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 Sora clan (DONE)

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Kuroi Sora

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PostSubject: Sora clan (DONE)   Sora clan (DONE) EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 11:50 am

Name of Clan: Sora clan

Coat of Arms: This clan has no coat of arms, as only specific generations have this bloodline.

Custom or Canon? Custom

Country/Village of Origin: Mizu no kuni

Residing Country/Village: Mizu no kuni

Alliance: N/A

Clan History: The history of this clan is unkown to Kuroi,but for the sake of the story i will write Kuroi's uncle,Ban sora,discovered a genjutsu called blackened day, since Ban was a high level genjutsu user, this jutsu was quite powerful, as it would trap the victim in a world of darkness and could also manipulate the time the victim had spent there, as the victims spirit grew weaker, Ban could add various illusions into this genjutsu, he had the victim completely at his mercy, it was said that this justu was nearly on par with tsukoyomi from the uchiha clan, but this ability was said to have inevitably killed ban and therefore died along with ban and was lost. After this Kuroi was the next Dark user to come along, and will be the last for many years.

Clan Leader Kuroi, although he doesnt know of it yet.

Current Members: Kuroi Sora

Member Positions: N/A

Elemental Affinity(s): Dark element 

Kekkei Genkei: dark element genjutsu.
Dark element genjutsu uses the five senses of the enemy to create various illusions involving darkness and time manipulation  although the latter will take s rank chakra to perform, so thats a ways away, dark element mostly requires eye contact, although some of the jutsu can be performed through touch.
the jutsu focuses on the core aspects of minipulation, and uses the dark as a mediator, and a catalyst to perform these jutsu, genjutsu using dark element costs 0.5 stat points from agility to use aswell ash chakra, this stat cost lasts for 3 posts.

Exclusive Techniques: Each clan member has an exclusive technique, Kurois is dark genjutu, dark walk, but every user has an abliity only he or she can use even if they want to teach it, there cant. other members upon joining the clan, must create a  dark genjutsu, its left up to there imagination, as long as its not to over the top.

Additional Information: none

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Nakago Yaiba

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Name: Nakago Yaiba
Elements: Wind, Fire, Earth
Fighting Styles: Ninjutsu Master, Fuinjutsu Master, Taijutsu Master, Iryojutsu Master

Sora clan (DONE) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sora clan (DONE)   Sora clan (DONE) EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 12:02 pm

Anything to do with Shadows is a cannon clan ability belonging to the Nara clan. Plus, his Uncle was basically using Tsukuyomi...

Alright, if each member has a special jutsu, what are the special jutsu? Are there no regular clan jutsu?

If their Kekkei Genkai is (can't be shadow) for Light, then their element affinity has to be Light too.

Can you give more, in depth detailed information on exactly WHAT the kekkei genkai really is?

Element(s): Wind, Fire, Earth.

Fighting Skill(s):

Iryojutsu: 43
Fuinjutsu: 50
Taijutsu: 41
Ninjutsu: 41

Combat Skills(s):


Strength: 50 +12
Agility: 50 +12
Stamina: 50 +15
Constitution: 40
Dexterity: 35 +27
Wisdom: 30

Sora clan (DONE) 181056
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Jun Uchiha
Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Sora clan (DONE)   Sora clan (DONE) EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 1:08 pm

This is still too vague, and I will NOT approve any jutsu that is like Tsukiyomi in any way, and THIS is way too similar. Plus, like Nakago said, you don't have any specific Clan jutsu, so technically this is NOT even a KKG clan. Plz be original, or this clan will be completely denied. Please use some originality.


Sora clan (DONE) Junsiggy_zps36781b9f-1_zps1d13386e
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PostSubject: Re: Sora clan (DONE)   Sora clan (DONE) Empty

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Sora clan (DONE)
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