiles:
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Yaju Muteki
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