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 Denjiki (WIP)

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PostSubject: Denjiki (WIP)   Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:23 am

Name: Denjiki

Age 35

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthday: April 26th

Zodiac Signs: Taurus

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 250 lbs.

Eye Color/Shape: Gray, Southeast Asian

Hair Color/Style: Silvery, almost gray, and worn a little long over his back and down to the bottom of his shoulder blades.

Skin Tone/Build: Light skin (this basically only applies to the lower half of his face), lithe build.

Unique Features: The only remaining part of his original body is his face. That's kinda unique.

Written Description: As stated previously, Denjiki's only remaining human characteristic is his face, the upper half of which is hidden behind a mask which can fold downwards to hide the entirety of his face. The rest of his body is literally built; he's a human puppet. His body appears to be human, save for several breaches along certain points of his body. They are listed here: a cross over the torso starting from the right shoulder to the left side, where the rib cage would end on a normal human body, and a similar breach running from his left shoulder to the opposite side, with the breaches intersecting over the center of his chest, where the breastbone would usually be. There is also one at the base of his neck, where it connects to the shoulders. There are breaches where the arms connect to the shoulders, and one both before and after the elbow, one at the wrist, and each of the fingers and thumbs each have their own breaches where they connect to the palm. There is one breach around his waist, and each at the point where the legs meet the groin. There is one both before and after the knee, and one final breach at each of his ankles. These breaches are usually fully visible, as wearing clothes would reduce the effectiveness of such breaches. The head itself has no breaches beyond the single breach connecting the neck to the shoulders. Denjiki typically wears his white hair down his back, and when speaking, he prefers to have his mask up to reveal his mouth. His body is a near-black midnight blue, making it effective for night ops, save for the mask, which is a bright, angry red.


Faceclaim?: "Monsoon"/true name not revealed; Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Personality: Denjiki is more than a little odd for a kage. For one thing, he has no desire to leave behind a genetic heir to the Kazekage seat, and prefers to have a "clean slate" that he can use to pass on his memes. In effect, rather than having a son in the physical sense, Denjiki would prefer to have a son in the mental or spiritual sense of the word, a person who would continue or perfect his ideology. Clearly, Denjiki is a philosopher and a warrior; one of his favorite philosophies is the idea that by helping a person, the person performing the good deed is actually weakening the one in need, by causing dependency. This does not mean that Denjiki will never help someone in need, but that he will only help someone if he feels that they cannot possibly overcome an obstacle (i.e. Denjiki will not help a genin perform a mission, but he will stop an enemy jounin from attacking one of his genin). He believes that hardship strengthens and empowers those that push themselves past their own limitations, and that denying someone their hardships only makes a person weaker. It is his belief that such a philosophy has been a "law of nature", and that fighting such a law is absolutely pointless, as nature's laws appear absolute.

Most recently, Denjiki has become almost obsessed with the idea that ninja who know nothing but war, and can therefore never fully integrate themselves in normal society, deserve not just a safe haven where they can escape the critical eyes of society; he believes that these strange few are the one who deserve to rule society itself. For this reason, he has remodeled his village, causing it to take on a more "viking" philosophy, though with less of a focus on raping, pillaging, and demanding tributes from smaller, weaker villages. He even has his own elite squad of female ninja that he has based on the mythos of Valkyries.

His views of himself are rather haughty, as evidenced by his having his Valkyries refer to him as "Odin", rather than by his name or title. He's also fairly well-known for his wide grin and his apparent enjoyment of the thrill of battle, though some have mistaken this for bloodlust. He does not shy away from battle, though he does not take the concept of war itself lightly.

His favorite pastimes include reading up on Norse mythology, constructing puppets, and watching his team of Valkyries train together. He no longer requires food, as most of his body is inorganic, but when he was alive he greatly enjoyed the salty taste of camel jerky and the thick, rich flavors of scorpion stew, both of which are local delicacies of Sunagakure. He is not known for making a great deal of jokes, but on the rare occasion that he makes one, it tends to fall flat. Because of his strange fascination of Norse mythos, he will sometimes drop into some kind of archaic lilting dialect that is almost as much song as speech.



  • Strong warriors
  • Women
  • Norse mythology
  • Constructing puppets and other machinations.
  • His old friend Ryuji Shinetsu.


  • People who do not try their hardest to become stronger
  • Men (in terms of sexual attraction, not in general)
  • Insolent punks
  • Anyone that doesn't know his name.
  • Not being able to eat his favorite foods any more.

Nindo: Natural law dictates the ultimate fate of those who cannot shift natural law; the predator will always attack prey, and prey will always try to run from the predator.

Catch Phrase: "You can't fight nature!" "Wind blows, sand shifts, the strong prey upon the weak."

Place of Birth: Ame no Kuni/Amegakure no Sato

Resident of: Kaze no Kuni/Sunagakure no Sato

Class: Shinobi

Rank: Kage

Job: Kage

Title: Fujin

Element(s): Magnet Release (Jiton), Lightning Release (Raiton)

Combat Skills(s):

Ninjutsu: 45 (Master)
Taijutsu: 25 (Adept)
Genjutsu: 0
Fuuinjutsu: 0
Iryojutsu: 0
Bukijutsu: 50 (Master)
Sensory: 0
Puppetry: 50


Strength: 49 + 5 (Adept Taijutsu) = 54, +15 (Master Bukijutsu) = 69
Constitution: 46
Stamina: 20 + 5 (Adept Ninjutsu) = 25, +10 (Expert Ninjutsu) = 35, +15 (Master Ninjutsu) = 50, +15 (Master Kugutsu) = 65
Agility: 50 + 5 (Adept Taijutsu) = 55, +15 (Master Bukijutsu) = 70
Dexterity: 35 + 5 (Adept Ninjutsu) = 40, +10 (Expert Ninjutsu) = 50, +15 (Master Ninjutsu) = 65, +5 (Adept Taijutsu) = 70, +15 (Master Bukijutsu) = 85, +15 (Master Kugutsu) = 100
Wisdom: 40

Clan/Bloodline: Jiton - Magnetic Release

Special Abilities:

Major: KKG: Magnet Release - Allows the use of Magnet Release techniques, both custom and canon.

Major: Puppet Body - Nearly the entirety of Denjiki's body is a puppet. Although his face is still susceptible, his body cannot be poisoned.

Minor: Lie Detector - Is capable of telling whether or not a person is hiding or obscuring information, but it is impossible to know what the person is hiding without either being told the truth or finding evidence, either logical or physical.


Major: Puppet Body - Because his body is made mostly of puppetry wood, he is more susceptible to being caught aflame. Most human bodies are 70% water, making them very difficult to burn; puppet bodies, despite being treated by chemicals, is still low in water content. Denjiki takes extra (1.5x) damage from fire-based attacks, and will catch fire from so much as a glancing blow (causes damage every post that he is still on fire).

Major: Monologuing - Denjiki has something of an ego, and he enjoys stroking it, even in front of guests. He is known for long, drawn-out, dramatic philosophical speeches when facing opponents, which would allow any clever opponent to prepare a devastating attack. (Denjiki MUST make a monologue that lasts two full posts before attempting to kill his opponent.)

Major: Unable to Water-Walk (Or Tree-Climbing) - Denjiki cannot walk on water or climb trees with chakra. This is not due to an inability to control his chakra; he is simply too heavy for his own chakra to let him walk atop the surface of water. Likewise, his body is too heavy to cling to trees, as his feet often break the bark and push down to the meat of the wood.

Family Members: N/A

Backstory: Denjiki was born in Amegakure, which was peaceful at the time of his birth, but was quickly coming near a revolution; the intellectual class of Amegakure was being "purged of perceived subversive elements" by the tyrant group of ruling elites, using a special forces group that calls itself the Akana Furikomeru, or Red Rain. Other atrocities committed by the ruling class through their thugs included genocides that put several bodies into mass graves, called "killing fields", and a focus on self-suffiency, despite the fact that Amegakure and the surrounding country was too industrial to have much in the way of food. Famine, disease, and death reigned supreme.
After some years, the working class and the intellectual class began a revolution against the Red Rain and the ruling elites. Denjiki himself, despite being only ten years old at the time, was forced to fight in this small civil war. He was given a small knife, and taught to run crying to a member of the enemy faction in order to kill them with a carefully placed thrust of the hand. As the fighting on both sides intensified, however, Denjiki was forced to take a more active role in killing the Akana Furikomeru. The civil war finally culminated in one last self-destructive clash between both sides; no matter who won, the village of Amegakure was finished. A victory for either side was Pyrrhic at best.
Denjiki himself had hidden underneath the bodies of some comrades in order to escape death, and when the fighting was finally over, he was discovered crawling out from underneath the corpses. Those that had discovered him were Sunagakure ninja, unaffiliated with Amegakure. As it turns out, the small team had been observing the civil war. They had been given strict orders to not become directly involved, which they had explained to Denjiki after rescuing him from the final killing field of Amegakure. The boy was given a new home in Sunagakure, and he thought that his days of death were finally over.

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Denjiki (WIP)   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:04 pm

This was overlooked on the template and stat explanation, and there are apologies, but you cannot start with a stat over 50.

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PostSubject: Re: Denjiki (WIP)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:13 am

Also, you have 2 weeks to finish this, or it will be placed in the archives.


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PostSubject: Re: Denjiki (WIP)   Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:48 am

1 week left, then Kazekage is open again for another person, if you do not finish this app.


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PostSubject: Re: Denjiki (WIP)   Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:04 am

this app is now going to be put in the archives.


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PostSubject: Re: Denjiki (WIP)   

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Denjiki (WIP)
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