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 Canon Fuuinjutsu Techniques

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Ryuji Shinetsu

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PostSubject: Canon Fuuinjutsu Techniques   Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:00 pm

Please note that: The unranked jutsu are not listed. We are working on ranking them.

Name: Generic Sealing Method
Rank: D
Element: N/A
Range: None. Used with a brush and ink.
Type: Fuinjutsu
Sub-Type: Supplementary
Notation: Most Boring Sealing method ever
Handsigns: N/A
Description: Using ink and brush to make seals? BOOOORIIIING! But yea, that's what it is. It allows you to use a brush and ink to make seals. Yea...
Weakness: A jutsu so boring has no weaknesses other than needing a brush of some kind, and some sort of ink base.

Name: Finger Carving Seal Method
Rank:  C
Element: N/A
Range: From your finger
Type: Fuinjutsu
Sub-Type: Supplementary.
Notation: --
Handsigns: None, your finger glows blue
Description: It allows you to carve seals into surfaces like a tattoo with your finger. How fun.
Weakness: Tattoos hurt. D: If used on a person, they'll likely say ouch or something.

Five Seal Barrier

Dark Sealing Method
Fire Sealing Method
Four Black Fog Battle Formation (Requires four people.)

Name: Sealed Iron Wall
Rank: B
Element: N/A
Range: On a wall or in front of you.
Type: Fuinjutsu
Sub-Type: Defensive
Notation: --
Handsigns: Just make the seal.
Description: This jutsu has TWO different uses! The first, is when you apply the seal to a wall or other surface in order to reinforce it! It gives it the defensive capabilities of a B-rank jutsu! How cool, huh? The second use is to unseal/summon a giant iron wall. It'd pretty nifty and only blocks up to B-rank damage. Anything higher will explode through it like wet paper.
Weakness: Only blocks B-rank damage. On an actual wall, the seal just vanishes.

Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Three Seal Barrier

Evil Sealing Method
Name: 5-elements seal
Rank: A
Element: N/A (despite the name lol)
Range: From your hand
Type: Fuinjutsu
Sub-Type: Supp
Notation: --
Handsigns: From your hand
Description: The fingertips glow with a weird light, and you press them into someone's belly, and it seals their chakra. Unlike the anime, it doesn't knock them out, but it seals their chakra. You can use all physical abilities, but no chakra until you find someone to unseal it.
Weakness: It seals any chakra use UNDER A-rank. Using more than A-rank chakra allows you to use that jutsu. So you're limited to A-rank and higher, though they take 2x the chakra.

Name: 5-elements Unseal
Rank: A
Element: N/A (despite the name)
Range: Fingertips
Type: Fuinjutsu
Sub-Type: Supp
Notation: --
Handsigns: Fingertips, yo
Description: This just unseals the 5-elements seal. Nothing else. It's the counter jutsu.
Weakness: It's so limited that there is no other weakness but being so limited in use.

Sealing Technique: Lion Closing

Dead Demon Consuming Seal (This can be done with a shadow clone or higher clone, but if you do it, you die. Only Uzumaki can use this, unless you steal it.)
Dead Demon Consuming Seal: Release (Uzumaki only, unless stolen.)
Sealing Tag Barrier (Can only cover up to 50 meters in radius.)
Sealing Technique: Five Elements (This is a nin/fuuinjutsu, you need to be able to perform S rank ninjutsu as well if you want to use this. You can only use the abilities of the element you have, not the abilities of elements you don't have.)
Sealing Technique: Four Limbs Weighting Seal (Requires beads, which you may find by just rping and finding it.)
Time Release Technique (The user must specify what will happen if this is activated, like kamui being activated with Kakashi, and how this gets activated, like being near death, ect.)
Yin Seal (Right now it is being decided by staff how much chakra can be stored, so for now, only one S amount of chakra.)
Yin Seal: Release (Ranked S, but does not take chakra, it releases S ranked chakra from the Yin Seal)

White Strength Seal (This seal takes one SS ranked chakra, and can be released into your body at any given time, which raises your strength by 200%. It cannot be used to store chakra and release it in the same topic.)
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Canon Fuuinjutsu Techniques
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